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Mohannad Al-Qudah



401 Hawk Ridge Dr

Iowa City ,IA 52246 


Home :( 319) 248 9858

Mobile :(319) 400 7649

Email: malqudah@gmail.com





Current Position:    


·         Senior Consultant of Otolaryngology –Skull base Surgery.

·          Ass. Professor at Jordan University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Medicine , Jordan .


Education & Experience:

·             Rhinology & Skull base Clinical Fellow, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, USA.


·             Rhinology & Allergy clinical Fellow, John Hopkins University Hospitals , USA .

·             Sleep Medicine and Surgery Fellow, Baylor’s medical school, USA .

·             Otolaryngology advanced surgical training, University of Otago , NZ.

 ·              Certified by the ECFMG. Philadelphia - USA , 1998  

·               MBBS: University of Jordan , Amman , Jordan .




·               Fellow of the American academy of otolaryngology H&N Surgery.

·               Fellow of the American college of surgeons (Chicago-USA).

·               Fellow of American skull base society.

·               Member of International Rhinology Society.

·               Member of European Rhinology Society.

·               Member of European Laryngology Society.

·               Member of New Zealand Otorhinolaryngology Head &Neck Surgery Society.

·               Member of Jordanian Otorhinolaryngology Head &Neck Surgery Society.

·               Jordanian Board in Otolaryngology.

·               Registered in the Jordan Medical Association.

·               Registered in the Jordan Medical Council.




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Oct; 30(5):461-4. PMID: 16232254 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Al-Qudah M, Dawes PJ


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adults: a New Zealand study. Subhaschandra Shetty, Patrick Dawes, Dean 

Ruske, Mohannad Al-qudah, Brett Lyons .NZMJ, Vol 119 No 1240


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Qudah, Yassin A.Yassin, Saudi Med J , 2007;28(5):811-2


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  • A New Therapeutic Strategy for Refractory Rhinosinusitis: The Rhinotopic Algorithm.Shikani,Karm,Al-Qudah.


  • B-cell function in refractory sinusitis.Al-Qudah,Graham,Ballas.


  • OPF in skull base disorder :our experience.Al-Qudah,Graham





  • Comparison of Wehrs vs Incus Malleus Stapes Assembly. ASOHNS Annual scientific meeting 2005, Sydney , Australia . Abstract presentation.                     M Al-Qudah & PJD Dawes.  


  • Ultrasound-guided Botulinum toxin type-A (Botox-A) injections for treatment of sialorrhoea in adults: a New Zealand study. Poster presented at EUFOS 2007, Vienna/Austria.  Subhaschandra Shetty, Patrick Dawes, Dean Ruske, Mohannad Al-qudah, Brett Lyons.


  • Tympanomastoidectomy: planned second look tympanotomy. 60th Annual Scientific Meeting New Zealand Society of ORLHNS, Queenstown, Nov 14th to 17th 2007.M Al-Qudah, A Daudia, PJD Dawes


  • Endoscopic Chitosan in refractory epistaxix.AAOHNS,California.2009. Shikani,Karm,Al-Qudah.


  • Rhinotopic trament for refractory sinusitis. AAOHNS,California.2009. Shikani,Karm,Al-Qudah.


International Presentation:


·        Use of Dexamethasone as prophylaxis in ESS for nausea &vomiting.    Mohannad Al-Qudah, , Yaser Al-Rashdan .Rhinology  2009.Phildelphia  , USA .Oral presentation.


·        Orbital abscess in adult: Tertiary hospital experience.M.Al-Qudah,  S.Graham,J.Nerad. Rhinology 2009.Philedelphia, USA .Oral presentation.




      International Invited Lectures:


·           Dunedin 2nd Annual Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course.  April 2005 .Faculty organizer. Dunedin ,NZ


·          14th Annual Otorhinolaryngology Update. April 25, 2009. Sino-Rhinology Research Update. University of Iowa Hospitals & clinics. Iowa city , USA .


·         The University of Iowa , Seventeenth Annual Advanced Concepts in Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course.  June  2009.Faculy organizer. Iowa , USA