Name: Dr. “Mohammad Sameh” Abdurrahman Mohammad Nour

Qualification: doctor of medicine

Country of degree: Soviet Union

University: Rostov On Don Medical Institute

Year of graduation: 1981

Studying period: 7 years


o        Clinic : 06-4784511

o        Mobile : 079-5578225


 Electronic mail (E-mail):



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Languages: Arabic, Russian, English (speaking, reading, writing)

Training: the hospitals of " Rostov " city- 1year


1.    Sessions in physical therapy, The Soviet Union.

2.    A session in Acupuncture , Indonesia .

3.    Sessions in Dermatological disorders and Cosmetology.

4.    Sessions in Gynecology.

5.    Sessions in family planning.

6.    A session in Ultrasound.

7.    A session in treating Diabetes and Hypertension, under supervision of George Washington University .

8.    Sessions in Psychological health.

9.    A session in emergency cases.

  …and many other sessions.


Launch of practice: private clinic in Quismeh, 1983












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