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Mohammad Faheem Suliaman Al- Habashneh

Consultant Psychiatrist



الدكتور محمد الحباشنة 

استشاري الطب النفسي والادمان رئيس جمعية اطباء الامراض النفسبة الاردنية

عمان الاردن /مجمع الشميساني الطبي/مقابل مستشفى الشميساني /عمارة رقم 17/الطابق الارضي



Professional Qualifications:

  • Jordan Medical Association: Permanent Registration No. 11449

  • Jordanian Medical Council - Jordanian Board in Psychiatry 2000

  • Jordanian Board: Part 1 / Psychiatry, 1998

  • Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid - Jordan MB BS 1994

Professional Experience:

April 2002 – Present

Dr. Mohamad Habashneh’s Clinic of Psychiatry (as a consultant psychiatrist)

Shmesani Medical Center

Amman, Jordan


February 2004 – February 2005

Jordan River Foundation / Dar Al Aman (House of Safety – residential treatment center for abused children) Amman – Jordan

Psychiatric Consultant

§ Team leader for the psychological treatment department. Responsible for supervision and evaluation of psychologists, capacity building of team, diagnosis and assessment of both children residing in the center and main caregivers with psychiatric illnesses, training in drafting short and long term treatment plans (individual and family) as well as follow up on treatment plans after children are discharged, supervision of adequate implementation of all treatment plans by all key staff involved in caring for the children.


March 2000 – April 2002

Al Rashid Hospital of Psychiatry and addiction. Amman, Jordan

Medical Director

The duties and responsibilities during this job in Al Rashid Training Hospital of Psychiatry (which is recognized as a training center for both the Jordanian and Arab Boards of Psychiatry. included the following:

§ Comprehensive follow up and supervision of patients, doctors, nursing care, evaluation of adequate implementation of services, training and capacity building of chief and junior residents.

§ History intake, clinical evaluation and diagnosis of the patients in the hospital and the clinics affiliated to it.

§ Medical treatment and follow - up of different psychiatric illnesses (including personality disorders and addiction) for different age groups.

§ Individual psychotherapeutic treatments, the most common modalities applied were cognitive, behavioral, brief psychoanalysis and eclectic treatment.

§ Group therapy for addicts and selected neurotic patients.

§ Family and marital counseling (individual and conjoint).


January 1999 – Present

Modern School for Children & Adolescents with Special Needs

Amman, Jordan

Psychiatric Supervisor

§ Treatment plans that included medical remedies and behavioral modification techniques for behaviorally disturbed children, autistic children as well as children with learning challenges.

§ Application of different psychometry instruments (personality, intelligence, symptoms checklist and other diagnostic tools).

§ Working with staff and families caring for the children, follow up of adequate implementation of treatment plans.


Teaching Experience:

3 / 2000 – 4/2003 Al Rashid Hospital of Psychiatry. Amman, Jordan

Supervisor of psychiatric training and teaching program of psychiatric residents

1/2012 – 6/2012 Al Ahlyia University. Amman, Jordan

Part time lecturer for master degree of clinical psychology.


Training Experience:

2/1998 – 2/1999 Al Rashid Hospital of Psychiatry. Amman, Jordan

Senior Psychiatric Resident


2/1996 – 2/1998 Al Rashid Hospital of Psychiatry. Amman, Jordan

Junior Psychiatric Resident


9/1995 – 1/1996 Ibn Al Haytham Hospital. Amman, Jordan

Junior Resident


9/1994 – 9/1995 Al Basher Hospital / Ministry of Health. Amman, Jordan

Internship (House Officer)   


Publications, Audits & Writing:

· One of editors of The Arab Journal of Psychiatry

· Weekly column in the human rights newspaper (Al Horieh)

· Monthly column in "Ante" Magazine.

· Weekly column in university Gate newspaper.

· Regular writing to Jordanian newspapers (Alrae, Jordan Times, Star) in behavioral and psychiatric issues

· Published many psychiatric papers in acknowledged medical journals

· Published two psychiatric book in Arabic (Depression, Anxiety) in collaboration of other colleagues.

· Two more books in press.

· First winner of clinical dilemma award, 2009 in the international Astra Zeneca conference, Barcelona.



- Introduction of many training programs in Jordan and other Arab countries on cognitive – behavioural therapy and body language, childhood and adolescence psychiatric problems as well as other psychiatric issues.

- Preparation and introduction of a social psychiatric program in Jordan T.V (Thawaher) as a talk show program (26 episodes).

- Preparation and participation in specialized psycho development program (How to nurture our children) in IQRA T.V Station (13 episodes).

- Regular lecturing and raising awareness to the public (psychiatric public education), and other frequent media appearances covered applied psychiatric issues.

- Participation in events at the National Council for Family Affairs

- Participation in many local and international psychiatric conferences.

- Participation in the advanced course in child and adolescent psychiatry and trauma psychology sponsored by University of Missouri International center for Psychological Trauma .

- Certified training on CIDI application on IDRACC-Beirut.

- Regular lecturing at family protection department (Jordanian security).

- Preparation and introduction of weekly psychosocial program in Jordan T.V (Bayte) for three years.

- Preparation and introduction of political show in Roya TV for around six months.

- Regular weekly column in Al-Arab Alyoom news paper for around a year.



- Jordanian Medical Association.

- Jordanian Psychiatric Association.

- Member of Higher National Committee for Combating Drugs in Jordan.

- Member of higher national committee for assisting victims of disasters in Jordan.

- Board member of the higher national Humanitarian assistant committee in Jordan.

- Board member of higher national committee of women affairs.

- Board member of higher national committee of childhood in Jordan.

- Board member of Adaleh center for human rights studies.

- Board member of legal and criminal studies.

- Board member of the higher national institute of family affairs.

- Board member of Jordanian society of protection of victims of family abuse.

Languages: Fluent in Arabic and English

















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