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Thank you for your selection of this medical center for the performance of your diagnostic procedures and your medical management . The whole hearted efforts of all the specialists and the personnel of the center are aimed at your efficient treatment and care leading to your speedy recovery and winning your approval . In the period of over 4 years that the hospital has been functioning about 200 expert physicians specialized in various medical fields with the help of 450 highly educated and trained nurses and 250 other personnel at various levels have endeavoured their best to help in installing Kasra with the latest most advanced and superior equipments and facilities. More important they have devoted their time and skills at the disposal of the patients to render them the best service possible. You can take advantage of the experienced specialists and extensive facilities of this hospital on an inpatient or outpatient basis for your investigations and treatment. All the departments of this hospital, the outpatient clinics and wards compromising Pediatric and neonatal surgery, general surgery , neurosurgery , urological surgery orthopaedic surgery, ear- nose and throat surgery, ophthalmic surgery , obstetrics and gynaecology and maxillo- facial surgery, render superb service .


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Dr Akbar Akhavan Tafti


Dr Majid Aryan 

Dr Mohsen Ayati


Dr Bahman Akhavein Mohammadi


Dr Hamid Arshadi  
Dr Lotfallah Aramandeh  
Dr Amir manochehr Ajdari moghadam  
Dr Esmail Espahbodan  
Dr Urband Esmaili  
Dr Jalal Etemad  
Dr Seyed Reza Arabi  
Dr Yosef Alborz  
Dr Ninoos Urahem  
Dr Keykavos Ilkhanipoor  
Dr Mahmood Bagheri  
Dr Mohammadreza Barghi  
Dr Abbas Basiri  
Dr Mehdi Banayi  
Dr Janmohammad Bahadori Bozjoloyi  
Dr Gholamreza Poormand  
Dr Omid Pooyan  
Dr Bahman Piranveyseh  
Dr Mohamadreza Pishvayi  
Dr Firooz Taj Karimi  
Dr Ayob Tarjomam  
Dr Seyed Mohamadali Taghavi  
Dr Ahmad Tavakoli nabili  
Dr Parviz Jabal Ameli  
Dr Seyed Habiboallah Jafari  
Dr Hasan Jamshidian  
Dr Akbar Chehrasen  
Dr Seyed Jalil Hoseyni  
Dr Seyed Mostafa Hoseyni  
Dr Seyed Yosef Hoseyni  
Dr Kamal Hoseynishekarabi  
Dr Hoseyn ali Hekmatnejad  
Dr Mahmoud Neshabouri  
Dr Gholamreza Khakpoor  
Dr Reza Khorasani Zadeh  
Dr Mani Khatib Shahidi  
Dr Mina Khalili  
Dr Abdolreza Khajeh Moogehy    
Dr Abdolkarim Danesh Dezfooly    
Dr Darab Khaki    
Dr Hbibolallah Rejayi    
Dr Parviz Rafizadeh Rafiyi    
Dr Bahram Rahimiyan    
Dr Mohamadali Zargar Shooshtari    
Dr Seyed Mohamad Sedehi Esfahani    
Dr Mohamad Sadifi    
Dr Yahya Soleymani Mahmood abadi    

Iranian Midwifery Population -This site is dedicated to all Iranian midwives who work sincerely to promote maternal health and neonatal health in the Iranian society.

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Dr Mina Faramarz

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Dr Abdolrasool Mehrsay Dr Farzin Vakil Dr Siavash Vajdi
Dr Abdulallah Nasehi Dr Iraj Heravi Dr Abdulreza Honarmand
Dr Gholamhusein Naderi Dr Farzad NiknejadMazandarani Dr Mohamadreza Nikoobakht
Dr Mohamad Rashid  Dr Mohamad HoseinNoorbala Tafti Dr Mohamad AliNaser ghodsi
Dr Nasab meybodi Dr Hormoz Homayoun Dr Jafar Huseinchi GhareAghaj

