Dr. Nabeel Al- Nassir

Radiation Oncology Consultant

King Hussein Cancer Center

P.O. Box: 921866

Personal Details:


Date of Birth         : 31.12.1949

Place of Birth       : Jordan

Nationality           : Jordanian

National No.        : 949 1009 156

Martial Status       : Married Two Daughters and one Son

Res. phone           : 00962 6 515 96 40

Mobile No.           :  079 556 91 57

Fax No.                : 00962 6 5651221

E-mail                   : drnabeelalnassir@hotmail.com


Education & Qualifications:


                        M.B., CH.B.

Collage of Medicine

University of Baghdad Iraq            (1977)



                        J.M.C.B of Radiation Oncology

          The Jordan Medical Council

           Amman Jordan                              (1986)


Courses And Conferences


                        Course in English Language

           Colchester English Study Center

          Colchester UK (1981)


                        Course in Medical Oncology in 1980's

Arranged by British Council London (1982)


                        Symposium of Radiation Protection

           Baghdad Iraq (1987)


          Symposium of Radiation Protection

           Paris (1991)


          Conference of Oncology Amman (1992)


          Conference of Oncology in Beirut (1992)


          Conference of Oncology in Cairo (1993)


         Conference of Oncology in Beirut (1994)


         Conference of Oncology Amman (1994)


          ESMO Conference Vienna (1995)


          Conference of ONCOLOGY Casablanka (1996)


          Conference of Oncology Amman (1996)


          ESMO Conference Hamburg (1997)


          Conference of ONCOLOGY Beirut (1998)


          Conference of Oncology Amman (1998)


          Conference of Oncology Amman (2000)


           ASCO Conference Los Angles (1999)


          Conference of Oncology Amman (2000)


          Conference of Oncology Beirut      (2001)


           Conference of Oncology Amman (2002)


          ESTRO Conference Amsterdam    (2004)


          Conference of Oncology Amman (2004)


          Visit to Radiation Oncology Department in American University Of Beirut for a month (2004)


Course of ESTRO in Radiation Oncology Planning

  In Italy (2005)


ASTRO Conference Philadelphia (2006)


Conference of Oncology Amman (2006) and 

I was member of the scientific committee

ASTRO Conference Los Angles (2007)


ASTRO Conference Boston (2008)


    Conference of Oncology Amman (2008) and I was a moderator.


    Conference of Oncology Khortoum (2009) and I was a speaker And a moderator


Conference of Oncology Amman (2010) and 

I was moderator.

.   And others in King Husain Cancer Center




Work Experiences:

11.06.09-Till Now          : Private Clinic


01.09.03 10.6.09         : Consultant of Radiation Oncology in King Hussein    
   Cancer Center / Amman Jordan

                                       (Responsible for Adult Brain Tumors then for Head and Neck and Gastrointestinal tumors then for Breast Cancers)



July 2000-01.09.03                  : Consultant of Clinical Oncology Private Clinic

            Dealing with Chemo and Radiotherapy of Solid Tumors


1993 2000                   : Consultant Clinical Oncology


Radiation Oncology Department / Al- Bashier Hospital Ministry of Health   Amman-Jordan                     

  ( responsible for Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy )  


1984 1993                   : Specialist Clinical Oncology

                                        Radiation Oncology Department

                                        Al- Bashier Hospital

                                        Ministry of Health



1981 1983                  : Registrar of Clinical Oncology

                                     Radiation Oncology Department

                                     The Middlesex Hospital

                                      London UK

1979 - 1981                  : Registrar of internal medicine

                                        Internal Medicine Department

                                         Al- Bashier Hospital

                                         Ministry of Health



1978 - 1979                      : Internship

                                         Al- Bashier Hospital

                                         Ministry of Health




Professional Activities:

*     Member of Jordan medical Association


*     Member of the Jordan Oncology Society

*     Member of ESTRO         

*     Member of ASTRO

*     Member of The Highest Medical Commission of Ministry of Health                  (1993 1999)


*     Member of Radiation Oncology Commission Jordan Medical Council         (1997 till 2010)

*      Member of The Apeal Medical Commission of Social Security Corporation                (Feb. 2002 till 2009)


Field of Interest:


*     Breast Radiation Oncology

*     Gastric Intestinal Radiation Oncology

*     Head and Neck radiation Oncology

*      Brain Tumors Radiation Oncology

















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