The Society of The Jordanian Chest Physicians


The Society of The Jordanian Chest Physicians

 The Society of The Jordanian Chest Physicians was established along with other Jordanian medical societies about 30 years ago. It is a professional society that acts under the umbrella of the Jordanian Medical Association and Operates under its rules. The society’s membership requires prior registration at the Jordanian Medical Association of specialists in chest diseases.

The society attracts physicians from various medical sectors in Jordan, namely: Military Royal Medical Services, Jordanian Universities, Ministry of Health and Private sector. Its major activities comprise of continuous medical education for its members as well as organizing scientific meetings and congresses at both local and international levels, health education. It also emphasizes social and cultural communication between its members.

The society of The Jordanian Chest Physicians has established and heads the Arab Thoracic Association.

The Society is a member of the International Asthma Council (IAC).

Currently, the members of the society, who count above 40 physicians and surgeons, hold high ranked international degrees and work in different medical sectors scientific advancements keeps them at high levels of the international medical standards.









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