Dr. May Habaybeh Kawar

Conservative Dentistry

جبل عمان الدوار الرابع - بجانب مستشفى فرح
شارع ابو فراس الحمداني
عمارة السخاء الطابق الأول

Email :
Clinic No.             + 962 6 46 47 041 
Mobile :             + 962 777 53 46 16
Mobile :             + 962 79 55 78 866

Postgraduate and Advanced Courses 

1-An Implant course Branemark system, Nobel Pharma in August 1995.

 2-A postgraduate course the Core of Knowledge Ionising Radiation  Regulations

Protection of persons undergoing treatment or examination in Dec. 1995.

3-Crown & Bridge course in Hull UK in May 1996.

4-Endodontic course in Glasgow Scotland in June 1996. 

Bio-Data and Additional Information


English:            Fluent spoken, reading and written.
Arabic:             Mother language. 

  • Education Qualifications

    1985-1990  Dental surgeon, School of Dentistry Jordan University
    1995-1997 Masters in Restorative Dentistry M.Dent.Sci. University of Leeds UK 
    Restorative Dentistry: A branch of specialty includes Periodontology, Prosthetic Endodontics, Crown and Bridge, Cosmetics Fillings and Implants. 

 Education Project And Master Dissertation

A study on composite occlusal onlays utilizing various occlusal records inorder to raise the height in severely worn dentition.

 Supervised by Dr. C.C. Youngson BDS. DDSc. FDS. MRD. DRD. Honored Consultant in University of Leeds.

 Methods of full Mouth Reconstruction were suggested.

Years of Experiences

1990-1991         A training year in Royal Medical Center.
1991-1995         Dental surgeon in private clinic.
1995-1997         Practicing full time in the postgraduate clinics at Leeds Dental Hospital, Department of Restorative Dentistry.
1997-1999        Specialist in Conservative Dentistry, private practice.

























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