Katia I. J. Salman
Bachelor degree in Nutrition & Food Technology 

Tel:        5534016 / 079-5305758  


Date of Birth       :    March 14th, 1979

Nationality           :    Jordanian



University:             1997 – 2001.

Jordan University of Science & Technology (J.U.S.T.).

Bachelor degree in Nutrition & Food Technology (Grade: V. Good).


Training Courses: -


·        2 Months training in al-Khalidi Hospital (Nutrition Department).

·        2 Months training in Jordan Hospital (Nutrition Department).

·        “Infant & Child Nutrition” Course from the Agriculture Engineers Association.

·        Training Courses in several Manufactures, such as ADC, MAFICO & Al-Assriyeh.

·        Training course (recent advances in therapeutic nutrition) it gives new information how to treat obesity & diabetes & kidney diseases. 


JAN- 2002    till now at Flex Fitness Center.

2 years experience Specializing in weight management, and nutrition support skills, Responsibilities include performing assessments/follow-ups, diet education and programs for clients,

Dealing with different cases like severe obesity, diabetes, patient with high blood pressure, helping pregnant women to control their weight during pregnancy and after delivering all my diets is based upon the healthy food guide pyramid.

For more information please call or E mail me.



Sample diet (1200 Kcal)



1/2 cup orange juice

1 slice whole wheat bread

30 gm feta cheese



90 gm lean beef

1 cup vegetable soup

1 slice whole wheat bread

1 small apple



1/2 cup low fat yogurt

4 halves dried apricot



1/2 small bread (pita bread)

60 gm white cheese

1 tomato

1/2 cup cherries.













 Sample diet for diabetes


1 medium peach

2 toast whole wheat

1 boiled egg

1 cup skimmed milk



1 small apple

 1/2 pita bread

1 tbs low fat labaneh



5 table spoon brown rice

1 cup cooked green beans

60 gm lean meat

1 cup green salad



1/2 cup low fat yogurt

1 large whole wheat biscuit



 1/2 whole wheat bagel

30 gm tuna drained

1 cup salad.






















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