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Rana k. Al Baw

B.Sc. Degree in pharmacy Faculty of pharmacy

Jordan university of science and technology

Email                : rana.albaw.77@gmail.com






 Education and Qualification    


B.Sc. Degree in pharmacy Faculty of pharmacy

Jordan university of science and technology

Al Ramtha , Jordan

Average : Good ||  75.4 %


The dosage form that I have prepared through the four years :

         In our pharmaceutical labs we made an eye drops, creams (cold and vanish creams), plus electrolyte replacements containing the main and auxiliary labels.


Related pharmacist Elective Courses to Major:


         Advanced pharmacy practice,

         Advanced pharmaceutical biotechnology,

         Drug delivery systems,

         Marketing and pharmaco economics,

         Ethics and pharmacy practice,




         Bio pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics,

         Patient counselling.


Training Experience  
Jun 2014 Sep 2014  


Position: Trainee, pharmacist , Al Bayader Pharmacy, (Amman, Jordan)


         Exploring the drug company, dosage form, doses, and drug store in all drugs of each body system (endocrine, GIT  ... etc.), in addition to learning how to prescribe medications.

         Accurately dispensing drugs to patients according to a doctor's prescription.

         Checking prescriptions for errors & making sure they are appropriate for patients.

         Measuring, packaging, labeling and recording medications issued to patients.

         Instructing patients on how to use medications, possible side effects and storage.

         Contacting and working closely with other healthcare professionals.

         Answering questions from patients and staff about medicines.

         Ensuring the accuracy of all prescriptions, products and services supplied.

         Managing and resolving complaints.

         Talking to regular patients to see how their treatment is going.

         Communicating with customers sympathetically and supportively.

             Giving private consultations when required.


From 2010   2015  



Training more than 1440 hours during holiday's between semesters.