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Heba Ibraheem Hassan al Zamel

 Bachelor Degree in Nursing from the Faculty of Nursing, J.U.S.T University



Nationality      :       Jordanian                                                                               

Date of Birth         : Juan 02, 1980

Place of Birth        : Irbid, Jordan

Marital Status            : married

Number of children: one male and three females.

Health Condition  : Excellent

Mailing Address   : K.A.U.H, Irbid, Jordan

E-Mail                    :zamelheba@yahoo.com

Mobil                                 00962799096749 - 00962 7 77350942


  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing from the Faculty of Nursing, J.U.S.T University.
  • Practical Nurse, Nusibah College, Jordan, 2000

          Professional Certificate and Training Courses




Start date

End date


Basic Infection Control Course




دورة ادارة المعرفة

المركز الاستشاري للعلوم والتكنولوجيا



The Third International Nursing Conference

المجلس التمريضي الاردني



Evidence Based Practice Course




Venous Access Divice Course




دورة انعاش القلب الرئوي (BLS)

مستشفى الملك المؤسس عبدالله الجامعي



Team Building & coaching Skills Course








دورة الرخصة الدولية لقيادة الحاسوب




Basic Quality Management Concepts and Principles Training Course




دورة التدقيق الداخلي

مستشفى الملك المؤسس عبدالله الجامعي



اليوم العلمي التمريض عطاء لا يعرف الحدود

المستشفى الاسلامي



Peritioneal Dialysis Course

Fresenius Medical Care



TIN NCI Stoma Care Workshop

مصر - القاهرة



the 4th Jordan Oncology Society Conference

مركز الحسين للسرطان



Breast Cancer: Frontiers in Neoadjuvant Therapy

مركز الحسين للسرطان



دورة القيادة الادارية

المركز الاستشاري للعلوم والتكنولوجيا



اعداد الحاضرين التاسع والستين لوقاية الشباب من الامراض النقوله جنسيا

الاتحاد العالمي للجمعيات الطبيه االاسلاميه



دورة مراجعة تقرير تقييم الاثر البيئي

جمعية البيئة الاردنية



The Hygiene day- Water Quality & the Infection Control Programs

الجمعية الاردنية لضبط العدوى



التدقيق الداخلي على نظم ادارة الجوده




دورة القيادة الادارية

المركز الاستشاري للعلوم والتكنولوجيا



دورة السلامة المهنية للعاملين




شهاده معتمده في ضبط العدوى

مجلس اعتماد المؤسسات الصحيه hcac



دوره متخصصه في العنايه في الجروح





     ·             Medical surgical training course during the second university year, at Bassma public hospital which is a tertiary hospital serving nearly half million person, for eight months in average training of sixteen hours per week.

     ·             Pediatric training course during third university year, at Rahma Hospital a specialized pediatric hospital in Irbid, for four months in average training of sixteen hours per week.

     ·              Comprehensive training course in nursing including critical care services during forth university year, at Al Hussien Medical City and Heart Center Amman, for four months in average training of sixteen hours per week.  


          Important Committees participate in:

o    Infection Control Committee,

o    ISO Internal auditing committee, member.

o    Nursing technical auditing committee, member..

o    King Abdullah 5 Award for Excellence and Transparency committee, member.

o    Close chart review Committee,

o    Some tender committee

o    SMOKING committee

o    KM committee



    ·           Honor list:

o    Winning the hospital award of excellent employee for the technical/administrative category 2010.

o    Thanking letter for the efforts in the hospital

o    Thanking letter for participating in the free medical day

o    Thanking letter for participating in ISO Internal auditing



Computer experience:

-All Microsoft Office applications; WinWord, Excel, Power Point, etc...

Dealing with internet applications, information systems and technology.

-Working on Endnote program and professional data entry.

-Internet surfing and e-mail.


·  Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

§ Effective verbal and written communication skills.

§ Organizing and coordinating skills.

§ Knowledge of supplies, equipment, and service ordering and inventory control.

§ Efficiently operate office equipment such as Photocopier, Fax, Printer and Data show. 

§ Very good working knowledge in English and Excellent Working knowledge in Arabic.

§ Ability to gather data, compiles information, and prepares report.

§ Customer Services and Solving Problem.

§ Ability to work under pressure.

§ Deal with workgroups.

§ Cooking and home working.

§ Own Care and Valid Drive license.

·         Languages:

§     Arabic: Native.

§     Englesh: Very good.


Current Job

               King Abdullah university hospital (KAUH) is a teaching non profit hospital opened officially in

               February 2002, governed by board of trustees and board of directors. KAUH provide various

               clinical and referral health care services to other health care sectors in Jordan in a framework of

               mutual agreements and contracts also provide training, educational and research opportunities for

               students and health care professional.

