Dr. Yaser Mahmoud Abu-Ghazzeh  

Consultant Radiologist

PO Box 764, Amman 11821 - Jordan

Mobile: 0777412396  / 0799406858  


E-mail: abughazzeh2003@yahoo.com

Education and Qualifications


University of Texas-Houston Medical School-Houston/Herman Hospital, Texas, USA.


Visiting Fellow Observer ship 


Body Imaging  Fellowship Program including rotations in CT, Ultrasound &MRI in body imaging fields and neuro and musculoskeletal imaging


King Hussein Medical Center (KHMC)

Resident in diagnostic radiology



The Jordanian Medical Council Certification

Jordanian Board in Diagnostic Radiology



Jordan University Hospital

Rotating Internship



University of Damascus - Syria




Job Positions


Jordanian Field Hospital – Gaza 6



Dec 2009 –March 2010


Royal Medical Services


Head – Radiology section- Prince Hashim Hospital-Zarka



Head – Radiology section- Queen Alia Hospital-Amman


2003, 2005, 2007, 2008


Head – Radiology section- Prince Rashid Hospital-Irbid



Head – Radiology section- Prince Ali Hospital-Karak




General Radiologist

Long experience in general radiology and  body imaging including CT-scan, ultrasound, and MRI with a very good knowledge of neuro imaging. 




General Practitioner


clinical skills and experiences


General Radiology

Performing, supervising, and reporting of general diagnostic studies including chest, skull, limbs, IVU, Barium studies, Ultrasound, CT, MRI


Interventional Procedures

Ultrasound and CT-guided FNA biopsies, inserting drains guided  by  ultrasound


Computerized Radiology

Very good command of computer applications and dealing with computerized radiology (CR) departments and teleradiology aspects



Training residents including lectures and theoretical teaching as well as hands-on field training



Conducted several studies in the field of radiology and authored several papers.




Chair of the radiology committee of the accreditation program in Queen Alia Hospital. Accreditation achieved in 2008




General Skills

Very good computer skills in Microsoft Office and Internet



International Conferences and training



Radiological Society Of North America Conference (RSNA)


2000, 2005, 2008



C-Arm Machine technical training by TECHNIX Company - Bergamo-Italy





Digital fluoroscopy training course in Hessing Hospital-Augsburg- Germany









1.      X-Ray Repeat Analysis at Queen Alia Hospital. Paper accepted for publication in JRMS 2009.

2.      Abu-Ghazzeh YM, Khaldi D. Pelvic Dimensions for Jordanian Women Using Computed Tomography Pelvimetry. Paper accepted for publication in Medical Journal of Cairo University.

3.      Abdallat A, Abu-Ghazzeh YM. Ultrasonography as Screening Procedure in Jordanian Aircrew Selection. Paper accepted for publication in Medical Journal of Cairo University.

4.      Abd-Alraouf S, Abu-Ghazzeh YM. Percutaneous Transcatheter Embolization for Control of Bleeding and Controlled Tissue Necrosis. Med J.Cairo Univ 2002; (70):663-67.

5.      Abu-Ghazzeh YM, Abd-Alraouf S. Osteopoikelosis:  A Case Report. JRMS 2001; (8)70-72

6.      Abu-Ghazzeh YM. Pulmonary alveolar Microlithiasis: High-Resolution CT-Scan: Case Report. Annals SM 1999; (20):47-48.

7.      Dubinsky TJ, Stroehlein K, Abu-Ghazzeh YM, Parvey H, Maklad N. Prediction of Benign And Malignant Endometrial Disease: Hysterosonographic Pathologic Correlation. Radiology 1999; (210):393-97.

8.      Abu-Ghazzeh YM, Saleh S. The Role of Ultrasound in Initial Evaluation of Renal Colic. SMJ 1999; (20):447-49.

9.      CT-Guided Percutaneous Fine Needle Biopsy of the Lung Lesions: Our Experience at King Hussein Medical Center. Paper presented at the 2nd International Jordanian-Greek medical Congress, Ammman-Jordan 2003.

10.  Effects of Position on the Rontgenographic Diagnosis of Dislocation at the Infant Hip. Paper presented at the 3rd Jordanian-Spanish Congress, Amman-Jordan 2000.

11.  Guidelines for Radiation Protection of Women in the Child Bearing Age. Paper presented at the 2nd International Jordanian-Iraqi conference, Amman-Jordan 2000.

12.  Thyroid Disorders: Ultrasound VS Other Tools of Investigations. Paper presented at 1st international Jordanian-Greek Medical Congress, Amman-Jordan 2000  





·     Arabic – native language

·     English – speak fluently and read/write with high proficiency




·     Jordan Radiological Society

References will be furnished upon request














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