Razan A. Shwayhat

Personal Information

n  Date of Birth: 13th July 1973.

n  Marital status: Married.

n  Nationality: Jordanian.


Contact Details

n  Tel: +962 79 77 66660

n  Email: razanclinic@gmail.com

n  Page: www.facebook.com/razanshwayhat

n  Twitter: @razanshwayhat

n  You Tube: www.youtube.com/razanclinic







 §         Arabic, mother tongue.

 § English, excellent written and spoken.

 § French, fair.


1991 - 1995                    Jordan University                   Amman -Jordan

Bachelors Degree in Nutrition and Food Processing

1990 - 1991                               Rosary College                        Amman - Jordan

           High School Education Graduation

Professional Experience

March 2011 -  Present                  Dr. Medhat Abdul Malek Clinic                        Amman, Jordan

                                                Clinical Dietitian – “Eat Well, Live Well” 

·         Prescribing Diet Programs for all food related health problems including weight management, cardiovascular diseases, uric acid, diabetes and others.

·         Special educational diet programs for children, pregnant women and athletes.

·         Continuous nutrition supervision with patients requiring closer attention and guidance through the Personal Dietitian Program.

·         Treating through educational tailored programs – Eat Well, Live Well غذائك، صحتك -  

October  2009– March 2011        Shell Exploration & Production / Jordan Oil Shale Company

                                                                                                                         Amman, Jordan                                                                                                                               

Corporate Affairs

The Jordan Oil Shale Company (“JOSCo”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc registered in Jordan for the purposes of exploring and evaluating the commercial potential of the deeper layers of Jordanian oil shale. In the success case JOSCo will use proprietary In situ Conversion Process (“ICP”) technology to produce shale oil and gas that would not otherwise be producible using currently available oil shale technologies.

§ Align JOSCo administrative standards with Group standards (knowledge & records management)

§ Provide coordination support for stakeholder engagements, press events, workshops including managing execution projects and contractors

§ Align internal communications with group messaging and Monitor and distribute relevant project news

§ Align all JOSCo related designs with desired key brand values (office layout, branded supplies, promo items)

§ Raise awareness through internal communications and ensuring safe event management (vehicles are compliant, contractors adhere to safety standards)



Jan 2007 – Mar 2009               Al Jazeera Children’s Channel                   Doha, Qatar

Administrative Assistant to the Head of Acquisition & Rights and Legal Coordinator

n  Responsible to follow up and organize all requirements and executive administrative work in head office and related managements.

n  Handle the Head of Acquisition & Rights’ agenda: organize the daily tasks, schedule, arrange, coordinate and prepare the meetings.

n  Handle all incoming and outgoing emails, correspondence and telephone calls and ensure that it is translated properly.

n  Take minutes and type memos, letters and emails, in Arabic and English, as requested by the Head of Acquisition & Rights and ensure its correct archive.

n  Take in charge all issues related to the Head of Acquisition & Rights’ travel arrangements: air tickets and hotels booking, filling of travel forms, follow-up out of pocket expenses, transmission to the accounting department, etc.

n  Prepare reports & presentations as requested by the Head of Acquisition & Rights

n  Follow up on the Dealing process of the programs with the Head of Acquisition & Rights and the International Licensors.

n  Prepare the License Agreement of the programs for the Legal Department, and follow up the issue and delivery to Licensor and all parties signature.

n  Enter contracts rights and License details on the special program the SGT.

n  Finalize the invoice and financial matters related to the Licensing of the program with the Financial Department.

n  Prepare reports regarding the rights and footprint coverage and licensing period and exclusivity.

n  Prepare presentation about the status of the Acquisition Department and mission and targets as directed by the Head of Acquisition & Rights.




Mar 2006 – Aug 2006                Live’ly Health & Nutrition Lounge       Dubai, UAE

Clinical Dietician and Health Consultant – RD, DDOH

n  Catering healthy food menu on daily basis for customers to help them achieve weight loss and other health benefits.

n  Prescribing nutritional programs for weight loss, diabetic patients, patients with cardiovascular problem and all other food-related problems.


Nov 2004 – Mar 2006                 Dubai Ladies Club                                 Dubai, UAE

Free Lancer Dietician and Health Consultant – RD, DDOH

n  Prescribing nutritional programs for weight loss, diabetic patients, patients with cardiovascular problem and all other food-related problems.

n  Performing special health and nutrition events, and participating in health conferences such as Wellbeing Show.