Tehran Gynecologists

Dr Amir siyamak Ajoudani Dr Ahmad Etemady Deilamy Dr Aezamalsadat Beladi moghamam
Dr Ghodratallah Azarnoush Dr Masoud Etemadi Dr Shohreh Bahae Sadri
Dr Simin Azari Dr Rezvan Aelamy harandi Dr Yahya Behjatnia
Dr Manouchehr Arami Dr Zahra Eftekhar Dr Hasan Behdadnia
Dr Davoud Aryarad Dr Firouz Eftekhari Dr Robab Behdani
Dr Ozra Azmoudeh Dr Malek mansour Aghsa Dr Ahmad Bahram vandi
Dr Fatemeh Aghajani Dr Firouzeh Akbari Asbagh Dr Simin Bahmani
Dr Marziyeh Aghahoseyni Dr Abdulrasoul Akbariyan Dr Behzad Behnia
Dr Morteza AghaMohamadi Dr Vahhab Akbariyeh Dr Hamid Behnia
Dr Akhtar AghaMahmoud Dr Ahmadreza Akrami Dr Javad Bayati
Dr Reza Aghayan Dr Ekhtiyar Allahyari Dr Mojgan Beikzadeh
Dr Mahnaz Aghayi Ghazvivi Dr Hamedeh Elahi Dr Aboutaleb Beiki Alamdasht
Dr Azizallah Aghayi Abyaneh Dr Sousan Emami Dr Niloufar Biglar
Dr Amir Aghayi Dr Aezam Emami Khouni Dr Jaleh Biyouk Pour
Dr Mohamad Jafar Alsafar Dr Mohamadali Amir Choupani Dr Husain Parsa
Dr Aliakbar Ahani Dr Fereshteh Amirhamzeh Yeganeh Dr Mahmoud Parsa
Dr Azita Ebrahimpour Dr Fariba Amir Daneshvar Dr Fatemeh Pazouki
Dr Hosein Ebrahim Panahi Dr Ghorbanali Amiri Dr Jalil Pakravesh
Dr Mohama esmaeil Abrishami Dr Bibi Ensiyeh Amin Dr Safiyeh Palizban
Dr Amir teimourEhteshamzadeh Dr Abolghasem Amini Dr Marziyeh Palizban
Dr Mohsen Akhavan Azari Dr Hasan Amini Dr Shayesteh Perashi
Dr mohamad bagher Akhavan
Dr Safarali Amini Gheshlaghi Dr Seyed Aliasghar Pelasid
Dr Mina Akhavan Saberi Dr Minoo Amini Dr Pourandokht Pouraryan
Dr Sedigheh Akhavan Tabib Dr Hamid Entezari Dr Seyed ali Pourabrishami
Dr Mehdi Akhavein Dr Abdulhamid Entezari Dr Majid Pour Asadallah
Dr Bijan Adibi Dr Naser Mahyari Ansari Dr Morteza Pour amini
Dr Laleh Eslamiyan Dr Sirous Anoushiravani Dr Maryam Pourreza Ghezeleyagh
Dr Banoo Arjomandi Rafsanjani Dr Monir Ouj Dr Taghi Pourzand
Dr Heshmatallah Azhar  Dr Elaheh Ouraei Zare Dr Kamal Poursoltan mohamadi
Dr Parviz Estakhr Dr Belgheys Ouladi Ghadikalaei Dr Aliakbar Pourali
Dr Abbas Asadi Dr adeleh Babazadeh Dr Parivash Tajaldini
Dr Iraj Asadi Dr Vilson Batmansour Dr Mohsen Tavakolian
Dr Ayoub Eskandari Dr Arjang Badiei Dr Maryam Pilehvari
Dr Mohamad hadi Eslami Dr Nosrat Barati sadeh Dr Arsalan Tajbakhsh
Dr Mohamad Eslami vaghar Dr Mohamad Baradaran Dr Noushin Tajbakhsh
Dr Jalileh Ashjaei Dr Sedigheh Borna Dr Ebrahim Tabaroki
Dr Alireza Esmaeilnia Shirvani Dr Behzad Broumand  Dr Husein Tahsili Fahadan
Dr Mahnaz Ashrafi Dr Seyed Mohamadhosein Bashiri Dr Parvin Tadayon
Dr Mansour Ashrafinia Dr Mahin Besharatian Dr Parivash Tadayon
Dr Mostafa Etemadzadeh Dr Parviz Baghyi Dr Niloufar Torki
Dr Mohamad Tavakol Dr Habiballah Boldaji Dr Parvin Takalou bakhtiyari
Dr Eskandar Teymourian Dr Saeed Sabeti Dr Homayoun Soraya
Dr Parvin Jaberipour Dr mostafa Jaamsaz Dr Siyavash Javidan
Dr Monouchehr Javidi Dr Tayebeh Javid bozorgan Dr Farhad Jabari
Dr shahindokht Jafarzadeh Dr Tahereh Jafarzadeh Dr Moftafa Jaefari nasab
Dr Mahnaz Jaefari nasabian Dr Siyavash Jalal pour Dr Fatemeh Jalali zand
Dr Ashraf Jamal Dr Mirza agha Jamali Dr Naser Jamshidiyat
Dr Majid Jamshidi shahvar Dr Seyedeh Shahrbanou Jenani Dr Parvindokht Javanbakht
Dr Forough Javan manesh Dr Abdulhusein Javaherian Dr Mostafa Javaherian
Dr Yousef Javaheri tehrani Dr Mehdi Jolazadeh Dr Shahrokh Jahanshahi
Dr Mohamareza Chadorbaf Dr Shahla Chaychian Dr Mehrdokht Hajilou
Dr Abbas Hajimohamad Dr Mehdi HajimohamadAli sabagh Dr Fatemeh Hejri
Dr Sedigheh Hadaddian Dr Sadegh Hariri Dr Batoul Husein rashidi
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