Name                             : Muneer Ali Abu-AlSamen.

Date of birth        : 15/3/1958 .

Place of birth       : Ruseifa - Jordan

Nationality          : Jordanian

Marital status      : Married

Mobile                  : 079/6224844.

E-mail                  :

Address                : Amman- Ruseifa - Jordan


 Member of 


Basic Qualifications:

1-    12 years Standard Scientific Stream 1977 Jordan .

2-    English Course (3 Months) Regional Institute of English.

3-    Premedical test ( one year) Aligarh Muslim University India .

4-    M.B.B.S Indira Ghandi Medical College 1988 India .

5-    Post Graduate studies Diploma in Marine Medical Science McFarlane New Zealand .

6-    Courses in Ultrasound as follows:

a: Islamic Hospital “General U/S” 2000 ,20 credit hours.

b: Gynecology  U/S Al-Amal Hospital 1993 , 30 credit Hours.

c: Facoda Company (U/S) 30 credit Hours.

7. Diploma (Residency) Cardiovascular and thoracic Surgery 1990 IGM Hospital India .

8. Diploma CME   “ Internal Medicine “ Boston 1995 USA .

9.Intensive Courses in

a)    Emergency

     b)G.P Examination  

c) Contraceptive Advance technology

d)Time Management.

e)Human Behavior .


Mass Media Qualifications:


1-      Medical mass media consultant of Al Naeem establishment 90-2005

2-      Chief  editor of Al Samaa Medical magazine of Jordan Medical associate for more than 10years and till now.

3-      Chief in editor of G.P. Magazine JMA – Jordan for >3 years .

4-      Editor in Medical abstract for 2 years .

5-      Translator “ English – Arabic” in medical abstracts .

6-      Editor in Medical Bridge Bulletin.

 7-      Lecturer in Many topics

a)      Nocturnal Enuresis Yarmouk University .

b)      Hypertension Novartis company.

c)      Piles and treatment by sclerotherapy.

d)     Urine culture

e)      Low back pain-management

f)       Erectile dysfunction

g)      Pain a different look

h)      O.T.C. medications

i)        Antibiotics and flouroquinolone ( in Jordan and Egypt )

j)        Osteoarthritis ( Jordan & Yemen hospitals)

k)      Omega 3

l)        Trainer in Pharmalines in Dermatology especially sunscreens, peeling, dermatology in G.P. practice.

m)    Papers (a) second G.P. conference “Omega 3”

                  (b) Alexandria – Hypertension prevalence in Jordan

                  (c) Acne management


Main Speaker in:

1)      Contraceptive an Islamic view.

2)      Environment & health

3)      Role of G.P. in primary care practice.

4)      Role of G.P. in Diabetes management.

5)      S.T.D’s in Jordan .

6)      Quran and science overview of the miraculous verses.

7)      Andropose

8)      Fasting; Religion & Science

9)      Sex: Religion & Science


Moderator in symposia:

a)      Sterility along with Dr. Ahmad Abdulwahid.

b)      osteoporosis, Andropose along with Dr. Lyan Otti

c)        youth and sex along with Dr. Moh’d Ali Albar (Suadi)

d)       Cosmetics along with Dr. Medhat Abdul Malik


Articles in Newspapers



Smoking & Fasting

Roles of fasting in Islam

Fulguration $ Islam


Alcohol  & Alcoholics


Scientific Achievements


1) Discovery & Excision of the only   cyst from triceps.

2) Paper published in Iraqi Surgical Conference 32

3) Role of medical representative in CME

4) Study on acne with cooperation with Dr. Medhat Abdel-Malek “ Dermatologist”



Medical Courses Attended 



a)      Pre marriage consulting

Islamic Hospital

8/3/1999 21/4/1999

b)      Ist G.P. conference

18 – 20 September 1996

c)      Intensive course in psychiatry

Medical council Jordan

d)     Conference in Echo cardiography  

Royal Medical Service

26 – 28 1997

e)      Scientific day director  - Amman


f)       Course in ophthalmology 

4 – 10 July 1998

g)      Pediatric day


h)      Special Surgery Course

2/4/1996 11/11/1996

i)       Head of Scientific Committee

 Second G.P. conference




Conference I Covered By Reports 



1)      First  G.P  Conference

2)      Jordan American Conference .

3)      Iraqi  2nd G.P conference.

4)       Behecet disease conference

5)      conference of Medical  branches (Medical Association)

6)      U.S.P Pediatric Conference” Doctors graduated from American“

7)      Royal Medical conference

8)      Echocardiography conference.


Posts I am occupying

a)      chief in editor main Organization Medical Association Jordan.

b)       chief in editor magazine of G.P

c)      President of Medical Association Head of Ruseifa Branch

d)     Scientific Committee G.P. Association Medical Association.

e)      President of G.P Society Jordan .

f)       Head of Research & Development Department Pharmalines – Jordan.

g)      Trainer & Lecturer – pharmalines International.











Clinic Tel: 0096253740699

Mobile : 00962796224844













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