Samir Khraisat. MD, MSc, JB (Nuclear Medicine)



Name:                             Samir H Khraisat

Address:                         Afia Medical Centre

           Amman Jordan

Date of birth                 : 28/2/1955

Nationality                    : Jordanian

Phone number              : Tel +962 6 4622280

           Tel +962 6 4656323 

          Mob +962 777941177

Mob +962 79 5666998

 Fax   +962 6 4622281  



   Basic Education:

v    Basic Education:

General Secondary School Certificate-Science Branch in 1973.


v    Undergraduate Training:

Odessa University Medical School- USSR 1980.


v    License for Medical Practice.

Jordan Medical Association 1981.


Post Graduate Experience:


1.     Rotating Internalship in Internal Medicine and General Surgery at Al-Bashir Hospital from June 1980 to May 1981.

2.     Radiology Resident at Al Bashir Hospital from July 1981 to July 1982.

Post Graduate Degrees:

1.     Master of Science in Nuclear Medicine (MSc) University of London UK 1984.

2.     Jordanian Board in Nuclear Medicine 1986.

3.     Visiting Fellowship in Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine ( USA ) 1995.

Nuclear Medicine posts:

1.     Honorary Registrar in Nuclear Medicine from October 1982 to October 1984 at the Middlesex hospital (London-UK).

2.     Specialist in Nuclear Medicine at KHMC from January 1985 to January 1990.

3.     Specialist in Nuclear Medicine at the army hospital ( Kuwait ) from February 1990 to August 1990.

4.     Senior Specialist in Nuclear Medicine at KHMC from July 1992 until 1999.

5.     Consultant in Nuclear Medicine at KHMC (Feb 1999 to 2004)

6.     Senior Consultant in Nuclear Medicine at KHMC from February 2004 till April 1st 2009.

7.     Director of Afia Health Center .


Nuclear Medicine Experience:

v    Wide Experience in Static Images including bone scan , liver scan , thyroid , parathyroid and lung scan.

v    Wide Experience in Dynamic Procedure including kidney , bleeding , hepatobiliary system and bone.

v    Wide Experience in SPECT images including brain and heart.

v    Wide experience in I-131 treatment.

v    Special interest in cardiovascular nuclear medicine (MUGA, myocardial perfusion images).

v    Recently I am gaining a good experience with PET/CT images with our newly installed PET/CT.


Teaching and Academic Activities:

v    Supervisor of the Residency Program in Nuclear Medicine at the Royal Medical Services.

v    Nuclear Medicine Teaching for radiology residents , residents of different clinical specialties and radiographers.

v    Chairman of Nuclear Medicine board at the Jordanian Medical Council from 1991 until the present.

v    Chief of Jordanian Radiologist Society.


Publication and , Abstracts and Poster Presentation:

1.      EANM'07 Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine - October 13 - 17, 2007, Copenhagen , Denmark . Application of DEXA in patients with transient osteoporosis of femur. K. Alkhawaldeh, S. Khraisat; Royal Medical Services, Nuclear Medicine Center , JORDAN .

2.     EANM'07 Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine
-October 13 - 17, 2007, Copenhagen/DENMARK. Comparison between Single and Dual Time Point FDG PET imaging in the Assessment of Pulmonary Nodules. K. M. Alkhawaldeh, S. Khraisat; Royal Medical Services, Amman , JORDAN .

3.     The 54th Annual Meeting of Society of Nuclear Medicine, June 3-7, 2007 Washington DC USA . Detection of primary colon cancer using FDG PET/CT in patients with liver metastasis. Alkhawaldeh K and Khraisat. S. Publication Date: 05 / 2007, Volume: 48, Pages: 390.

4.     99mTc-201Tl scans in parathyroid adenoma. First scientific day of the Jordanian Radiology Society 30/April/1993. (Aqaba-Jordan)

5.     SPECT brain scan in epilepsy using 99mTc-HMPAO. Second scientific day of the Jordanian Radiology Society. April 1994 (Amman-Jordan)

6.     Active bleeding from Mickels diverticulum visualized earlier than stomach on 99mTc pertechnetate scan (Iraqi Medical Journal 1995)


Attendance of national and international conferences:

1.     The 54th Annual Meeting of Society of Nuclear Medicine, June 3-7, 2007 Washington DC USA .

2.     First Pan Arab Radiology Congress
May 2007
Dead sea
3.     The annual meeting of the radiology society of North America (RSNA) November 1987 in 

Chicago - USA

4.     Nuclear Medicine Review Course for Middle East and east Mediterranean Countries. (Feb. 1987 Kuwait )

5.     Radiology Workshop Introduction to the Optimum use of radiopharmaceutical in Nuclear Medicine. May 1988 Kuwait .

6.     The Second Jordanian Radiology Conference , May 1992 Amman-Jordan.

7.     Workshop in quality control in hospital radio pharmacy 15-30 April 1992 , Dubai UAE.

8.     Interregional Training Course on advanced SPECT with emphases in brain and heart studies. 26 Oct 6 Nov 1992 Pisa-Italy


9.     Regional workshop on synthesis kit preparation and quality control of new functional 99mTc radiopharmaceuticals for SPECT imaging. May 10-21 /1993. Istanbul-turkey.

10.                        The Third Jordanian Radiology Conference. October 1994 , Amman Jordan

11.                        European Association of Nuclear Medicine Congress. August 1995 , Brussels-Belgium.

12.                         European Association of Nuclear Medicine Congress. September 1996 Copenhagen Denmark

13.                         The First International Medical Congress , May 1996. Amman-Jordan.

14.                        The Fourth Jordanian Radiology Conference May 1996 , Amman Jordan

15.                        Regional Training Course on Radio Immuno Scintigraphy for the detection and management of cancer. 23 March-3 April 1996 Dubai UAE.



1.     Member of the Jordanian Radiological Society.

2.     Member of the British Nuclear Medicine Society.

3.     Member of the Society of Nuclear Medicine ( USA ).




1.     Dr Mohamed Hiari, FRCR, Head of radiology Department, King Hussein medical Center, Amman-Jordan. Tel 00962 79524038, Fax 0096265825888

2.     Hussein M. Abdel-Dayem MD. Prof of Radiology, New York Medical College . Chief of nuclear medicine services, saint Vincent hospital and Medical Center . 153 west 11th street , New York , NY 10011 . Tel 212 604-8783, Fax 212 604 3119.

3.     Professor Peter J.Ell , Institute of nuclear Medicine UCL. University collages London Hospitals NHS Trust. 235 Euston Road .London NW1 2BU- UK . 



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PET-CT ScanSamir H Khraisat9102010





Breast Cancer Samir H Khraisat9102010

جهاز التصوير البوزيتروني المقطعيDr. Samir H Khraisat

Dr. Samir H Khraisat9102010سرطان الثدي

هشاشة العظام Samir H Khraisat

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