Dr. Salam Saleh Daradkeh

سلام صالح درادكة

استشاري جراحة الكبد والقنوات الصفراوية والبنكرياس

استشاري جراحة الجهاز الهضمي بالمنظار

أستاذ الجراحة ورئيس فسم الجراحة وعميد كلية الطب في الجامعة الأردنية سابقا

المستشفى الاستشاري - عمان




ADDRESS:                   P.O.BOX. 13261

Amman 11942, Jordan

Jordan University

Telefax: + 962 6 5358376, Mobile: + 962 79 5539119

E-Mail: sdaradkeh@hotmail.com


PERSONAL:                  Date of Birth:      May 1st , 1956

                                          Marital Status:    Married

                                          Citizenship:        Jordanian



LANGUAGES:               - Arabic (Mother tongue)

                                        -  English.

                                        -  French.


POSITIONS:  .         

·         Medical director of Istishari Hospital/Amman strting from March 15th 2012

·   Consultant hepatobiliary and laparoscopic surgery at Istishari Hospital from

Feb.1st 2011 till present.


·        Professor of surgery

·        Faculty of Medicine

Jordan University


·         Dean, Faculty of Medicine

2007 to 23/8/2009

Jordan University



·        M.D Certificate, January 1984

School of Medicine and Internship

University of Mohammad the Fifth, Rabat, Moocco


·        Master Degree in General Surgery, June 1989

Jordan University



·        Jordanian Board of  general surgery, July 1989

Jordan Medical  Council


·        Arab Board of general surgery, November 1989


·        A.F.S.A: Certificate of specialized studies in visceral surgery, Nov. 1993 University of Pierre and Marie Curie, ParisVI- France


·        University Diploma of hepatobiliary surgery and liver   transplantation, July 1993 university -Paris XI


·        University Diploma of laparoscopic Gastro-intestinal surgery, June 1997 Saint-Joseph university Beirut in cooperation with french universities.


·        Fellowship of hepatobiliary surgery: Awarded by the French society of hepatobiliary surgeons,  2001


Former Appointments:


·        October 1982- September 1983.

Rotating House Officer

Avicenne University Hospital,   Rabat, Morocco


·        May 1984- June 1985

Training in Surgery and Emergency at  Royal Medical Services


·        July 1985- June 1989.

Resident of General Surgery

Jordan University Hospital (JUH)


·        June1989- July 1989

Chief  Resident

General Surgery Department, JUH


·        September 1989- September1990           

Fellow of Digestive Durgery, at JUH


    • Lecturer at school of Medicine:Jordan University,  september 1990-october1991.


·        Fellow of Digestive and Hepatobiliary Surgery at Paul-Brousse

hospital, Paris – France, 1991-1993.


·        Assistant prof. of general and hepatobiliary surgery at

school of Medicine & Jordan university hospital, Nov. 1993


·        Associate prof. of surgery, Dec. 5th, 1999


·        Chairman, Department of General Surgery, 2000- 2006


·        Professor of Surgery,  Dec. 2006



·        Jordan Medical Association.

·        Jordan Surgical Association.

·        Member of the French Academy of Surgeons.

·        Member of the Mediterranean Club of Endoscopic Surgery.

·        Member of the French Association of Hepatobiliary Surgeons.

·       Member of the International Association of Surgeons and Gastro- Enterologists.

·       Member of the Scandinavian Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery Association.

·       President of the Scientific Committee of Deans of the Arab Medical Colleges Since 2007.

·       Member of Higher Education Committee at Jordan Medical Council till 2009.

·       Member of Higher Drug committee, Jordan Food and Drug Administration till 2009.

·       Member of Central Tender Committee/ Jordan University From 1995-2000 ,  & 2005-2007.


·        Member of Trustees Board of Prince Hussein Academy for Civil Defence, 2007-2009.

·       Member of Trustees Board of Al-Zeitona University, 2009-Present.

·       Member of the Higher Committee of the Arab Board for Medical Specialization.




