Name:  Mohammad Nemer  Odeh MD.

Birth of date: February -3-1952

Address: Bethlehem Palestine                       

Occupation: obstetrician gynecologist

Tel:  02 2767596

Mobile :0599795275




Certificates and awards

-          Completed medical studies at the medical academy in Warsaw Poland in 1979.

-          Medical diploma from the University of Warsaw Poland in 1979.

-          After  graduation I  accomplished my internship  at Makased  Islamic hospital in Jerusalem in September 1980

-          Started to work at the obstetrician Gyn department of the Red Crescent   hospital in Jerusalem from September 1982 up to September 1984.

-          From December 1984 up to December 1985 I studied  at the institute of obstetrician gynecologist  diseases at the medical academy in Poznan 600 beds hospital

-          In December 1985 I  passed the practical and theoretical examinations and obtained degree specialization in   obstetrician and gynecologist  

-          After that I worked in many hospitals at obstetrician and gynecologist departments under the supervision of professors from the medical academy of Poznan Lublin and Warsaw .

-          I worked with DR habit a famous surgeon gynecologist and …..

-          We made the whole range of obstetric and gynecological including arokological operation s …uro –gynecological for stress incontinence operations.

-          We performed that time exentration for oncologic advanced cases.

-          Board in obstetrics   and gynecologist   I got in December 1987.

-          Course  in endocrinology  after  the board  at the medical  academy in Warsaw in 198

-          Course in haperscopy also done at medical academy in Warsaw in 1988.

-          Course in cytology also done in the Lublin medical academy.

-          After returning  back home  to Palestine I worked  as specialist in gynecologist  department  of alia governmental  hospital – Hebron ,covering area of 500,000 inhabitants from  1988 till the mid of 1993

-          Alia  governmental  hospital , I performed  wide range  of obstetrical and  gynecological  operation including laparoscopy

-          Since 1994 I m working in my private clinic, operating in private hospital in Hebron .  

-          A study  about  prenatal  and infant mortality rate 2002-2004














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