Nationality: Jordanian.

Date of birth: 28-11-1972.

Place of birth: Amman .

Gender: Male.

Martial status: Married with three boys.

Residential address: North HASHIMI-Amman-Jordan.

Tel:  00962795851316.

E-mail: mikdam00@yahoo.co.uk


 Member of 



Education history:

1-7-1990, passed the general secondary education exam with a grade (A) from         UM-ALQURA school, K.S.A.


22-10-1996 passed M.B.B.S degree from Karachi University with a grade (good) Karachi , Pakistan .


5-4-1999 passed the state internship exam, held in Jordan medical council, after training in Jordan university hospital for a year.


1-7-1999 spent a year in a surgical unit, in Jordan university hospital.


1-7-2000 spent a year in a surgical unit, in Jordan University of science & technology, BASMAH hospital, IRBID, as apart of the education program of Jordan medical council for orthopedics.


27-9-2001 Join the ministry of health for the rest of the residency program till now.


5-8-2006 passed the state exam of orthopedics held in the Jordan medical council. (Jordanian board in orthopedics).


                        Employment history:


1. Specialist in orthopedics in ministry of health, Amman, Jordan (2006).


2. Orthopedics residency program director in karak hospital (2007).


3. Clinical instructor in muítah university for the year 2008-2009;                               for fifth year medical students.


Clinical experience:


1. TRAUMA: good experience in dealing with all types of fractures, dislocations, soft tissue injuries, using open and close reduction technique, using the interlocking nails system for different types of fractures.


2. SPORT MEDICINE: good experience in diagnosing and treating athletes in the field and hospital.


3. PEDIATRCS: good experience in D.D.H, open and close reduction techniques, osteotomies, and D.V.O., in club feet correction , and some other congenital anomalies, a lot of  surgeries has been conducted successfully in D.D.H and club feet.


4. ARTHROPLASTY:  total and partial replacement.


5. ARTHROSCOPY:  experience in diagnostic knee arthroscopy only.


6. INFECTIONS & TUMORS: good experience in diagnosis and treatment.


7. SPINE: only conservative treatment.



Conferences and educational courses:


1. AO symposium held in Amman on 30th august 2006.


2. The third joint orthopedic conference held in Amman-Jordan 16-18 Nov.2005.


3. The ninth pan Arab orthopedics association & the third pan Arab spine society held in Amman-Jordan 15-18 Oct.2003.


4. The first teaching day conference of ministry of health held in AL-TOTANJI hospital in sahib-Jordan 20th Mar 2003.


5. The second teaching day conference of ministry of health held in AL-BASHEER hospital on 1st May 2004.


6. The third teaching day conference of ministry of health held in Al-BASHEER hospital on 7th May 2005.


7. Review of orthopedic trauma of the lower limb and spine held in the University of Jordan on 24th June 2006.


8. The sixth conference of JOA & 12th pan Arab orthopedic congress held in Amman   31st Oct Ė 3rd Nov 2007.












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