Consultant of Fetal Medicine

Mobile : 0020-116327891

   E-MAIL:  drshady74@hotmail.com

د : شادى عبدالستار سليم

ماجستير النساء والتوليد والعقم

زمالة طب لجنين بالقصر العينى

عضو الجمعية المصرية للخصوبة والعقم

عضو الجمعية الدولية لسونار النساء

استشارى طب الجنين بالقصر العينى

Dr Shady A. Sleem

Consultsnt of fetal medicine at Maternity hospital of Cairo University


Work Experience

        Consultant of Fetal Medicine at Fetal Medicine Unit at Kasr Aliny Hospital .

        Currently working as a specialist of obstetrician & gynecology. at  New Kasr Aliny Hospital (ALFARANSAWY).



1- Fellowship of Fetal Medicine  from Maternity Hospital ,Kasr Aliny ( Cairo University ).

2- Master degree of Obst & Gyn. from  Kasr Aliny ( Cairo University ).

3-Graduate from Faculty of medicine and surgery, 1999.with good degree.




Additional Studies.


1)    First part of MRCOG (with eligibility to enter examination of final part of MRCOG  at march 2012).

2)    Many courses about time management, planning and stress management.

3)    Diploma of NLP ( neuro-linguistic programming).

                                              (communications skills).



          COURSES :

1)    Basic ultrasound of obs&gyn .from AIN SHAMS University .



2)    Advanced ultrasound and Doppler of obs& Gyn. from Cairo University .

3)    One month Observer at Fetal Medicine Unit at Cairo University .

4)    COLOPOSCOPY from CAIRO University under. observation of  prof. Mohamed Hatem ,  U.K

5)    IVF from CAIRO University   under observation of prof: YACOUB KHALAF , U.K.

6)    Advanced training on  IVF at  Egyptian Centre of IVF under observation of  Prof. Mona Abo-Alghar.

4) Scientific Research Methods, Statistics and Quality Control held in MEDC Cairo   University .

5) Preparation course of first part of MRCOG at January 2008 under observation of prof.Amr EL Shalakany ,Chairman of Egyptian Representative Committee-RCOG.

6) Preparation Course of second part  of MRCOG at January 2009 under observation of  pof. Amr EL Shalakany,Chairman of Egyptian Representative Committee-RCOG.

7) MRCOG  Essay Correspondence Course By prof . Khaldon Sharif MD,MRCOG,MFFP U.K.

8) TOEFL  .

9)    IELTS   .






        English:   Very Good                                                  

         Arabic: (Mother Tongue).





Computer Skills.

        Good Command of Microsoft Windows application and Internet browsing.



Interests And Activities.


      Reading , pottery .

Personal Data.

    Nationality :                        Egyptian

    Birth Date:                       August 14th, 1974.

    Military Statue:                Finished.

   Contact Method:               Egypt .


   Mobile : 0020-116327891.

   E-MAIL:  drshady74@hotmail.com


























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