Majida Al Shanti, RPh.

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center,

P.O.Box 3354,

Riyadh 11211

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Born: 31st May 1965


Citizenship: Jordanian




Curriculum Vitae

Majida Al Shanti, RPh.


Education: 1983-1989 Bachelor Degree of Pharmaceutical Science

King Saudi University

Collage of Pharmacy

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

With 2 children Khaled born Dec 1993, Farah born Oct 1995

Professional Experience:

1995 to Date : Investigation Drug Pharmacist, and member of the clinical pharmacists. King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

My responsibilities are to implement and provide an Investigations Drug Service (IDS) in our hospital in coordination with the IDS in Duke University, USA.

Working closely with the Research advisory counsel and Clinical Research Committee.

Following the Investigation drugs usage for approved or unapproved indications, the usage of non-formulary drugs and follows up the results of therapy.

Keeping and updated Data Base for the Invesigational Drug Services having all the information about different active studies, patents enrolled in each study, dispensing records, and a Varity of information about any investigation drug used in our institution.

Preparing some Drug Evaluation for the Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee (Systemize, and Olanzapine) for the addition of these drugs to our hospital formulary.

IDS consider as an elective rotation in our Pharmacy Residency Program.


1991-1995 Pharmacist II, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Responsibilities in this position included experience in unit dose dispensing, chemotherapy preparation, Intravenous admixtures, Total Parental nutrition (TPN) preparation, and rotation through the various pharmacy service’s satellites as Medical Surgery Intensive Care Unit (MSICU), Oncology Unit, Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit (CS), and BMT Unit.


1989-1991 Pharmacist Assistant, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


1988-1989 Pharmacist Extern, Security Forces Hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Presentation: Nov 1996 Poster Presentation

Subject: Pharmacy –Coordinated Ivestigational Drug Service.

Symposium: Recent Advances and Future Trends in Pharmacy Practice. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Nov 1996 Poster Presentation

Subject: The Use of Gemfibrozile in the management of children with hypercholesteremia at KFSH & RC.

Symposium: Recent Advances and Future Trends in Pharmacy Practice. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Symposiums, Conferences and Workshop Attended:

Sep –Dec 1998 Member in a task force for developing Treatment guidelines for thalidomide use at KFSH & RC, Riyadh.

Nov 1996 Recent Advances and Future Trends in Pharmacy Practice, Riyadh

Oct 1996 Workshop on Good Clinical Practice Guidelines for Clinical Research, Riyadh.

Oct 1994 Saudi Oncology Symposium, Riyadh.

May 1994 Symposium on Drug Hazards, Riyadh.

Dec 1993 Rheumatic Heart Disease Symposium, Riyadh.

Nov 1992 the Pan – Pacific Asian Congress III on Pharmacy Practice, Riyadh.

1991 Symposium on Management of Pharmacy Services, Riyadh.

Nov 1989 Pharmacy Practice in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

Active Member and Contributor in the Following Studies:

Safety and efficacy of Lispro in-patients with Diabetes Mellitus in Saudi Arabia.

A Comparative study of the antihypertensive and cardiorenal protective effects of Calcium Antagonists and ACE Inhibitors following renal transplantation in-patients with mild to moderate hypertension.

Randomized trial of primary PTCA versus Heparin Coated Silent Implantation during acute myocardial infarction.

A Study to Evaluate the Comparative Efficacy and Economic Benefits of Early Intravenous to Oral Switch of Augmenting Vs Parental Cefrtiaxone in the Treatment of Adults with Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) Requiring Intravenous Therapy on Admission to Hospital.

An Open Label Evaluation of Carvedilol In-Patients with Chronic Congestive Heart Failure (NYHA Class 11-IV).

Pharmacokinetics of Single Daily Gentamicin Dosing in Children with and without Malignancy.

Guideline for the Treatment on Named Patient Basis with r-hu IGF-I (IGEF) in Children with Growth Hormone Gene Deletion

Multicenter Placebo –Controlled Study of 3 MY of Interferon Three times weekly Given to patients on long-term hemodialysis with chronic hepatitis C.

Phase II study of alternating Intravesical interferon alpha- 2b and BCG in treatment and prevention of recurrent superficial bladder cancer.

An open –label comparative multi-center, randomized study of mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) VS azathioprine in addition to neoral and prednisone for the hepatotoxic effect and the prevention of acute renal allograft rejection in patients with mild to moderate chronic hepatitis C.

Efficacy and safety of Olanzapine in the treatment of schizophrenic, schizophreniform and schizoaffective patients in Saudi Arabia.

Multicenter study on the combination therapy of chronic hepatitis C with interferon plus ribavirin.

An open –label study to evaluate the safety and tolerability of 1.5 mg bid through 6 mg bid of Exelon in patients with mild to moderate probable Alzheimer’s disease in the community setting.

Protocol for the management of biopterin dependent phenyletonurea.

Phase II open label trial of chemotherapy with Calyx in-patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma.

Licenses and Membership:

License to Practice Pharmacy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 1989.

License to Practice Pharmacy in the Kingdom of Jordan, 1991.

1995- Date: Member of the Clinical Pharmacist Journal Club, KFSH & RC.










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