Lanna M.Samhan  

Mobile :       +962-785370086


P.O. Box, 2 13481

  Amman - Jordan

Arabic  : native tongue      

 English: second language

Excellent public Relations Motivator.
Capable of productive work under pressure.
A fast learner that can easily adapt to work environment and can be described as a fast AND self learner.
  • Bsc degree in Audiology (good), Applied Science University , Amman , Jordan 1998 
  • Tawjihi (Scientific Stream), (good), Amman , Jordan 1994   
Licenses Held and Granted By the Ministry of Health in the H. K. Jordan
Thirteen years of experience in audio logical assessment, evaluation and rehabilitation, in addition to thorough knowledge in the fitting of Phonak’s hearing systems including the world’s most advanced digital hearing computers in the hearing industry.

Professional Experience
Current : 
  • Experts for Hearing, Balance & Speech center   HEAREX – Phonak 
  • (Hearing, Balance & Speech center)       

  • Audiologist - Head of hearing aids unit.

Phonak Middle East Audiologist 


Phonak hearing systems 
  • diagnostic hearing evaluations for adults and children
  • Prescribe and fit hearing aids.
  • (all types ) Digital hearing aids 


2003- 2006
Al-Ahliyya Amman University Clinical supervisor-Audiologist  Salt , Jordan

Amman University is the first private university in Jordan , and is considered one of the leading universities in the region.

My duties include the following:

  • Played a major role in renovating the audiology  clinics 
  • diagnostic hearing evaluations for adults and children
  • maintain the audiology  lab ready for use and training
  • Supervising experimental training in the labs.
  • My objective is to build a responsible generation who is capable to manage all Audiology cases.


1998 - 2003 
Holy Land Institute for the Deaf   - Audiologist (head of section)   Salt , Jordan

Holy Land Institute for the Deaf established in 1964 as a school for deaf and it’s the first in Jordan .

My job title there as an Audiologist (head of section) where I gathered a good experience in the following tasks:


Clinic / Outreach

  • Carry out diagnostic hearing evaluations for adults and children over the age of seven months.
  • Prescribe and fit hearing aids. ( all types )
  • Give advice and counseling on all aspects of hearing loss to adults and parents of deaf hearing impaired children.
  • Provide community based Audiology services in CBR, in liaison with UNRWA health services, Ministry of Social Development, Queen Allia Fund, local communities, and other charity organizations.


Training / Awareness

  • Train teachers, CBR workers and other professionals in basic aspects of Audiology.
  • Develop information sheets for parents of hearing impaired children.
  • Develop training materials in both English and Arabic language.
  • Deaf awareness projects in schools and CBR centers.
  • Develop strategies to increase deaf awareness.


General Advisory Role
Extend advice to other schools and centers setting up Audiology departments similar to H.E.A.R
  • Keep accurate records and statistics of all clients seen.
  • Follow up the Audiology assistants working in the CBR centers


  • Hearing screening for UNRWA and public schools.
  • Neonatal Screening for new born babies
  • Full knowledge of sign language
  • Good knowledge in Ear mould
Computer Literacy
  • I have very strong command of Microsoft Office programmers and the implementation and use of a variety of Audiology software.


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