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شبكة التمريض العربي الالكترونية هي صوت مجتمع التمريض لنشر أخبار الممرضين والممرضات في الوطن العربي وتساعد أيضا الممرضين والممرضات على نشر معلومات عن المؤتمرات والابحاث و الفعاليات المهنية العلمية مما يساعد على المشاركة في تطوير الخبرات بالاضافه إلى نشر الوعي الصحى وتطوير صورة الإعلام الطبي. كما تقوم شبكة التمريض العربي على ترويج كليات التمريض والمهن الطبية المساندة مما يسهل على طلبة الاختصاص التواصل مع كليات التمريض في الوطن العربي . ويسرنا دعوه جميع الممرضين والممرضات الى الانضمام والعمل على المشاركة لنشر الوعي الصحي وتبادل الخبرات كل حسب اختصاصه. 


Arab Nursing Times Verified Medics

Member CV's



Jihad said khaill abu’aus

Bachelor Degree in nursing

962 790056802

962 4902588




 NAME:      Jihad said khaill abu’aus.

 ADDRESS:       Amman .MARKA

Mobile Phone:          +962     06 4902588        0790056802

 E-mail:           Jihadsaid2013@gmail.com

 Nationality:      Jordanian.

Date of birth:     27/4/1991



To be employed in a Community where my expertise in the field of nurse could be utilized and improved for mutual benefits

Education:  * Graduation years in 2014 at Zaytoonah University in Jordan

                    * Bachelor Degree in nursing.

                    * 4 years

PERSONAL Training and work


Student nurse

Al - bushier hospital, al –hamzah hospital -Amman hospital  .  in  icu / ccu / ER / MD / OR


 Working and experience:

STAFF NURSING: Istiklal Hospital- Amman    

     RECAVARE ROOM AND ER     9/2013 – 10/2015

Nurse instructor clinical and trainerAl Khalid Education & Training Center.   

Teaching course at AREMT – PHTLS – BLS – ECSI For nursing and doctors and EMS.



Ø  Utilizes nursing process to provide comprehensive, quality patient care under direction of head nurse.

Ø  Full knowledge of the right and duties within the human resources system in the hospital.

Ø  Comply with the general safety rules.

Ø  Attend and leave on times.

Ø  Active participation in quality projects in the hospital.

Ø  Any action or tasks requested by the head of department and be within the capabilities and knowledge of the employee.

Ø  Provides quality total patient care as assigned.

Ø  Check the drugs (major and minor narcotic).

Ø  Reception of patient in ER and authorize nurse to open file for patient.

Ø  Provide general health care for patient (first aids).

Ø  Participate in C.P.R team.

Ø  To perform dressing and assist doctor in suturing and assist in chest tube.

Ø  To apply special procedure such as suction, folley's  catheter and N.G tube.

Ø  To perform ECG for patient and read it.

Ø  To prepare all medication and Give all injection types.

Ø  Provide health education about major disease and how to deal with it like to diabetic and hypertension.

PERSONAL Continuous courses

Provider courses:

Ø  Basic life support BLS AHA.

Ø  Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support ACLS  AHA        .

Ø  Prehospital Trauma Life Support  PHTLS   NAEMT   .

Ø  Pharmacology and ECG AHA .

Ø  Emergency Medical Technician EMT  .

Ø   Infection Control coures


Instucter clinical  training coures :


Ø Instucter Heartsaver,first aid instrutor / AHA .

Ø Instucter Australasian Registry of Emergency MedicalTechnicians EMS/ AREMT.

Ø Instucter Prehospital Trauma Life Support  PHTLS  / NAEMT   .

Ø Instucter Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) AND CPR , Oxygen administration at Emergency Care and Safety Institute / ECSI .

Ø - Instucter Primary and secondary care at  EFR acridiation .

Ø Traning of Tranare coures at IABC

International Examinations in intensive care

What is CCRN certification?

CCRN certification is a credential granted by AACN Certification Corporation. More than 80,000 acute and critical care nurses are presently certified worldwide in adult, pediatric or neonatal nursing. CCRN certification validates your knowledge of nursing care of acutely and/or critically ill patients to hospital administrators, peers, patients and, most importantly, to yourself. CCRN certification promotes continuing excellence in the critical care nursing field.



Ø Excellent communication skills.

Ø Hard and team worker.

Ø Profound knowledge of medical terminology.

Ø Work under pressure..

Ø Good computer skills.


Language Personal

Ø  Arabic language: mother language.  

Ø  English language: very good (riding, writing, spiking) .  





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