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Osama Ahmad Yousef Atari

 M.B.B.C.H.in November; 1982 Faculty of Medicine Cairo University, Egypt.



 Tealeaf: +9626 5335263 - 

Mobile: +96279 5618957






Personal information

Name: Osama Ahmad Yousef Atari

Date of Birth: Kuwait

Date of Birth: 5 March 1959

Sex: Male

Marital Status: Married with Four Children

Nationality: Jordanian

Medical School: Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt

Qualification: M.B.B.C.H.in November; 1982 Faculty of Medicine Cairo University, Egypt.

Address: P.O.Box 1271Amman 11953 Amman – Jordan

Tealeaf: +9626 5335263 - Mobile: +96279 5618957

E-mail oatari@yahoo.com - oatari@hotmail.com


1. Mar; 1983- Feb; 1984: Intern at Cairo University Hospital, two months in the following sections:

General Surgery

Gynecology and Obstetrics


Cancer Surgery, Emergency and Orthopedics.

2. April: 1984-july, 1986: Trainee at Al-Adan Hospital Ministry of Public Health, Kuwait as a part of Postgraduate Training Program in the Following section

April 1984- Oct 1984(Medical)

Nov, 1984-April, 1985 (Surgical)

May, 1985-Oct; 1985(Pediatrics)

June; 1986-Jult, 1986(Obstetrics Gynecology)

Nov; 1985-Jun, 1986(Obstetrics Gynecology)

3. July, 1986-Oct, 1988: Resident Internal Medicine Al-Hammadi Hospital, (Riyadh-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

4. Oct, 1988-Aug, 1990: Assistant Register in Medical Department at Kuwait Military Hospital

5. Oct, 1999-Jun, 1991: Assistant Registrar in Medical at Al-Adan Hospital, Ministry of Public Health, Kuwait As a Volunteer during Gulf War.

6. June, 1992-Aug, 1993: Private Clinic in Jordan and General Practitioner

7. Aug, 1993-Aug, 2000: General Practitioner and Emergency Doctor Occupational Health Department in Ras Lanuf oil Company, Libya.

Working in Family Clinic and Job Site Clinic Company as a medical Officer following and manage Causality Cases, also working in Occupational Health and Safety Department for Pre-Employment and Periodic Medical Examination for Employee and Evaluate their fitness for work.

Sep, 2000-Jan, 2002: Head of Emergency Department and Assistant of Medical Director in Istiklal Hospital Amman-Jordan.

May, 2002-Jan, 2003: General Manager Assistant in Istiklal.

Jan.2003-July, 2006: Coordinator of Medical Affairs in (AMC) Arab Medical Center.

Aug, 2001-April, 2002: Clinical Investigator during the Period, with the International Pharmaceutical Research Center.

July, 2006-Till now: Medical Director of Al-STISHARI Hospital Amman –Jordan.

Courses and Training.

  1. Three Weeks training course Diagnostic Abdomen and pelvic Ultrasound at Jordan Hospital from 5August, 1999.

2.Newborn Course 7/1-20/51993 in Islamic Hospital, Amman – Jordan.

Participate in the Following:

  1. National Workshop on Hospital Accreditation 13-14 December 2004, Dead Sea-Jordan, Hospital Accreditation Workshop in 17 May2005
  2. Contraceptive Security Strategy Component Working Session (Reproductive Health Action Plan) (RMAP) 23-25,Jun 2005, Aqaba-Jordan.
  3. Jordan Vision 2020 Workshop with World Bank Group 14 September 2005.
    • الاهليه للتحقيق والاستجواب للغايات القضائية في 30/1/2001 في الجامعة الاردنيه – عمان – الأردن
    • الندوة العربية للتأمين الصحي واقع وطموح في 22/23/ تشرين أول / أكتوبر 2003 , عمان

6. First Jordan Health Care Management Forums on 26-27 September, 2004 Amman - Jordan.


ESC congress 2005, 3-7 September 2005 Stockholm Sweden (EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF CARDIOLOGY).

Third Conference of the Jordan Society of Anesthesia, Intensive Care & Pain Control in 16-18 May 2001, Amman - Jordan.

Third International Jordan Dermatological & Meteorological Conference in 19-21 September 2001.

The Second Pan Arab Conference & 7th Jordanian Internal Medicine Conference in 25-29April, 2004, Amman - Jordan.

The 1st International Jordanian Symposium on psoriasis in 25-26April 2002, Dead Sea - Jordan.

Jordan Medical Association since 1984.

Private Hospital Association Representation of Arab Medical since 2003.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Supervise Medical Services beside Care of Patient Rendered in the floors, CCU. ICU Cath Lab and Emergency Department

2. Participate in the Morning Reports and Coordinate the Residency Program, Orientation, and Training of the Residents.

3. Respond to Medical and Other Emergencies, as Needed, Request for Medical Consultation, Referrals and Complains Regards Reports.

4. Ensure the Accuracy, Completeness and Endorsements of Medical Reports.

5. Preparation of the Resident and Consultants on - call rosters.

6. Coordination Supervise of all Medical Staff Activities.

7. Report any Deficiencies in Professional Support Services Such as Laboratory, Radiology and Pharmacy.

8. Interpret to the medical staff by - laws, rules and regulations and hospital policies.

9. Participate in the quality assurance program of the hospital including regular patient care monitoring procedures, patient care evaluations and other patients and program evaluation components.

10. Serve as principal triage officer in the event of an internal or external disaster .Act in coordination and cooperation with hospital administrator in executing policies adopted by AMC.

11. Coordinate activities of the medical staff with other departments of the hospital.

12. Meet regularly with department heads and quality assurance staff for discussions of clinical issues to ensure prper treatment.

13.Submit to the director general recommendations of the medical staff require administrative actions and / or follow up. When appropriate, make recommendations concerning administrative actions.

14. Supervise the consultants schedule at the OPD and arrange regular evolution/Assessment meeting with the nursing staff.

15. Serve on Medical staff committee, nursing management committee and committees as necessary.

16. Ensure the accuracy and completeness of medical records throughout the medical staff organization.

17. Infections control committee member in hospital since three years.

18. Assist all medical surgical cases from its medical point view and follow their management with specialist attending doctors inside hospital and coordinate their coverage from insurance or other medical providers.

19. Coordinate all Patients coming a broad epically from Palestine National Authority Ministry of Health Gaza &Ram Allah.

20. Supervise the training programmed of intern doctors by coordinate their schedule arrange lectures follow their medical note about patients and evaluate their performance with supervised consultant in all departments.

21. Perform other duties as assigned or required.










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