Dr. Mustafa Ihsan AL-Hanbali 

Master degree in Psychiatry and Neurology

Nationality: Jordanian

Date of birth: 5th.January 1948

Place of birth: Nablus Palestine


e-mail: samah87@hotmail.com

Mobile: 00962+79 6722001 






Saudi Arabia Jeddah,

Jeddah psychiatrist Hospital

P.O. Box 1276 , Jeddah 21431

Saudi Arabia



-                     I have M.B, A bachelor of Medicine from Al-Azhar University Cairo in 1971.

-                     Master degree in Psychiatry and Neurology from Ain Shams University Cairo in 1981. 




                     I worked as a House Officer at Al-Azhar University Cairo in 1972.

                     I worked a resident Doctor at Sabah Hospital in Kuwait from 1973-1975. (please find attached herewith the certificate experience)

                     I worked a resident Doctor in Kuwait Psychiatric Hospital from 1976-1978.

                     Post graduate study for preparing the Master in Psychiatry & Neurology at Ain Shams University Cairo from 1978-1981.

                     I have got the Master Degree in 1981.

                     I worked as Registrar Doctor in Kuwait Psychiatric Hospital from 1982-1990.

                     I worked in my own clinic in Amman Jordan as a specialist in Psychiatry and (E.E.G) from 1991 - till the middle of August 2002.  


My Current work 

              Im working as a Specialist in Psychiatry in Jeddah Psychiatry Hospital from 9/6/1423 (2002) utill now  



q                      Jordanian Psychiatry Association.

q                      International Psycho-Geriatric Association (IPA).
















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