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Dr. Salah Abedalraof
M.B.B.S , FFR , (RCSI)
consultant interventional radiologist

mobile: 00962795591862
P O Box: 541703 Amman 11937
E-mail: drsalah@hotmail.com

الدكتور صلاح عبد الرؤوف
استشاري الأشعة التداخلية
استشاري التداخلات الشريانية
والتشوه الدموي الخلقي

مدينة الحسين الطبية سابقا
مركز الحسين للسرطان سابقا
زميل أطباء الأشعة الإيرلندية

عضو جمعية الأشعة التداخلية البريطانية

عضو جمعية الأشعة التداخلية الأوروبية











Name: Salah Abedalraouf Abedalatif Saleh

Address: p.o.Box 540802 Zip Code 11937Ammn Jordan.

Tele No: Mobil:   00962 79 5591862, Home:  00962 6 5237177.

Date of Birth: Feb 1st. 58

Email:  drsalah@hotmail.com


Basic Medical Qualification:

University Attended: Punjab University, Rawalpindi Medical College,                         Pakistan.

Degree obtained: MBBS

Date Awarded:    1984.


Postgraduate Qualification:

Jordan Board in Diagnostic Radiology

Jordan Medical Council Amman, Jordan,. Dec 1990.

Fellow of Faculty of Radiologists (RCSI), Dublin April 2000.

Final (A) FRCR exam, April2000.



Jordan Medical council Association April 1985

British  GMC Registration: number 95/1667.

Jordan Radiological Society Jan 1991

Member of Royal College of Radiologist 1995.

Member of British Society of Interventional Radiology 1996.

Member of Ban Arab  Neuroradiology Society

Member of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe.

Member of Jordan Oncology Society.



Clinical Attachment And Courses Attended In UK


1. 1995-Nov 1996: training course in interventional radiology and angiography at Hammersmith hospital under supervision of professor Allison, Professor Hemingway and Dr Jams Jackson.

2. Live workshop on percutaneous hepatobiliary interventional.

Hammersmith hospital 26 may 95

3. Scottish interventional radiology course 6_8th Sep 1995

4. Technique and procedures in interventional radiology , North Hampshire hospital .

5. Sep 1999- march 2000: six month interventional and angiography course at Belfast City Hospital, Belfast, UK.



Clinical Experience


10 Jan 1987-30 Dec 1990

Resident in diagnostic radiology King Hussein Medical Center, Royal Medical Cervices, Amman Jordan.

Type of hospital: teaching hospital.


01 Jan 1991 -21 may 1995

Specialist in diagnostic radiology Jordan Royal Medical Cervices nature of work: conventional radiology, ultrasound, and CT.

November 1996 –till present

Specialist in  Interventional Radiologists


01 Feb. 2002 till present

King Hussein Cancer Center consultant in invasive radiology

P.O. Box 1269.   Al –Jubeiha Amman Jordan





Involve extensively in interventional and angiography procedures:


Oncologic Intervention:


Biopsy: Able to do all requested biopsy from any part of the body under, Fluoroscopy, CT or Ultrasound guidance, Thyroid, Lung, Liver, Renal, Adrenal, Bone, Soft tissue, Peritoneal / Retroperoneal , Pelvic , etc



Radiofrequency Ablation of Tumors: liver, lung, kidney, bone, etc.

Chemoembolisation of Liver Tumors: hepatoma, metastatic liver lesions, from colon, neuroendocrinal, breast, etc.



Basic Angiography



Carotid, Vertebral, innominate, subclavian, aorta, renal, mesenteric, iliac, femoral, tibial, grafts etc.



 SVC, Brachiocephalic, subclavian, IVC, iliac, etc.



Ischemic limb

Thrombosed bypass grafts.

DVT thrombolysis of lower and upper extremity

Thrombosed hemodialysis grafts

Acute pulmonary embolisem

Acute stroke: selective intracranial thrombolysis.



Uncontrolled haemorrhage

Bronchial artery for sever hemoptysis

Traumatic injuries—liver, spleen, kidneys, pelvis, etc.

G>I> Bleeding

Sever epistaxis

Bleeding from neoplastic lesions

AVM embolisation, at any site or size.

Preoperative devascularization to minimize blood loss.

Metastatic bone lesions, renal cell carcinoma, obstetric, spleen etc.

Uterine artery embolization for treatment of Fibroid .

Treatment of femal patient of pelvic congestion syndrome.

Chemoembolisation of liver tumor..



For sever inoperable malignant strictures

Treatment of esophagorespiratory fistula

Dilatation of benign esophageal strecture



Treatment of malignant stricture.

Treatment of bronchio –pleural fistula

Treatment of trachio-pleural fistula



Biliary drainage procedures including external internal biliry drainage, biliary stinting , trance jugular liver  biopsy , TIPS .

Extraction of retained intrahepatic and common bile stones.

Hepatic chemoembolization.

Radiofrequency tumor ablation.

Percutaneous cholecystostomy, in patient severely ill presented with cholicystitis.


Uroradiological Interventional Procedures

Percutaneous nephrostomy tube insertion

Antitrades uretral stent placement

PCNL , nephrostomy , antigrade DJ insertion , balloon on dilatation of uretric stricture .

