First Name: Wael             

Family Name: Houranieh

Date of Birth: December 30st 1982

Place of Birth: Saudi Arabia-Riyadh

Nationality: Syrian

Marital Status: Single

Tel:   Egypt:   0020-165002710






Education and Certifications:


  • General Secondary Education Certificate (Scientific Stream).
  • B.Sc. in Dentistry, from Jordan University of Science and Technology 2007 (JUST). 
  • Enrolled in the 2nd Part for Master Degree of Dental Science in Fixed Prosthodontices in Cairo University . (current)


Work Experience:


  • 10/7/2007 10/1/2008

6 months training period in JUST Health center

  • 6/2/2008   6/8/2008

6 months training at Princess Basma Teaching Hospital in Irbid city.


 Additional Information:

         Completed a training course (16 hours) in "Implantology / Bicon Implant System" (5-6 august 2007).

         Completed a training course  (15 hours) in  "Advances in Endodontics"

 (19-22 November 2007).

         Attended the First Sciencetific Conference of the Syrian Society of Dental Implantology (12-13 December, 2007) congress CE 16 hours.

         Attended the 21st Jordanian Dental Association (18-21 March, 2008). CDE 18hours. 

         Attended the 1st Syrian British Dental Conference (19-21 June 2008).



  • Motivated, Enthusiastic, and Team worker.
  • Good skills in Computer and in Internet.




Soccer, Volleyball, Computer work and Reading .











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