Jan 2003 – Jan 2005

International Aesthetic Medical Center                                                   Dubai, UAE

Medical Center Manager/Dietician – RD, DDOH

n  Supervising the day to day operations.

n  Monitoring the quality of service.

n  Handling clients’ suggestions & complaints.

n  Managing the reception staff and the customer service representatives.

n  Conducting training sessions for the staff.

n  Conducting weekly meetings with staff and management.

n  Participating in the Marketing plans & campaigns

n  Nutrition and health consultant.

n  Prescribing nutritional programs for weight loss, diabetic patients, patients with cardiovascular problem and all other food-related problems.

n  Submitting monthly reports to the management including, number of new patients, retention of patients, income, expenses and profit.

n  Bi-annual reports to include patients’ source of information, evaluation of the program and patients’ satisfaction level, evaluation of the marketing plan.


1998 – 2002       

Dunes Club Amman                                                                                   Amman, Jordan

Jan. 2001-Jul. 2002     Sports Program Coordinator & Dietician

§ Assessing members’ fitness level using high technology equipment.

§ Organize the Sports Yearly Calendar of Events & Activities.

§ Promote & perform Nutrition programs.

§ Evaluate and upgrade sports assessment tests and programs.

§ Assist supervisors and Sports Director with marketing strategy.

§ Keep club bulletin boards updated with sports activities & news.

§ Presenting monthly reports to the management to include; member’s monthly attendance,   income analysis, instructors’ performance and sports activities.

§ Presenting yearly report that shows members participation within the sports department, departments’ income and instructors’ performance.

§ Assisting the Sports Director in the work of the sports department such as; the department budget, special sports programs and coordination with other departments.


Aug. 1998 – Jan. 2001     Dietician and Studio Coordinator

§ Prescribing diet programs for members who face food related problems and needs weight management.

§ Nutrition consultation.

§ Analyzing nutrients in the food served to members in the club outlets.

§ Arranging weekly seminars for members concerning “Nutrition & Health”.

§ Arranging monthly aerobic exercise classes’ schedule.

§ Organizing educational nutritional events such as Kids Breakfast, and Milk Party for Kids…

§ Organizing sports events such as Aerobathon for adults.


Feb. 1996 – Aug. 1998           Power Hut Gym                                             Amman, Jordan


§ Nutrition consultation as well as analyzing nutrients in food.

§ Designing diet programs for weight management and any food related problems with weekly visits.

§ Performing Health and Fitness Assessment.

§ Issuing monthly newsletter regarding nutrition.




Professional Activities

 § Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics- USA and member of the Weight Management Practice Group.

 § Producing and presenting the Nutrition Segment at Roya TV, to spread awareness about food and its effect on our health and conducting a healthy cooking session as well on weekly basis. (April 2011- present).

 § Creating scripts and performing with the help of a puppeteer puppet shows for schools to educate children about healthy eating habits.

 § Conducing Nutrition Awareness workshop sponsored by Nestle – Jordan.

 § Author of a cook book titled “Khafayef” containing 40 health recipes of salad, juices, main courses and desserts. ( Published in Feb. 2006)

 § Former guest at Sama Dubai TV in part of the program “Al Osra Al Asriah” discussing Nutritional topics for families.  (Year 2006).

 § Contracted host with Dubai TV in part of the program “Asraruha” discussing Nutritional topics and presenting a case study called “Follow the change”.  (Year 2004).

 § Former writer of nutritional editorial at Snob Magazine on monthly basis. (Year 2004).

 § Former health editor at the Beauty & Style Magazine covering (Q&A, Monthly recipe, article), Year 2003-2004.

 § Hosted guest for several episodes at Dubai TV daily program “Finjan Kahwa” discussing several nutritional issues. (Year 2003)

§ Former writer at the web-site baladna@go.com.jo, covering daily tips as well as weekly Nutrition and Health articles, answering health and fitness inquiries (Year 1999-2001).

§ Former writer at the Jordan Times Newspaper on Bi-monthly basis covering Nutrition & Health articles for about four months during 1999.

§ Hosted in three T.V morning shows at Jordan TV. (Year 1996-1997)

§ Conducting an episode titled “Guidelines for Healthy Eating” with ART TV in a program called “Her World”.

§ Presented a plan to the management of the Dunes Club, which has been successfully implemented. The plan works on improving the quality of service and staff performance to meet and exceed the members expectations

§ Creating and performing two-month program to teach kids good nutrition at early stage of life. The program titled “Nutrition 101”. By the end of the program kids performed a play titled “Food Pyramid Restaurant” to show their parents the skills they acknowledged.



Training Courses:

§  Attended series of management workshops conducted by MEmac group at Dunes Club Amman from November, 2000- January 2001 .


Personal Skills:

§   Leadership’s skills, independent, and takes initiative

§   Fast leaner, team player and goal oriented

§   Works under pressure

§   Presentation and Communication skills

§   Microsoft office and internet and social media





















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