Mohammad Akram N. Awwad , MD.

Degree of High Specialization in Orthopedic surgery

Fellowship in Lower Limb Reconstruction and Oncology. UBC.
Vancouver, Canada

Fellowship in Orthopedic trauma, in University of Alberta ,
Edmonton, Canada


Clinic 60 Ibn Khaldoun street, Al Zanbaqa building,1st floor
Tel: +962 6 4626431  
Fax: 962 6 4621751          -   962 2 7071787
  P.O. box 4314 Irbid's Central Post Office Irbid 21110, JORDAN
Mobile 962 79 7047040      
Place and Date of birth  Jordan, Nov 17th, 1969
Languages Arabic and English (Fluent written and spoken)
CURRENT POSITION Private " Orthopedics" clinic in Amman, Jordan , since February 2011


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محمد أكرم عوّاد

استشاري جراحة العظام و المفاصل

استشاري جراحة زراعة المفاصل الصناعية للورك والركبة

والمفاصل الصناعية لسرطان وأورام العظام

استشاري جراحة الكسور المعقّدة ككسور الحوض

استشاري جراحة أمراض وتشوهات القدم والكاحل


الزمالة الكندية في زراعة المفاصل الصناعية وسرطان العظام (فانكوفر - كندا).


الزمالة الكندية في جراحة القدم والكاحل (فانكوفر - كندا).


الزمالة الكندية في جراحة الكسور المعقدة (ادمنتون - كندا).


البورد الأردني في جراحة العظام والمفاصل - المجلس الطبي الأردني - عمّان.


الإختصاص العالي في جراحة العظام - جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا - اربد.


أستاذ مساعد في شعبة العظام - جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا ومستشفى الملك المؤسس عبدالله الجامعي سابقاً.


رئيس قسم العظام في مستشفى د. سليمان الحبيب في القصيم - السعودية سابقاً.


  General Secondary Education Certificate, ranking the first in my district, the 63rd out of 10,000 students in Kuwait
  Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Surgery , Jordan University of
Science and Technology. JUST (Language of study is English)
  • ECFMG certificate
  • USMLE step 2 : passed in March ,1995 (score 80) first attempt
    USMLE step 1 : passed in October 1997 (score 75)first attempt
    TOEFL exam : passed three times (scores 563, 570, Elect. = 197)
  Degree of High Specialization in Orthopedic surgery, Jordan
Univ. of Science and Technology, JUST. (An academic degree, Language of Study is English)
  Jordanian board exam. In Orthopedic surgery, Jordan Medical
Council, Amman, Jordan ( two parts; 1st Part: Basic Ortho and General Surgery in 3/1998. 2nd part: Orthopedic Surgery Board exam)
  Fellowship in Lower Limb Reconstruction and Oncology. UBC.
Vancouver, Canada
  Fellowship in Orthopedic trauma, in University of Alberta ,
Edmonton, Canada


Jan 2009-Jan 2011)
  Head of Orthopedic Department , orthopedic consultant in Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib hospital in Al-Qassim - Saudi Arabia
(Sept 2006-Jan 2009)
  1. Assistant Professor , Faculty of Medicine , Orthopedic Surgery section, Special Surgery Department , Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Irbid, Jordan
  2. Orthopedic Surgery Consultant , King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH) . Irbid, Jordan.
  3. Emergency consultant in Ortho. trauma , King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH). ( Since November 2006 till Nov.2008)
(October 2008-November 2008)
  AO trauma fellowship 6 weeks in Geneva university Hospital under care of Prof. Hoffmeyer , Switzerland
(Sept 2005-Aug 2006)
  Fellowship in Orthopedic trauma, in University of Alberta , Edmonton, Canada
( July 2003- Jun2005 ) 
  Fellowship in Lower Limb Reconstruction and oncology in UBC, Vancouver , Canada. Including :
- 6 months in foot and ankle surgery with Dr Younger, Alaister.
- 6 months in primary hip and knee arthroplasty with Dr. Pate,G
- 12 months in primary and Revision hip and knee arthroplasty with Dr. Dunacan, Dr. Masri, Dr. Greidanus and Dr. Garbuz.
  Assistant with Dr. Abu Khalaf, W. in Amman , Jordan.
Lecturer in anatomy , Philadelphia University, Amman, Jordan
(Jan 1997- June 2002) 
  Academic Residency program in Orthopedics. JUST
Chief Resident in the last three years.
( July 1996- Dec 1996)
  six month rotation in the Health Centre of JUST university working as a first on call doctor for emergency and covering GP out patient clinic. (a prerequisite for the residency program in JUST).
(July 1995- June 1996)
  PGY1 Residency program in General Surgery Dept. of Jordan University Hospital, Amman- Jordan.
(July 1994- June 1995)
  Multidisciplinary internship at Princess Basma Teaching hospital, Irbid , Jordan.
LICENSES &  Memberships