               KAUH located within the Jordan University of science and Technology (JUST) campus in the

               north of Jordan on the high way linking Jordan to Syria. It’s about 80km north of Amman and 20

               km east of Irbid. Location allows the hospital to provide primary and secondary health care

               services to more than 1 million inhabitants of Irbid, Ajloun, Jarash and Mafraq governorates in

               particular and to all H.K of Jordan population in general. The overall area of various hospital

               buildings is (95583) m2, in addition to a double story car park of (9000) m2 area. The hospital bed

               capacity is (683) beds increasable to (800) beds in any emergent situation.


[1/3/ 2002- 1/5/2004 ]

 LPN in kauh




  •  Registered Nurse, (In Charge Nurse),in medical  and surgical ward:in King Abdullah University Hospital, responsible for delivering primary nursing care for acute cases. ). D/N shift (48 hrs/week).

(King Abdullah university hospital (K.A.U.H) A teaching hospital and considered as specialized and referral hospital). Irbid- Jordan.) jci accredit  hospital.

·         Duties:

·         Responsible for unit operation during the assigned shifts

·        Ensure the delivery of high quality care to patients

·        Provide leadership to nurses as required

·        Implement corrective actions for problems that may develop in collaboration with head nurse

·        Provide comprehensive care to assigned patients

·        Maintaining effective channels of communication and reports patient’s problem to the head nurse.

·        Responsible for DDA drugs (checking, administration, and replacement)


1/1/2008 – current


  • RN-Infection control nurse, infection control unit,  King Abdullah University Hospital, responsible for educating staff about Infection Prevention and Control; Acting as hospital liaison to the Department of Public Health; Monitoring the environment to ensure safe practices of infection prevention according to regulatory requirements and KAUH policies


·           Apply epidemiologic principles and statistical methods, including risk stratification, to identify target population, analyze trends and risk factors, and design and evaluate prevention and control strategies.

·           Assess environmental control through surveillance of water supply systems as needed, air pressure relationships for high risk environmental monitoring.

·           Conduct environmental rounds in all inpatient and outpatient care areas. Collect data on the incidence of selected device use in identified intensive care units.

·           Participate in quality/performance improvement activities by assessing, monitoring, and measuring nosocomial infections and evaluating outcomes on a continuous basis.

·           Select indicators based on the projected use of the data. Plan and participate in the budget process.

·           Plan, organize, develop and implement educational programs for all hospital employees including administrative and ancillary services which convey specialized knowledge and skills to increase employee awareness of existence of nosocomial infections; techniques for avoidance and preventive measures to provide a safe environment for hospital employees and patients.

·           Serve as a knowledgeable and available resource on infection control practices and policies to patients, families, staff, and health system employees.

  • - Conducts ongoing surveillance of infections in patients and, if necessary, staff, using established facility criteria and guidelines from universal agencies such as NNIS.
  • Participate in continuing educational activities at the department, state, and national levels to promote personal growth and maintain a current knowledge base commensurate with latest research and scholarly knowledge.
  • - Inspects the health care environment and observes personnel activities to detect possible infection hazards and to evaluate compliance with standards.
  • -   Maintains comprehensive records of infections and drug therapies used to treat them.
  • - Monitors and evaluates isolation, aseptic, and patient-care techniques to provide optimal care to patients.
  • -  Regular audits to relevant wards.
  • -  Liaison between laboratory and ward staff.
  • -  Ensure proper way in the use and maintenance of equipment.
  • -  Collaborating with and advising nurses on problems of infection.
  • - Developing, implementing, and evaluating policies and procedures pertinent to infection control principles in collaboration with other disciplines and departments (such as medicine).
  • - Supervising nurses and other health care worker regarding their commitment of Infection Control Polices. 
  • - Develops and implements educational programs to promote an awareness of infection and methods of prevention and /or protection.
  • Study outbreaks according to international guideline of problem solving methods such as FOCUS PDCA Using advanced assessment tools such as fishbone.
  • All Duties handled using a fully computerized environment.



Dr Ibrahim Al-Faouri, PhD, Assistant Prof

(CNO) King Abdullah University Hospital

Phone: +962 2 7200600 ext. 45020

Email: faouri64@yahoo.com


Dr. Wail Hiajenah

Chair person of Infection control Committee.

King Abdullah university Hospital.

E-mail:  Wailh@just.edu.jo.

Phone: 00962-6-7200600    ext: 40702.

Mobile: 00962-777-428495.


Mr. Ali Mohmmad Fakhry Issa Banni Issa

Head of Infection Control Unit

King Abdullah University Hospital

Phone: 0096227200600 ext: 40111

Mobile: 00962799051340

Email: alifakhry_978@yahoo.com









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