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M.B., B.S


Paediatric Urology










M.B., B.S


Pediatric Urology



               PERSONAL DETAILS                                 3


              EDUCATION & QUALIFICATIONS         4


              MEDICAL EMPLOYMENT                         5


              CLINICAL EXPERIENCE                             6


              TEACHING EXPERIENCE                            7


              COURSES & CONFERENCES                    8-9


              PUBLICATIONS                                           10


              AMBITIONS                                                  10


              REFEREES                                                        11





HOME Address 
  • Ibrahim Rafayah Street, Building 54 -Amman, Swaileh - JORDAN

  • HOME: 00962-6-5335398
  • MOBILE: 00962-79-5589996

  • MARRIED with four children.
  • G.P issued by Jordan Medical Association-1995
  • Jordanian Board of Urology-2001
  • Wasfi Al tal Street, Compu Jordan building
  • No.: 89. Third floor.
  • Amman, Jordan
  •  osbanihani@yahoo.com                






1989- 1995 Faculty of Medicine / Jordan University



  • JULY 1996 JUNE 2001 Faculty of Graduate Studies /Jordan University/Jordan University Hospital (J.U.H).

  • OCTOBER 2001-MAY 2003 urology consultant in private clinic.

  • JUNE 2003-JULY 2005, PEDIATRIC UROLOGY FELLOW in Prince of Wales and Westmead children hospitals/ Sydney/ Australia.



  •  General Secondary School Certificate; scientific stream; Princes Al- Hasan Secondary School, IRBID, JORDAN.

  • M.B., B.S.; Certificate in Medicine & Surgery (1989- 1995), Faculty of Medicine / Jordan University.

  • Higher Specialization in Urology Surgery (M.S.) Certificate (1996 2001), Faculty of Graduate Studies / Jordan University.

  • Jordanian Board Certificate in Urology Surgery, Jordan Medical Council;

    • First part of Board Certificate on Feb. 1999
    • Second part of Board Certificate on Sept. 2001.
  •  Australian fellow-ship training in Pediatric Urology: 2003-2005


Medical Employment




  • Pre- Registration House Officer (Rotating Intern)

  • July 1995 June 1996 in Jordan University Hospital.


Residency Program (five years)

  • July1996 - June2001 in Urology Surgery at Jordan University Hospital / faculty of Graduate Studies / Jordan University. Including the following rotations:

1. General Surgery: 12 months.

2. Urology Surgery: 4 years.


Urology Fellow-ship:


-          October 2001-May 2003 in private clinic


-          June 2003- July 2005:  Pediatric Urology fellow in Prince of Wales and Sydney Children and Westmead Hospitals in Australia, under the supervision of Prof. R Millard, Dr R Farnsworth and Dr G Smith.




I joined the faculty of medicine in JUST, in September/ 2005, as a Urology consultant, branch of Pediatric Urology, till September 2015.


Current status:


Pediatric urology consultant in private practice.



July 1995 - June 1996

  • Intern in Jordan University Hospital, dealing with inpatients & emergency cases of different specialties.

July 1996 June 2001

  • I joined the five year academic Urology residency program at Jordan University Hospital / Faculty of Graduate Studies / Jordan University, Jordan University Hospital is a 500 bed referral centre. During that period I went through different rotations in:


1. General Surgical Experience (12 months)

2. Urology Surgical Experience (4 years)


October 2001-May 2003


  • Urology consultant in private clinic dealing with general urology problems and performing most of the common urology surgical procedures.


June 2003- July 2005

  • Pediatric Urology training in Sydney/Australia in  Prince of Wales and Sydney Children and Westmead Hospitals, dealing with most of the pediatric urology problems such as: Hypospadius,  ante-natal hydronephrosis, Vesico-Uretric reflux, Cryptorchidism, Posterior Urethral Valve, P.U.J obstruction, etc.

September 2005- 2015

  • I had the chance to deal and manage most of the Pediatric Urology patients in KAUH  starting from inguino-scrotal pathologies, and upper tract surgeries to more complicated congenital bladder and genital problems such as extrophy and complicated hypo- and epispadias patients, in addition to most of the adult urology cases such as stone disease, urethral reconstruction and andrlogy surgery.


 Teaching has been an integral part of our residency program duties. Teaching the fifth year medical students during their urology rotation explaining various urology problems, clinical signs and their interpretation and applications. Twice-weekly teaching sessions for 2nd year students of rehabilitation and physiotherapy Faculty regarding urology patients. Also teaching junior colleagues had been major and highly stressed requirement. During my last year of residency I was the chief resident of Urology and was responsible for the teaching program arranging scientific activities and seminars.

  • I was the chief resident of all the colleagues in J.U.H. The chief of the Primary Medical Committee at J.U.H.


2005-2015: Assistant Professor in the faculty of medicine, Urology department, involved in teaching of fourth and sixth years medical student and Urology residents in King Abdullah University Hospital which is the biggest hospital in the north of Jordan/Irbid, with 600 beds.

Active participant in urology teaching in Jordan as Im a member of the Jordan urology surgeons society.