  • Unrestricted license to practice medicine in Jordan
  • Unrestricted license to practice Orthopedic surgery in Jordan.
  • Unrestricted license as an orthopedic consultant in Saudi Arabia , granted by Saudi Commission of Health Specialties.
  • Educational temporary license to work in Vancouver, BC given By College of Physicians and Surgeons in British Columbia.
  • ATLS certified ( Advanced Trauma Life Suppport) Arizona, USA
  • Member in the Jordan Medical Association
  • Member in the Jordan Society of Orthopedic Surgeons
  • International member in the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
  • International member in the American Orthopedic Foot and ankle Society
  • Member of AO Alumni- Jordan Chapter
  • My Graduation research : Treatment of Femoral Shaft Fractures in Children by Immediate Hip Spica in North of Jordan.


  • Dr. Mosmar, M. FRCS ortho., Dr. Darwish, F. FRCS Ortho., Dr. Awwad, M. M.B., Ch.B, Samarah ,M. M.B., Ch.B
  • Periacetabular Osteotomy And Total Hip Arthroplasty in Patients Older Than 40 years. PUBLISHED in Journal of Arthroplasty. 2008Oct;23(7):960-3
    Garbuz,D. , Awwad, M, Dunacan,C


  • Risk Factors for failure of Tran metatarsal Amputation in diabetic patients, A Cohort . PUBLISHED in Foot and Ankle Intl. 2009 Dec : 30(12):1177-82
    Dr. Alastair S.E. Younger M.B., Ch.B., M.Sc. Dr. Mohammad Awwad M.B., Ch.B. , Dr. Gwyneth DeVries M.Sc., M.D.


  • Kinematic Comparison of lateral Ankle ligament reconstructive techniques - Chad Larson, Alastair S Younger, Mohammad A Awwad, Tom Oxland, Gwenyth Devries, JP Veri, Simon G Sjovold - Outcomes of Hip Hemiarthroplasty
    Awwad, M , Goplen G, Baupre L
  • 1997-2003 Annual Scientific days of Faculty of Medicine, JUST, Irbid, Jordan
  • Oct. 1998 Pan Arab Orthopedic Conference, Amman, Jordan.
  • Monthly held Journal Clubs moderated by Jordan Society of Orthopedic Surgeons (actively involved)
  • UBC, Dept. of Orthopedics research days , years 2003 and 2004 Presented a paper in each of them.
  • American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, Chicago, USA
    March 2006
  • AO course - Basic , Marco Island- Florida USA, June 2006
  • AO course , Advances, Sun Valley , Idaho , USA. March 2007
  • Pan Arab Orthopedic Surgeons conference Amman, Jordan , Sept 2007 presented two papers
  • AO course- Basic , Amman , Jordan ..Feb 2008, table instructor.
  • Many EFFORT sessions about knee and hip arthroplasty in Vienna, Ankara , Budapest and Madrid.
  • American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, an Diego2007, New Orleans, March 2010& San Diego Feb.2011
  • All CME activities in Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib hospital , Qassim , KSA.
  • Primary and revision Total knee replacement , and Primary and revision Total hip replacement, and Total ankle replacement.
  • All cases of trauma esp. complex ones like : fracture pelvis and acetabulum, severe intrarticular fractures of tibial plateau and pilon, IM nailing of long bones, External fixation and many others.
  • Tumor prosthesis and orthopedic oncology surgeries. I was the first one to do them in Irbid, King Abdullah University hospital.
  • Foot and ankle surgeries , adult and pediatrics.
  • Pediatric orthopedic cases esp. DDH and TEV.
  • Knee Arthroscopies , diagnostic and therapeutic including ACL reconstruction.
  • Upper limb surgeries .
  • Tendon transfer in upper and lower limbs.
  • Sports esp. running and soccer, learnt hiking in Vancouver beautiful mountains.
  • Computer applications and internet exploration
  • Music, Music, Music, reading and writing
  • Volunteering in many social events.













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