DR. Mhanna Ali Abdel Fattah Khattab

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Amman –Jordan


Consultant Obstetrics of Gynecology in Ministry of Health of Jordan .

-Al Totangy teaching Hospital-


 Member of 



Personal Information :

Nationality     : Jordanian

Date birth     : July 25-07-1960

Place of Birth  : Bet Sira

Marital status : Married


Education :

1987: Bachelor degree of general medicine grade: Excellent from Crimea Medical Institute.

1990 : Postgraduate clinical training program obstetrics and gynecology from : order Lenin institute for advanced Medical studies.

1993 : Ph.D in Medicine obstetric and gynecology from : Russian scientific Centre of Primatologist obstetrics and gynecology grade: Excellent.

Professional Experience :

  1. Write and publish the medical book "Abortion and its medical complications".
  2. Complete three international intensive courses on operational endoscopy genecology.
  3. Attended the international symposium on "Recent advances in prenatal medicine". Held in Amman –Jordan 2000.
  4. Attend a course on basic ultrasound imaging in obstetric and gynecology in 1996.
  5. Participated in the operative laparoscopy workshop in 1998.
  6. Attended in the Jordanian international congress of obstetrics of gynecology in Sept.2000.
  7. Attended the course appropriate clinical use of blood and blood products in 2004.
  8. Attended the 4th obstetrics and gynecology congress Amman – 1980.
  9. Attended the workshop on advanced ultrasound technology in obstetrics and gynecology Amman Jordan 1998.
  10. Attended the second Italian-Arab conference of obstetrics and gynecology Amman Jordan 1996.
  11. Complete training program in problem soloing for better Hospital in Oct.1999.
  12. Successfully completed the training course in family planning counseling July 8/Oct/2002.
  13. Complete training on breastfeeding management of lactation amenorrhea method during 15-19/Dec/2002.
  14. Complete the individual training course in Gynecology obstetrics (family planning) – Japan International Cooperation Agency – 1998.

Work Experience :

Doctor Obstetrics of Gynecology in Ministry of Health of Jordan .

1.      1994           : AL-Basheer teaching hospital

2.      1995-1999  :  Chairman department (Obs-Gyn) in Ghor el Safi Hospital.

3.      1999-2005  : Totangy teaching hospital.


  • Arabic : Mother tongue.

  • Russian : Excellent in speaking, Reading and writing.

  • English : Good « Writing, reading and speaking ».



1.      Significance of laparoscopy in diagnostics of pyo-ceptic diseases in midwifery (works of the Crimean Medical Institute, V.121 "peritonitis"1989.)

2.      Modification of method of ovary modulation in cases of sclerocystic syndrome ("akusherstov i gynekologia",no 1991)

3.      Barren marriage – diagnostics, treatment (methodical recommendation 1980).

4.      Pathogenesis, diagnostics, treatment of sclerocystic ovaries (methodical recommendation).

5.      Laparoscopic removal of endometriosis cysts (world congress of  gynecologic endoscopy , Las Vegas , USA ,1991).

6.      Operative laparoscopy (Anthology, sexology, reproductuetion).

7.      Research on "Sequential Letrazole or clomiphene.

8.      Research on "Bi Lynch uterine compression suture.

9.      Research on "The role on the daily dressing in preventiving

10.  Research on "Misoprostol as softening and dilating Agent"

11.  Research on "Introduction of Labor using PGE2  3mg".

12.  Research on "Adhesions : Pelvi-Abdominal".

13.  Research on "The Juries Prudential and Medical Traces of Breastfeeding".














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