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Dr. Wael Samara


Date of birth:  25.3.1960

Nationality:   Jordanian

Personal details :  Jordan:  00962-7 79   67  37 27

Email: wail_samara@yahoo.com





Personal summary:  
  • Seeking a position as a Consultant Psychiatrist to use my educational background and  professional skills to positively affect psychiatric care through work in such areas as disease  management, addiction ,rehabilitation ,liaison psychiatric consultations to other departments in general hospitals  .
       Licensed psychiatrist in Jordan and Saudi Arabia  with seven  years of experience providing top-notch psychiatric  services in both  in and out patient  setting with long experience as general practitioner in many private hospitals in amman.
         Outstanding interpersonal skills with a track record of establishing
    positive relationships with clients, medical professionals, healthcare organizations. Respected leader, able to train and manage
    diverse teams to deliver peak performance. Dedicated to providing
    quality patient care , fast and accurate medication .
    Expert at establishing and cultivating long-term quality relations with
    clients  and other health care professionals through fulfillment of
    needs and specifications. Articulate communicator with polished
    interpersonal skills, complemented with impeccable ethics and
  • consultant psychiatrist
Career History  

June 2015 till now private clinic

Sep2012- may 2015

Consultant   psychiatrist at Saudi military services (king Salman  military hospital) .KSA –Tabuk .

Duties:  management and follow up of outpatient and inpatient PSYCHIATRIC CASES ,responsible for addiction clinic and detoxification of in and out  patients setting. liaison psychiatric consultations to other departments in a 650 beds  general hospitals(King Salman  military hospital).



Psychiatrist  at Dr. Walid   Sarhan Center .

working as outpatient clinic with management of inpatient cases (psychotic, neurotic and addiction patient) .


Al-Rashid hospital Center for Psychiatry and addiction ,Amman – Jordan (Psychiatric  resident)  .


 Italian Hospital – Amman , Jordan.


International School   Of Al-Shoueifat –Amman : school  physician.

(part time) 


Luzmilla hospital Emergency Room general  practitioner: Amman-Jordan.


Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia , Ministry of Health .   Primary health   care   Physician.


Royal Jordanian medical Services, Zarka Military   Hospital  , Emergency Room Physician .


Zarka  Government  hospital  ,internship program   (intern).




·      1979-1985 :  M.B.Ch.B degree in Medicine and General Surgery . College of Medicine , Mosul University ,Iraq.

·       March 1987 : Passed the Jordanian medical council qualification exam. for intern doctors.

·      Feb  , 2007: Passed Part 1 Jordanian board exam in psychiatry.

·      Dec, 2008   : Board eligible, passed fourth year  residency program ,

·      March 2009  : Jordanian  Medical  council. Jordanian board in psychiatry and addiction.


Research :


·      Presented Two papers during the 2nd &3rd  scientific days of Al-Rashid hospital titled  "Physical   Consequences of Alcoholism :

·         Lamotrigine  : A mood stabilizer . an update.

·      JUNE -2007:   PANSS Rater  in  Schizophrenia research, Switzerland –Geneva.

·      Sexual  attitude , behavior and Knowledge of married Jordanian men , not published , presented at first    international congress of the Jordanian  association  of  psychiatry with Dr . walid  sarhan.

·      Psychiatrist aspect of polygamy in Jordan .(with Dr. Walid sarhan).

·      Many  TV,RADIO, And news paper interview concerning puplic education of psychiatric issues.




 1. participated in the middle east conference -educational activity at  university of Jordan- March 6-8,2012. Amman, Jordan.                                                                                                           

 2.Lecturer  in the third international congress of Irbid medical association.

3.Coordinator  0f  Arab  psychiatric  journal: till April  2012.


Language: -Arabic (mother tongue)       -English(fluent speaking, writing and reading)
References :


·      Professor Nizam Abu Hijleh: F.R.C.psych .consultant     psychiatrist.   P.O.BOX 954336 (C Town).Amman-jordan

·      Dr. Radwan Bany Mustafa:  F.R.C. psych., Assistant Professor . Medical School .University of Jordan .

Email : rbany Mustafa @yahoo.com

·      Dr.Zuheer dabbagh  director 0f psychiatric department.king salman military hospital.KSA.