Mohammad Bushnaq, MD
Curriculum Vitae





Date of Birth: July 7th, 1969 

Country of Citizenship: Jordan      

Country of Residency: Jordan       



Office Address:                     palliative care and pain clinic

                                                Al-Madinah street- Al-Andalus build- floor 1



Office phone: +9626 5679099           

Office Fax:     +9626 5679099  

Mobile            +962 796924688

E mail

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Home Address:                      Al- Nueimah Street – Tila’a Al- Ali

                                                Amman- Jordan

                                                Postal code Postal Code   Amman 11941






Degrees, Diplomas

1988-1994                               MD, Istanbul University Turkey



Jordan                                     Medical Doctor


Specialty Training

2000-2004                               Internal medicine- Islamic hospital- Jordan



2005- 2007                              International fellowship in Palliative Care –  Institute of Palliative Medicine - San Diego Hospice and Palliative Care




September 2010- until now                 :  Private palliative care and pain clinic-Jordan

September 2004- September 2010      : Hospice and Palliative Care Consultant, King     Hussein Cancer Center, Amman- Jordan



Research and Publication


§  Jordan Palliative Care Initiative: A WHO Demonstration Project 2007. Stjernsward J, Ferris FD, Khleif SN, Jamous W, Treish IM, Milhem M, Bushnaq M, Alkhateeb A, Al Shtiat MN, Wheeler MS, Alwan A.. J Pain Symptom Manage. 2007 May; 33(5):628-633. PMID: 17482059

§  Palliative care in Jordan, culturally sensitive experience; J Palliative Med. 2008 Dec;11(10):1292-3

§  The Feasibility of using Intravenous Fentanyl as Sublingual Drops in the Treatment of Incidental Pain in Patients with Cancer.  J palliative medicine. Volume 12, Number 6, 2009

§  Author of a book “key points in internal medicine, 700 questions in internal medicine” (2007). Published by 'Express', and targeted for residents of internal medicine in the Middle East as a quick referral in preparing for oral exams. Several hundred copies sold.

§  Author of a book in internal medicine “key pointes in internal medicine, selection from the MKSAP”.

§  Pain guidelines; Pain guidelines book in Arabic.

§  6 steps in dealing with diseases and crisis; In Arabic.



Invited presentations

  • Palliative care in Jordan- implementing palliative care program in   developing country San Diego Hospice and Palliative Care-California – USA    Jan. 2004
  • Invited to present a poster at the European Conference on Palliative Care, 20-21 October 2005, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro for the KHCC success story on building a palliative care program in a third world country.

                              Palliative care in KHCC, success story, focusing on challenges faced

                              The team and how they manage to do it.

                                       “The best way to predict the future is to create it”

  • Palliative care principles and practice, world day of Palliative Care, Meridian Hotel- Jordan Oct. 2005.
  • Specialization in palliative care, MECC (Middle East Cancer Consortium) workshop for palliative care-Cyprus, Nov. 2005.
  • Spiritual Care in Palliative Medicine, Islamic Hospital, Jordan, March 2007.
  • Pain Management, Islamic Hospital, Jordan, September 2007.
  • Pain management, Jordan Oncology Society, September 2007
  • Three days workshop in palliative care, NCI Cairo- Egypt, April 08
  • Three days workshop in palliative care, KHCC,-Jordan, October 09
  • Three days workshop in palliative care, KHCC,-Jordan, October 09
  • The evolution of Palliative Care, Al-Mansourah university, Egypt, Nov.09
  • Three days Palliative Care workshop, WHO-EMRO, Meridian Hotel, Jordan Feb.10
  • Breaking bad news, Hashimate University, Jordan, march 10
  • “Palliative Care in Jordan-a WHO demonstration project”- Breast Health Global Initiative- June, 11th, 2010-Chicago.
  • Facilitator and lecturer at WHO palliative care regional workshop- Cairo- Egypt- 17-20th October 2010.
  • Spiritual assessment and approach- Jordan medical society, 27 Oct. 2010.
  • Chairman of pain international conference, Amman 1-3 November 2010.
  • Principle of pain management, lecture presented to more than 30 hospital, society and colleges in Jordan from 1st of Jan. to 31st of March 2011.
  • Director and speaker for  3 days palliative care workshop; an initiative from Jordan Palliative Care Society in collaboration with WHO-Jordan to train health care workers as a nucleus team in 8 public hospital.




While was working at KHCC, was active member of the following committees:

  • Pain service committee- KHCC  ( King Hussein Cancer Center)
  • Internal medicine quality assurance committee- KHCC
  • Wellness committee, chairman- KHCC
  • Ethic committee- KHCC
  • Social committee- KHCC
  • Recognition committee- KHCC


Medical/Scientific Organizations–Memberships

  • Jordan Society of palliative care and pain management, chairman
  • WHO temporary advisor for palliative care
  • National Palliative Care Committee, Jordan
  • American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Care- USA
  • Hospice information- UK
  • International Association of Palliative Care
  • International Association for the study of pain
  • Has been chosen a representative from Arab world among 22 candidates from the globe for “palliative care leadership program” that was funded by open society institute and lead by international palliative care leaders. The program extends for 2 years, and aims to help the potential leaders of palliative care in developing counties gaining the leadership skills to lead efforts directed to implement palliative care in their countries.




















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