 Selective or super selective embolisation of renal artery, vesicular artery in cases of bleeding tumor , A V fistula , or treating vascular malformation .

Balloon dilatation of uretral strecture

Testicular vein emboliztion as percutaneous treatment of testicular varicocele.




Insertion of IVC filters and retrieving the temporary IVC filter via trans- catheter technique, Jugular or femoral vein approach.


Neurointervention :

Percutaneous intaluminal treatment of cerebral AVM ,coiling of  cerebral aneurysm  and Carotid artery Stenting



Palliative treatment for obstructive bowel



Histerosalpingography, selective Histerosalpingography,

Fallopian tube recanalization.

Varicocele embolization in male.


Venous access procedures

Placement of temporary and long term term tunnelled hemodialysis catheters, Permacath , Hickman , Implantable port and PICSS line insertion,performed with imaging guidance.


Hemo- dialysis Access Management

  Declotting  of thrombosed grafts and fistulae

  Angioplasty / stinting of anastomotic graft stenoses


Percutaneous Gastrostomy/ Juojenostomy tube Insertion

Pecutaneous placement in the difficult patient using imaging guidance


Transjugular liver biopsy

 For patients with generalized liver disease who are coagulopathy percutaneous biopsy contraindicated )

Image guided biopsies


Abscess and fluid collection drainage



Percutaneous vertebral body injection of bone cement, the procedures currently are used to stabilize and reinforce weakened or fractured bone resulting from metastatic disease and severe osteoporosis. The objective of this procedure is to obtain an analgesic affect by mechanical stabilization in destructive lesions of the spine both vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty can reinforce the structure of a vertebral body and provide pain relief.



Nerve block as management for chronic pain using alcohol or ethanol, this includes, sympathetic ganglion blocks e.g.  Celiac and Impar Ganglion, Selective nerve root blocks, Sacroiliac joint injection, and Facet Joint injection




Attended meeting and conferences


The 2ndScientific Radiological Conference, Amman,       May 25- 29, 1992


The 3rd Scientific Radiological Conference Amman            Oct 10-14,1994


26 Pan-Arab Medical Congress, Amman                                        May 1990


The first Jordanian Radiological Congress, Amman                    May 1990  

The Seconded Jordanian Radiological Conference

Amman                                                                                         5-7 May 1992


Live Workshop on Percutaneous Hepatiobiliary

Intervention Hammersmith Hospital, London                           26 may 1995


Scottish Interventional Radiology Course

Western Infirmary Hospital Glasgow                                         6-8 Sep 1995


Technique and Procedures in Interventional Radiology

North Hampshire Hospital, Basingstoke                                27-29 Sep 1995


Postgraduate course of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe( Prague Czech Republic                            26-30 Sep 1999


The Cleveland Clinic Foundation                                 April 30-May 5, 2000


The International Jordanian- Greek Medical Congress    May 10-12, 2000


Bracco International Education Course                              May 29-31, 2002



Head nd Neck International Radiology Confrence University of Illinois Chicago in Association with JordanianSociety of Radiology and ENT

                                                                                                20- 21June 2003


Scientific Lecture in Metastasis Colorectal Cancer               11 June 2003


The 4th Oncology Society Conference, The 1st King Hussein Cancer Center-NCL(USA)Conference, 15-17 April 2004




Intussusceptions in Adult , Report of 3 cases Jordan Medical Journal

                                                                                                           May 1995


Percutaneous  Transluminal Renal Angioplasty

First Medical Spanish-Jordanian Congress                            28-30Oct 1996


Percutaneous Management of Sever Bleeding Post Percutaneous Nephrostolithotomy The Seconded Jordanian Urological Congress.

                                                                                                    26-28 Oct 1999


Popliteal and Infrapopliteal Intervention. The Fifth International Conference of Jordan Cardiac Society                               April 19-22, 2000


Palliative Therapy of Malignant Bile Duct Obstruction

The 1st International Jordanian-Greek Medical Congress 10-12 May 2000


Percutaneous Trans-Hepatic Insertion of Jujenal Feeding Tube

Medical Journal of Cairo University                                          Sep 24, 2000 


Osteopikilosis case report and review of literature Journal of Royal Medical Services                           Volume 8 Number 1                    Jun 2001 


Percutaneous Tran catheter Embolization for the Control of Bleeding and Controlled Tissue Necrosis Medical Journal of Cairo University.

                                                                                                      April 30, 2002

Percutaneous Nephrolithtomy for Calculi in Ectopic Pelvic

 Kidney, the 4th Meeting of Jordanian Association of Urological Surgeons

                                                                                                      2-5 Dec, 2003


CT Guided Percutaneous Fine Needle Biopsy of Lung Lesions

The 2nd International Jordanian-Greek Medical Congress    17-19, 2003


Abstract, Low Versus High Protection Carotid Artery Stenosis

Post Graduate Course of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe.                                                                     20-24 Sep 2003






Dr L Johnston  FRCR, FFR(RCSI)

{Was the Dean of Faculty of Radiologist (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland).Year 2000-2001.}

Belfast City Hospital HSS Trust. 51 Lisburn Road. Belfast. BT9 7AB.

Telephone. 028 9032 9241. Fax. 028 9032 6614










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