October 26-28/1999

 Participant in the 2nd Jordanian Urology Congress in Amman / Jordan .

May 3-4/2000

  • Active participant on 1st Arabic Conference of Antimicrobials in Amman/Jordan , representing a seminar on treatment of  Pseudomonas infections affecting Urinary Tract.

July 17-21/2001 

  • I presented a paper in the 4th  Pan Arab Urology Congress in Amman / Jordan  about the CORRECTION OF PENILE CURVATURE WITH PLICATION OF TUNICA ALBUGIENIA USING ABSORBABLE SUTURE MATERIAL

June 26-29/2002

  • Participant in the 1st Arabic conference of Impotence in Amman/Jordan.

November 12-13/2004

  • Oral presentation about Posterior Urethral Valve Ablation in Urology NSW State Annual Meeting in Port Macquire.

December 9-10/2004

  • Participant in Sydney Cochrane Library Collaboration Course.

August 26-29/2004

  • Participant in south Australia Pediatric Urology activity as a workshop in Pediatric Endoscopy and Laparoscopy surgery in Adelaide

February 13-17/2005

  • Poster presentation about assessment of Posterior Urethral Valve Ablation in 2005 Annual Scientific Urology meeting of Urological Society of Australasia.

June 22-July12/2005

  • Visiting doctor to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London/UK, and attending many surgeries and courses with Dr P Duffy, P Kokow, I Mushtaq.

July 4-6/2007

  • Participant in Pediatric Urology Workshop in Egypt, under the collaboration of EUA & PAUSA.

April 17-18/ 2008

  • Participant in the second Medical Jordan Annual Congress in Irbid.

June 12-13/2008

  • Participant in Medtronic Neuromodulation Course in Maastricht/ the Netherlands.

November 13-14/2008

  • Participant and lecturer in Princes Basma Teaching Hospital Day about Intersex Surgery in Jordan.

March 17-21/2009

  • Participant in the 24th Annual European Congress of Urology in Stockholm/Sweden.

 October 1-3/2009

  • Participant in the 23rd of the Syrian Annual Urology Meeting/Latakia/Syria

October 28-31/2009

  • Participant in the 6th International Jordanian Urological Society Meeting/ Amman, Jordan

April 13-15/2010

  • Lecturer in the Syrian Pediatric Urology spring symposium about Hypospadias surgery and laparoscopy in pediatric urology.

 October 29-31/2011

  • Presentation about injection therapy for VUR in children in conjoined pan arab urological association and the 7th International Jordan urology society meeting/Amman, Jordan.

April 17-20/2012

  • Lecturer about hypospadias surgery and VUR treatment in the 2nd International Medical Irbid Union meeting/Irbid, Jordan.

April 24-27/2013

  • Participant in the 24th ESPU meeting in Genoa, Italy.

October 31-November 2/ 2013

  • Lecturer about Endoscopic VUR treatment in thr 8th Jordanian Urological Meeting/ Amman, Jordan.

May 7-10/2014

  • Participant in the 25th ESPU meeting in Insburk, Austria.

March 20-24/2015

  • Participant in the 30th EUA annual meeting in Madrid, Spain.

June 11-12/2015

  • Participant in the 2nd Gothenburg Conference on Veicoureteral reflux, Sweden.

October 14-17/2015

  • Participant in the 26th ESPU meeting conjoined with AUA, AAP, ICS, Prague, Czech Republic.



 1. A method to assess posterior urethral valve ablation.

Bani Hani O, Prelog K, Smith GH.

J Urol. 2006 Jul;176(1):303-5.

2. Transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder: a clinicopathological study.

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3. Clinical comparison of conventional testicular sperm extraction and microdissection techniques for non-obstructive azoospermia.

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4. Urodynamic detrusor overactivity in patients with overactive bladder symptoms.

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Int Neurourol J. 2011 Mar;15(1):48-54




        To improve Pediatric Urology service in my hospital and country.


        To have the chance to learn further advances in Paediatric Urology.




 Smith FRACS (Urology)

Chairman of Department of general Surgery

Chief of Urology Division

Westmead Children Hospital

Locked Bag 4001

Westmead NSW 2145

Sydney. Australia

E-mail: gsmith@urology.com.au

Tel: +61 2 9845 3349

Fax: +61 2 9845 3379


R Millard FRCS, FRACS (Urology)

Associate Professor of Urology

Head of Urology Department

Prince of Wales Hospital

Randwick NSW 2031

Sydney. Australia

E- mail: millardr@sesahs.nsw.gov.au

Tel: +61 2 9650 4974

Fax: +61 2 9650 4912  


I Banihani FRCS (Urology)

Ex- Dean of Faculty of Medicine

CEO of King Abdullah University Hospital

Consultant Urologist in KAUH

Professor, Faculty of Medicine

Jordan University of Science & Technology

P.O.Box: 3030

Irbid (22110) Jordan

E- mail: banihani@just.edu.jo

Tel.: Home+962 2 7260 572

      Mobile: +962 79 5533 066