·       Licensed to practice medicine in Morocco, 1984.

·       Licensed to practice medicine in Jordan 1984.

·       FMGMES, 1991.

·       Licensed to practice medicine in France 1991.


Hospital Appointments:


·       Medical Director at Jordan University Hospital


·       Chairman of the Department of General Surgery


·       Consultant Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Surgery


·       Fellow of Hepatobiliary Surgery at the HepatoBiliary Center ,Paul-Brousse Hospital –South Paris University/ France.


·       Fellow of Gastrointestinal Surgery at Jordan University Hospital


·       Resident of Surgery –Department of surgery- Jordan University



·       Specialized in Digestive Surgery and particularly in Hepato-PancreatoBiliary Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery.

·       First surgeon to introduce Modern Liver surgery to Jordan.

·       First Surgeon to introduce Laparoscopic surgery to Jordan University Hospital.

·       The Only Surgeon in Jordan and in the Middle East to perform surgery for Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma and Klatskin tumors.

·       Performs an average of 40 surgical intervention per month.

·       Clinical teaching of medical students and postgraduate residents at the department of General Surgery /Jordan University since 1991.





·       Examiner at School of Medicine(Jordan University) for under&post-graduate students since 1993.

·       Examiner at Jordan Medical Council for general surgery speciality since 1999.

·       Chairman of the Examination Committee of surgery at Jordan Medical   Council since 2008.

·       Examiner at Arab Council of Medical Specialities(General Surgery) since 1998.

·       Chairman of the Examination Committee of surgery at Arab Board for Medical Specialization since 2004.

·       Examiner, Intercollegiate Speciality Examination in General Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland(2006-present)

·       Examiner at Egyptian Fellowship Examination of surgery(2008-present)

·       External examiner and visiting professor at:

-         Allepo Medical College 2001.

-         Qabous University,Sultanate of Oman 2002.

-         Al Fateh University, Tripoli 2003,2006.

-         Benghazi University, 2008.

-         Lund University,Sweden 2009.

-         Monash University,Melbourne/Australia     2009.

-         Kuwait University, 2007.

-         Saint-Joseph University,Beirut 1996.

-          Arabian Gulf University/Bahrain 2008.

-         King Khaled University/Riydh/KSA 2009.




·       Meniscal injuries in the sportive (61 cases) 1984. (French)

(Les lesions meniscales chez le sportif)Book.


·       Cavernous Hemangiomas of the liver: Are there any indications for resections?

O.Farges, S.S.Daradkeh, H.Bismuth, World J. Surg.19, 19-24 .1995.


·       Oesophageal foreign bodies at JUH.A.Qudah. S.Daradkeh, M.Abu-khalaf.

European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery 13(1998) 494-499.       


·       Effect of granulated sugar in infected wounds.B.Ammari, S.Daradkeh, M.Qudah  and

A.S.Sroujieh, Dirasat. Medical and Biological Sciences , Vol. 24, No.2, 1997.



·       Donation and transplantation of thoracic and general organs: The public behavior in  Jordan. S.Daradkeh, A. Al-Qudah, Egyptian Journal of chest diseases and tuberculosis.vol.47 no. (1), January 1998.


·       Pre-operative ultrasonography and prediction of technical difficulties during laparoscopic cholecystectomy. S.S.Daradkeh, Z.Suwan, M. Abu- khalaf. World J.Surg. 22,75-77.1998.


·       Unusual forms of motor neuron disease : clinical features and preliminary treatment.Al-Shehab A., Daradkeh S., Jammal A.S., Acta Cardiomiologica, vol.VI, NO.2, 1994.


·       Proximal bile duct carcinoma: Review of the surgical management.F.Daoud, S.Daradkeh, J.Giles, M.Abu-khalaf, Jordan medical journal,


·       Management of Gallbladder stones during pregnancy : Conservative treatment or Laparoscopic cholecystectomy? S. Daradkeh,I.Sumrein, Fayez Daoud, Kh. Zaidin, M. Abu-Khalaf. Hepatogastroenterology, 1999;46:3074-3076


·       Perioperative ERCP in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

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·       Laparoscopic cholecystectomy:What are the factors determining difficulty?

