Dr. Rajai Said Al Azzeh   

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Family name: Al-AZZEH                First name: RAJAI S. A.

City and Country of birth: Hebron-JORDAN   Date of birth: 12/5/1954 Nationality: Jordanian                      

Marital Status: Married         

Sex: Male   

Address: JORDAN AMMAN PO Box: 86   Ministry of Health

Tel: Office 06 5520174-Tell Fax: 06 5520177    

E-mail: rajai_alazzeh@yahoo.com

Mobile: 0798234855




                  Certificate of medicine M.B.B.CH, Cairo University. EGYPT: 1981.

                  Diploma of community medicine, Ministry of Health (MOH) Jordan 1994.

                  Arabic BOARD in community medicine- Syria 2001.

Present position:

Staff member of Chest Diseases & Foreigners Health Directorate M.O.H


  General Practitioner in Privet clinic: 1982-1984.

  Governmental Health physician at different medical centers in Jordan:

q Governorate of Madaba in Medical Centers 1985-1988.

q Governorate of Azzarqa in Medical Centers 1989-1990.

  Staff member of Food Health & Hygiene Department M.O.H / 1990-1991.

  Staff member of Chest Diseases & Tuberculosis Department M.O.H / 1991-1999.

  Manager of Sexually transmitted disease Department, 1999-2011

  Manager of Hotline Center & Voluntary Counseling Center 1999-2010

  Manager of HIV/AIDS clinic: 1999-2011

  Staff member of Chest Diseases & Foreigners Health Directorate M.O.H / 2010-to date.

  Responsible of TB, HIV, and Hepatitis (B) detection surveillance system between Foreigners in Jordan.

  Responsible of TB, Electronic surveillance system of all (13) TB Center


Training Courses:


1)    Training course in Forensic medicine  Amman, Jordan.: October 14 - 19, 1989.

2)    Management of Diarrhea and GIT problems for one week Amman, Jordan.1991.

3)    Training course (80 hours) in Advanced English Conversation offered by the American Language Center of the United States Information Service Amman, Jordan 1993.

4)     Management of Acute Respiratory Infection: two weeks.1996.

5)     Training course in HIV/AIDS Program Management and Counseling in USA/California - Santa Cruz, for one month.: September 13 October 8, 1999.

6)     Training course on Activities of Hot-line and Counseling for one week in Cairo Egypt : February 5 10 , 2000.

7)     Sharing in WHO & UNAIDS meeting in Casablanca Morocco. 2001.

8)    Training course in HIV Counseling Skills Amman, Jordan August 12-16, 2001.

9)    Sharing in WHO & UNAIDS meeting in Beirut Lebanon 2002.

10)           Training course in MDR TB: Detection, Management and reporting to WHO Egypt/Alexandria 1-4 November 2010


Dr. Rajai Said Al Azzeh


Date:           4/4/2012



















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