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Name : Mahmoud Zuhair Karmi Professor of Surgical Neurology at Jordan University Hospital (Previously)

Nationality : Jordanian (Irish Passport)

Date Of Birth : 31 December 1946

Family Status : Married With 4 Children Wife - Lorraine Daughter - Hana Son - Zuhair Daughter - Azza Son - Adam

Interests : Sports, Reading and Music


  1. UndergraduatePrimary School, Intermediate School,Secondary School, High School,(Grade Excellent With DistinctionDegree)
  2. MedicalA
  3. .Medical SchoolFaculty Of Medicine, AlexandriaUniversityDate Of EnterJune 1965Date Of GraduationJuly 1971B.Teaching HospitalAlexandria University TeachingHospitalsC.DistinctionsGrade Very Good With Honour Degree.Grade Excellent in Anatomy andPhysiology.Anatomy Demonstrator For 1st and 2ndYear Medical Students.
  4. Qualifications & Post – Graduate Degrees


MB CHB July 1971

Primary FRCS January 1975

American Examination &

Certificate (ECFMG) July 1975

Final FRCS May 1977 (London, England)

Certificate Of Neurosurgery, 1980 (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Edinburgh University, Scotland

Previous Appointments

ROTATING HOUSE OFFICER Alexandria University Hospital Sept 71-Aug 72

6 Months in Medicine

6 Months in Surgery

SENIOR HOUSE OFFICER Sabah Hospital, Kuwait Nov 72-Nov73

In Pediatrics

SENIOR HOUSE OFFICER Walsgrave Hospital Dec 73-Apr 74

In Neurosurgery Conventry, England

SENIOR HOUSE OFFICER Conventry & Warwickshire Jun75- Dec 75

In Orthopedics Hospital, England

SENIOR HOUSE OFFICER Gulson Hospital, Conventy, Dec 75-Jun 76

In General Surgery

LOCUM REGISTRAR IN St Cross Hospital, Rugby, Jun 76-Aug76


ACTUNG REGISTRAR IN Horton General Hospital Aug 76-Jul77

GENERAL SURGERY Banbury, Oxfordshire, England.

REGISTRAR IN SURGICAL Western General Hospital & Aug 77-Jan 81

NEUROLOGY Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, Scotland

Duties in the Department of Surgical Neurology, Western General Hospital included Outpatient Clinics operating theatres, duties in the Head and Spinal Injury Unit, Royal Infirmary, and ward rounds in the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh.

Teaching medical students, anatomy demonstrations for doctors, studying and preparing for primary FRCS, participating in the Surgical Neurology Department Meetings.

Work in research on microvascular anastomosis in rats win the Teaching and Research Centre, Wesdtern General Hospital, Edinburgh until December 1980.


Academic Appointments

  1. Assistant Professor in Surgical Neurology at the University of Jordan form February 1st, 1981.
  2. Associate Professor in Surgical Neurology from June 3rd, 1984, to December 2nd, 1989.
  3. Full Professor in Surgical Neurology from December 3rd, 1989.
  4. Professor joint appointment in the Department of Medical Post-Graduate Studies at the Post-Graduate School, Jordan University, December 17th, 1989.
  5. Present Appointment

    CONSALTUNT NEUROSURGEON Head of Neurosurgical Unit March 1990 to date Surgical Services Division

    Dhahran Health Center

    Career Plans

  6. To work in University Hospital and to be involved in academic teaching and research activities.
  7. Pediatric Neurosurgery.


Awards And Honours

  1. Medal of Distinction, Alexandria University1865
  2. Medal of Distinction, Alexandria University1967
  3. Medal of Distinction and Honour Degree, Alexandria University1970


  1. Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.
  2. Member of Society of British Paraplegia.
  3. Jordan Medical Association.
  4. Society of British Neurosurgeons.
  5. Jordanian Neuro-Sciences Society.
  6. President of Ibn-Siena Cerebral Palsy Society (1984 - 1988).
  7. Member of the Middle East Society for Neurosurgeons.
  8. Member of the World Federation for Neurosurgeons.
  9. Committees

  10. Member of the Scientific Research Committee, University of Jordan 1984 – 19851985 – 19861986 – 1987
  11. Chairman and Rapporteur, Scientific Research Committee, School Of Medicine, University Of Jordan. 1988-1989.
  12. Member of Jordan University Council Representative of School of Medicine 1988-1989.
  13. Member and Examiner in Neurosurgery for the Jordanian Board Certificate. Since 1984.
  14. Rapporteur of the University and Society Interaction Committee, School Of Medicine, University Of Jordan. 1988-1989.