S.Daradkeh ,Hepatogastroenterology 2001,vol 48 , no 37 ,76-78.


·       Assessing predictors of outcome in necrotizing fasciitis at JUH. Nidal Younes,M.Qudah, S.Daradkeh…..et al.Jordan Medical Journal 2002,vol.36,no.1 , 34-38.


·       Transjugular preoperative portal embolization(TJPE) a pilot study. Jean-Marc Perarnau, Salam Daradkeh,Marc Johann,Michele Deneuville, Pierre Weilling,Claudine Coniel, Hepato-gastroenterology2003,vol.50 no.51,610-613.


·       Gallbladder carcinoma in Jordan.Mohamed S Al-Qudah,Salam Daradkeh,Ahmad S Sroujieh,Ghassan R Farah,Jamal Massad.Hepato-gastroenterology2005,vol.52,5-7.


·       Laparoscopic cholecystectomy : Analytical study of 1208 cases.Salam Daradkeh.Hepato gastroenterology, 2005, vol.52,1011-1014.


·       Factors affecting common bile duct diameter.Salam Daradkeh,Emad Tarawneh,Azmy Al-Hadidy.Hepato-gastroenterology 2005,vol.52,1659-1661.


·       Magnetic Resonnance Cholangiopancreatography in post laparoscopic cholecystectomy patients.Waleed Mahafzaa, Azmi al-Hadidy,Emad Tarawneh, Salam Daradkeh,Mustafa Shennak,  Jordan Medical Journal,2005,vol.39(1)


·       Hydatid liver disease: longterm results of a surgical management Daradkeh S, El-Muhtaseb H, Farah G, Sroujieh AS, Abu-Khalaf M.

Jordan Medical Journal- 2006,(40)2.


·       Predictors of mortality and morbidity of the surgical management of hydatid cyst of the liver.

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·       Duration of venous occlusion with lidocaine for preventing propofol induced pain. Saudi Med J. 2008 Jul;29(7):971-4.

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·       Translation and validation of the Arabic version of the Geriatric Oral Health Assessment Index, Journal of oral science 50(4):453-9, 2008 Dec, Daradkeh S and Khader YS


·       Optimization of anesthesia antiemetic measures versus combination therapy using dexamethasone or ondansetron for the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting.

Alghanem SM, Massad IM, Rashed EM, Abu-Ali HM, Daradkeh SS.

Surg Endosc. 2009 Jun 11


·       Photophysics of the cationic 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(4-N-methylpyridyl) porphyrin bound to DNA, [poly(dA-dT)]2 and [poly(dG-dC)]2: interaction with molecular oxygen studied by porphyrin triplet-triplet absorption and singlet oxygen luminescence

Al-Qudah A.; Daradkeh S.; Abu- Khalaf M.; Kruk N.N.; Dzhagarov B.M.; Galievsky V.A.; Chirvony V.S.; Turpin P.-Y.

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·       Randomized comparison of laporoscopic cholecystectomy with or without prophylactic antibiotics.Hepatogastroenterology.            

·       Neuroendocrine tumours of the gastrointestinal tract, Jordan university Hospital experience , Jordan Medical Journal.

·       Benign biliary strictures, a multicentric jordanian study.Hepatogastroenterology

·       Surgical mortality. Alghanem SM , Daradkeh SS. World J Surg

·       Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in the elderly. . Alghanem SM, Daradkeh S Hepatogastroenterology.


Papers presented in conferences:

·       Does ultrasound predict difficulty of laparoscopic cholecystectomy?.

·       Perioperative ERCP in the management of CBD stones.

The panarab surgical society Conference-Tunis, 1996

·       Laparoscopic surgery in Jordan: the European Association of endoscopic Surgery,Nice/France,2000.

