Dr Nermin S. Metwally

Qualification Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy
Date of birth  8th of may,1982      
Nationality  Egyptian  
Marital status Single  
Phone No.  +2-010-8682-636 

+2- 019-9397-499

Address 55 El Nadi El riady from King Faysal Street , Giza , Egypt .

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  • 1998 1999 Dar El Hanan Language school.
  • 2000-2005 bachelor degree in physiotherapy , Misr University for Science & Technology , 6th of October.
  • 2006 2009 M.Sc in physiotherapy of spinal problems. Cairo university. Egypt .
  • 2007-2009 M.Sc  in nutritional sciences , Belford university ,England.
Post graduate courses
  • Certified in back management & manipulation technique, faculty of physical therapy, Cairo University.
  • Certified in lumbar spine management techniques from the American manual therapy academy (A.M.T.A).
  • Certified in principles of clinical practice acupuncture and Chinese medicine from international culture center.
  • Certified in osteoporosis management from world physical therapy confederation 
  • Certified in clinical reasoning in physical therapy from Sheffield Hallam university , England
  • Certified in myofacial release from continuous education center of the Egyptian physiotherapy syndicate.
  • Certified in acupuncture application for neurological and orthopedic disorders, faculty of physical therapy, Cairo University.
  • Certified in homeopathic herbal remedies therapy from the international cultural center (I.C.C).
  • Certified in clinical practice of radio-diagnosis from the international cultural center (I.C.C).
  • Certified in obesity management, faculty of physical therapy, Cairo University.
  • Certified in medley of spinal techniques by Dr.Christopher Shannon 
  • Certified in aesthetic mesotherapy techniques by international meeting of Egyptian women's dermatologic society (EWDS) with participation of the international society of dermatology(ISD)
  • Certified in Lipolysis mesotherapy techniques by Dr. Jacque Andres David , Saint Paul hospital France
  • Certified as health care teaching and training from network Lipolysis (U.S.A).
  • Certified in clinical management of obesity from the American association of obesity.
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, American board of N.L.P
  • Certified Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, American board of N.L.P
  • Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
  • Member of the international physical therapy association
  • Member of the middle east association of alternative medicine
  • Member of the American manual therapy association
  • Member of network global health, network lypolysis, Bochum, Germany.
  • Head of Egyptian society of holistic medicine



Professional events
  • Attending the annual international physical therapy conference of faculty of physical therapy , Cairo university (2004, 2006, 2007,2008,2009,2010
  • Attending the fifth scientific symposium under the title of "new era in management of knee dysfunction "by the Egyptian physical therapy syndicate
  • Attending the sixth scientific symposium the under the title of physical therapy programs for total hip replacement or knee replacement cases by the Egyptian physical therapy syndicate.
  • Attending the 1st international conference of the Egyptian physical therapy syndicate
  • El kasr El Eini educational hospital 
  • El mataria educational hospital 
  • Naser institute hospital 
  • El helal governorate hospital 
  • El haram governorate hospital
  • Palestine hospital 
  • Om el masryeen governorate hospital 
  • Misr university educational hospital 
  • Dar el shifaa governorate hospital
  • El agoza military center for rehabilitation
  • Three private centers 
Personal Skills
  • Very good communication skills.
  • Ambitious, flexible & hard worker.
  • Effective in team work.
  • Self educated.
  • Capable of working under stress.
Computer Skills
  • Windows: Good Dealing with Computer Applications.
  • Typing      : Good English Typing on the Keyboard.
  • MS Office :( Word, Excel, net).
  • Internet   : Good Command of Using& Surfing the Internet.
Languages skills
  • Arabic: Native language 
  • English: excellent 
  • French: fair 
Other Skills:
  • Playing taekwondo.
  • Reading in all interesting topics related to my field and others.
  • Singing.
  •  Drawing and painting.


Social Activities:
  • Attending the woman's right counsel by the Arab youth development conference (A.Y.D.C)2006 at A.U.C
  • Attending the cultural counsel by the Arab youth development conference (A.Y.D.C) 2007 at A.U.C









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