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Name : Samir Ismail Khalil Hilo

Nationality : Jordanian        Date and place of birth : 1953/ Amman-Jordan

Social status : Married 

Academic certificates :

·     MB.BS   Faculty of Medicine / Jordan University  1978 with one year internship in Jordan University Hospital .

·     Diploma in Photography 1995 from the American ICS institute.

·     Certificate of American Herbal Healer Academy 1999

Memberships :

                   · member of American Herbal Healer Academy

                   · member of American Research Foundation

                   · member of Islamic Medical sciences society - Jordan


Experience :

·     Primary Health Care  Doctor - Ministry of Health  - K.S.A  form 1979 - 1994

·     Physician in diabetes center /and Secretary of Alternative Medicine Center/ Madina Munawarah from 1994 - 1996

·     Member of the Constituent Assembly of Prince Majed Center For Herbal Medicine Research .

Activities :

                   · attended many conferences  and courses as follows :

                                                                  · Primary health course 1986

                                                                  · ABC resuscitation course 1987

                                                                  · Updates in pediatrics - 3 conferences 1987-89

                                                                  · Quality assurance course in PHC 1994

                                                                  · Updates in neurosurgery 1995

                                                                  ·  Our children and D.M 1996

                                                                  ·Challenges in Primary Heath Care -1997

                                                                  ·International Symposium on Herbal Medicine 1997

                   ·                   Published 12 books in different subjects to promote health education:


                                                                  ·البطنة تذهب الفطنة

                                                                  ·الطيب وفوائده الصحية

                                                                  ·المرشد الطبي للأسرة

                                                                  ·الليل نومه وقيامه

                                                                  ·المؤمن القوي

                                                                  ·الرضاعة الطبيعية

                                                                  ·دليلك إلى الرشاقة بلا جوع

                                                                  ·الفوائد العلاجية لبعض النباتات الصحراوية في الجزيرة العربية

                                                                  ·الاطعمة المحفوطة - نصائح لربات البيوت

                                                                  ·البهارات - فوائد ومحاذير

                                                                  ·الطب الاسلامي نحو تطبيق عملي

                                                                  ·القاموس الجديد للنباتات الطبية 

                   · wrote many articles in Arabian magazines in different subjects to promote health education and awareness .

                   · Published one article in The Practitioner  about treatment of Asthma by herbs .

                   ·Published 7 periodicals about Herbs in common use that was distributed to Hospitals and P.H.C in cooperation with SSFCM (Saudi Society of Family & Community Medicine).


                      ·     Gave some lectures as follows :




Islamic medicine


Agricultural center K.F.H

Introduction to Herbal Medicine

physicians ( Family Medicine Postgraduates )

Diabetes Center -Madina Munawarah

IDDM and Herbs

General population

Maternity and Ped.Hospital

Introduction to Alternative Medicine

physicians ( Family Medicine Postgraduates )

Alternative Medicine Center - Madina

Wild Plants in K.S.A -

 A medical treasure that should be exploited

International Syomposium on Herbal Medicine

King Fahd Hospital - Jeddah

Herbal Medicine - its characteristics

general population

youth centers - Madina Munawrah

Medicinal plants in Wadi Shu’aib

general population

ladies Cultural Society -Amman -Shmisani

Attib Annabawy ( prophet medicine )

general population

more than one ladies center in Amman


Other activities :

                   · over viewing , summarizing and indexing the medical journals that is received regularly into the computer .

                   ·      Having special interest in Herbal Medicine on scientific basis , by which  many patients got the benefit with .

                   ·     Having some studies on common chronic diseases and their treatment by common  herbs such as D.M , O.A, Bronchial asthma ..etc.

                   ·     Prepared certain successful safe herbal remedies for treating common and chronic diseases .

                   ·Having good collection of slides and pictures about Medicinal plants in Jordan and the Arab world .

                   ·Now having a private clinic in Al-Quwaismah-Amman

                   ·Director of Marigold Center for Herbs And Food - Amman



Name :   Dr. Samir Ismail Khalil Hilo

Clinic Tel. 4161821

P.O.Box 38608   Amman 11593

e-mail :samirhilo@gmail.com
















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