·       Liver surgery in Jordan: hepatobiliary conference, Paris/France, 2000.

·       Resection of massive hepatocellular carcinoma: International association for surgeon and Gastroenterologists, Heraklion/Greece.2001.

·       Laparoscopic cholecystectomy during pregnancy: Mediterranean Club of endoscopic Surgery Confrence at Cairo,2003.

·       Total pericystectomy is a valid option in surgery for Liver Hydatid cyst. Munster/ Germany 2005.

·       Post-operative bile duct injuries

·       Surgical management of Klatskin tumors

Jordanian-Syrian surgical society confrenece,Damascus, 2008.


·       Benign Biliary strictures.

·       Proximal bile duct carcinoma, Surgical approach.

Panarab surgical conference, Bahrain, 2007.

·       Choledochal cyst: Daradkeh s, Abu-khalaf M American College of Surgeon Conference, Chicago 2008.

·       Liver MetSurvey Study which is an international Multicentric Study. An ongoing study

                                 Daradkeh s and Jordan UniversityHospital.www.livermetsurvey.org


·       Assessment and Examination in postgraduate medical training

                                Surgical society conference 2010,Amman.


·       Decision making in surgery,

Surgical society conference 2011,Amman.


Conferences and workshops:

·       Active participation in the yearly conference of the Jordan surgical society, 1993-Present.

·       Chairman of the scientific Committee of the Jordan Surgical Society, 1995-1997.

·       Attended two animal workshps on Laparoscopic Surgery at Hotel Dieu Hospital / Saint –Joseph university, Beirut, 1996.

·       Chaired a session in the Mediterranean Club of endoscopic surgery in Nice/France, 1998.

·       Chaired a session in Mediterranean Club of endoscopic surgery in Lisbon/Portugal,1999.

·       Attended conference about value of antibiotics in surgery and shared in a workshop,Vienna-Austriam, 2001.

·       Attended the conference of the Libanese Society of surgery,Beirut, 2002.

·       Attended a workshop in laparoscopic surgery in Dusseldurf/Germany, 2004.

·       Invited by Prof. Norbert Senninger / Chairman, Department of Surgery , University of Munster, 2005.

·       Attended an intensive course in Laparoscopic Surgery at IRCAD Strasbourg / France, 2006.

·       Attended the international Surgical week , Montreal/Canada, 2007.

·       Chaired the 5th Conference of the scientific Committee of Deans of Arab medical schools at Riyadh, 2007

·       Organized the 32d Jordan Surgical Society Conference at Damscus with conjunction of the Syrian Association of Surgeons, 2008

·       Organized a medical education conference at the university of Jordan , April, 2009.

·       Attended a course of liver surgery in Melbourne, Austin hospital , Prof. C. Christophi 2009.

·       Attended a workshop about obesity surgery and mesh repair of hernias at Paris,Lille and Strasbourg/ France, 2009


Editorial Board , Advisory Board and reviewer for

·       Jordan Medical Journal.

·       University of Damascus Medical Journal.

·       Tunisian Medical Journal.

·       Iraqi Medical journal.

·       Saudi Medical Journal.

·       Arab Journal of Gastroenterology.

·       Bahrain Medical Journal.

·       Libanese Medical Journal.

·       Hepatogastroenterology.

·       Wolrd Journal Of Surgery.

·       Scandinavian Journal of HPBS.

·       Langenbeck's Archive of Surgery.

·       Case reports in surgery(CRIS).

Assesor for Professorship To:

·       University of Damascus.

·       University of Baghdad

·       University of Mosul.

·       University of Suliymani

·       University of Kuwait

·       Different Saudi Universities.

Quality assurance and accreditaion experince:

 Served as expert for the Jordanian Higher  Education Accreditation Commission, to accredit jordanian medical schools(JUST, Mutaa University and Al-Hashemia University).


Manufactured in 1999 through the French company DB2C a unique Knot Pusher which is used worldwide now in laparoscopic surgery.



















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