Continuous Medical Education

  1. Attended American Neurosurgical Conference, Chicago, USA1979
  2. Instructor in Anatomy for Candidates Studying For FRCS, "Pfiezer Post-Graduate Institute", The Royal College Of Surgeons of Edinburgh.1979-1980
  3. Attended American Neurosurgical Conference, Las Vegas, USA1980
  4. Attended the 4th Workshop on Medical Education, Amman, Jordan.11/9/82 - 25/9/82
  5. Presented A Paper "The Role Of Hyperventilation In Severely Head Injured Children" Jordanian Surgical Society.1983
  6. Presented A Paper "Acupuncture Treatment Of Pain 1983". Jordanian Surgical Society1983
  7. Presented A Paper "Management Of Back Pain", Jordanian Surgical Society.1983
  8. Attended the European Neurosurgical Conference, Brussels, Belgium.1983
  9. Presented A Paper " The Role Of Hyperventilation In Severely Head Injured Children", 3rd Pan – Arab Neuro – Science Conference, Amman, Jordan.May 1984
  10. Organizer for the Combined Pan – Arab European Course in 1984 Neurosurgery, Amman, Jordan.
  11. Presented A Paper "Role Traffic Accidents in Jordan" At Conference on Accident and Trauma, Amman, Jordan.1984
  12. Attended the 8th International Neurosurgical Conference, Toronto, Canada.1985
  13. Attended the Workshop on Planning and Leading A Group Discussion, School Of Medicine, Amman, Jordan.14/10/85 - 22/10/85
  14. Attended the Workshop on Constructing Examination Questions for Medical Students, School Of Medicine, Amman, Jordan.1985
  15. Attended the Workshop on Written Simulation: Patient Management Problem, School Of Medicine, Amman, Jordan.7/5/85 - 16/5/85
  16. Attended the Conference on Dyslexiain in Venice, Italy.1986
  17. Presented papers On "Intracranial Haemorrhage and A.V.M. for Jordanian Neuro – Sciences Society.Dec 1987
  18. Presented A paper on " Craniosynostosis" For the Pediatric Doctors Society, Amman, Jordan.Jul 1987
  19. Participation in Seminars Arranged by the Jordanian Neuro – Sciences Society, Amman, Jordan.Since 1983
  20. Lectures, Seminars and Group Discussions on Cerebral Palsy, Back Pain, And Headache for Societies outside the University.1986-1988
  21. Participation on the Workshop on Biostatistics by J.U. and John Hopkins Instituations.Sep. 1989
  22. Participation in Lectures and Teaching Activities. Saudi Aramco, Dhahran Health Center, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.Mar 1990
  23. Attended Conference and Workshop on Spinal Instrumentation Saudi Arabia.Oct. 1991
  24. Attended The Seminar Presentation Of Neurological Surgeons Conference, "AANS", San Francisco, USA April 1992
  25. Attended Neuro- Interventional Conference in Riyadh.Oct 1993
  26. Attended The American Association Of Neurological Surgeons,"AANS", San Diego, USA April 1994
  27. Course On Stereotactic and Gamma Knife Surgery, Stockholm, Sweden.Aug 1995
  28. Attended The Second Neuro interventional Conference in RiyadhMarch 1996
  29. Skull base and Microvascular surgery Workshop St. Louis, USA.March 1996
  30. Gamma Knife training At Amman Gamma Knife Center Ibn Al-Haytham Hospital, Amman, Jordan. June 1996
  31. Gamma Knife Training At Karolina institue Stockholm – Sweden Three months, and Functional Stereotaxy for abnormal movements. Sep. 1996
  32. Attended and Participated in the Third Neuro Interventional Conference in Riyadh. March 1997
  33. Attended the 11th International Congress of Neurological Surgery Amsterdam, The Netherlands. July 1997
  34. Performed with invited guests from Sweden for the first time in Jordan Pollidotowin and Thalamotomies "Prof. B. Meyerson" and Participated in lectures, seminars and workshops in Amman – Jordan. April / May 1997
  35. Speaker on gamma knife and Stereotactic Surgery for local conferences Amman Jordan, Beyroth Lebanon, Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Baghdad Iraq Abu Dhabi UAE, Cairo Egypt. Sep.1997 - June 1998
  36. Attended workshops, operations STN stimulation with IPG battery implantation "Medtronic" for Parkinson’s patients in Austria, France and Holland. Jan. 1999
  37. Participated in seminars and lectures and Performed the first STN stimulation and IPG battery implantation in the area with Professor B. Meyerson.May 1999
  38. Participated as lecturer and chairman in the orthopedic conference held in Amman – Jordan. Sep.1999

Presented Gamma Knife Radiosurgery, Spinal cord tumors, functional Stereotactic in Jordan.



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