The Jordanian Society Of Otorhinolaryngology




Head And Neck Surgery

The Society Was Found In 26/6/1981 And Was Named The Society Of Otorhinolangngology.

It Includes All Legally Recognized By The Jordanian Medical ENT Specialists Association Who Apply For Membership.

Membership In The Society Is Voluntary Annual Fees Of Membership Are 15 JD

It Is A Subordinate Organization Of The Jordanian Medical Association It Is Centered In The Jordan Medical Association Head Quarters.

It Is A Founder Member Of The (ARAB FOS’) Pan Arab Federation Of Otolaryngological Societies.

It Is A Member Of The (IFOS) International Oral Federation Of Otolaryngological Societies

No Of Members Registered For The Beginning Of The Year 2000 Is 143

  1. In The Private Sector
  2. In Amman 6
  3. In Zarka 80
  4. In Irbid 23
  5. In The Royal Medical Services (Army) 16
  6. In The Public Sector Ministry Of Health 3
  7. In The University Hospitals 1

Aims And Goals

  1. Unifying ENT specialists in all sectors.
  2. Strengthening Relations With Arab And International ENT societies.
  3. Participating Of The Work Of Jordan Medical Association.
  4. Encouraging The Social Activities Among Members.
  5. Promotion Of The Scientific Status Of All Members Through Monthly Lectures – Congress Every 2 Years, Organizing Courses And Workshops On Modern And Practical Topics.
  6. Organizing Scientific Trips to Distinguished Congress Outside Jordan.
  7. Optimizing The Standards Of Ethics And Practice For All Members.
  8. The Active Participation Through Mass Media To Speed Scientific Knowledge And Upgrade Understanding Of The People To The Specialty.
  9. Defending The Members Of The Society -Organization Of The Society-

The Managing Board Consists Of Elected President And 4 Members With Posts Of :

Secretary And Vice President

Scientific Committee Chairman.

Social Committee Chairman.

Financial Member.











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