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Medics Index offers All Medics A Wide Spectrum of Electronic Platforms and Portals to promote your Clinic, Society, Medical Institution And Hospital.

At This Area you are Able to have more information About MedicsIndex and the Services We Offer, The Following will enable your company to join our MedicsIndex Search Engine.


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USA- Middle East-UK

Fahraseh Middle East Health Network ™ is a company Registered in the United Kingdom and Jordan owned by a Group of investors both from the Telecommunication and the Health Field. With a specific aim to establish the first fully interactive single electronic database of Health practitioners operating in the Middle East and The Gulf Region.,

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Middle East Health Network MedicsIndex, offers multiple ways whereby your company may chose to utilise one or multiple options, Start by Creating your Free page Here

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MedicsIndex Banner Advertising program

Price Type Period Agencies
$8000.00 Lower Banner on All pages 100X35 Pix. One Year 30%
$1000.00 Top Banner - One selected Page 250 X 60 Pix One Year 30%
$500.00 Animated Link 125 X 30 Pix.Medical Links Page One Year 30%

Sponsorship Prices Differ as per merit of the service provided by the sponsor, i.e., the duration, the space required on the web site, and the method in which the sponsor whishes to contribute towards the users of the MedicsIndex users/members (target client).
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Quotations for sponsorship are available upon request, and start from $4000.00 for a 6-month period. 40% discount applies for multiple nonexclusive terms.

MedicsIndex Company Profile Advertisement:

At this section we offer each advertiser up-to two pages of web space, at each page, the advertiser  Is to give a brief description about their practice and (Practice Profile), and a Feed Back Form, whereby client/users/patients may send a quick short message which will be directed to the advertiser's own email address for action. Including the advertiser's ready logo/artwork in GIF format.


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Price: One off Registration Fee of $200.00 for Life.

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(LINK to another Web Site on the Internet).

By Operating your FREE LIVE Clinic you will Gain Free Advertising where all your Advertisements and Announcements will be Shared Online with All Network members

Additionally you will be Able to Share All your updates From your Live Clinic Account to Both Facebook and Twitter

Banner Sizes may differ, as per space available; Clients are to provide MedicsIndex With there ready artwork in (GIF format). Advertisers may simply authorise MedicsIndex to copy and link their current logo from their current web site by providing their URL (universal resource link) or Web Site Address / Domain name.

$2000 for One Year for each Banner, if more than 3 Banners 40% Discount applies to offer the advertiser enhanced impressions to users of the MedicsIndex services. Consequently directing new clients to the advertiser's own web Site.

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Promoted under the same copyright, and would cater only for Health related service providers.

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