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Dr.Melhem Chamas

Sports Medicine

Lebanon Clinic



Profile ________________________________________________________________________

Owner of phyt  polyclinic, leader instructor at the little gym Lebanon, Two years experience in my own private clinic treating all injuries and pathologie. Five years experience as a physiotherapist and fitness trainer with soccer football, physical education, personal training, trauma and rheumatology and neurology re-education experience with more than fifteen establishments all over Lebanon. A successful track record for coaching both young students and adults, managing athletic programs, recruiting, and developing talent at the university, junior varsity, and varsity levels, developing a client base and providing expert training sessions. Actively involved in faculty and athletic committees at the Lebanese University and now at the newly-founded Fitness Zone Club.

Flexible and versatile – able to maintain a sense of humor under pressure. Poised and competent with demonstrated ability to easily work with demanding and special-need clients. Thrive in deadline-driven environments. Excellent team-building skills.

Skills Summary _________________________________________________________________

u  Tailored Personal Training

u  Neurology Rehabilitation

u  Drainage & Esthetic Massage

u  Sports Medicine Treatment

u  Physical Re-education

u  Medical Massage

u  Scheduling

u  Sporting Events

u  Rheumatology

u  Sales & Public Relations

u  Football Coaching

u  Professional Management


Professional Experience __________________________________________________________

Fitness/coaching (2005-2012):

u  Prepare complex workout programs and schedules for over 60 clients at such reputable institutions as the prestigious Beirut’s Radisson Spa Fitness Club and Fitness Zone, Lebanon’s number one fitness club;

u  Served as the President of Sports Affairs at the Faculty of Public Health of the Lebanese university from YEARS; accustomed to developing a strong rapport with other faculty members and departments;

u  Design and deliver series of classes for clients, providing ergonomic counseling and education sessions on proper lifting techniques to avoid injury.

u  Conduct small-group sessions on meditation/massage and relaxation techniques.

u  Rapidly learn and master varied training programs including Calisthenics, Plyometric Training, TRX System, Cardio Machines, Free Weights and fitness machines.

sports medicine (2009-2011)

  • Learned Nursing and x-ray strategies at Sahel General Hospital (3 months)
  • Provided Trauma and Rhumatologie reeducation at The Military Center (9 months)
  • Conducted Neurologie Reeducation at Mohamad Khaled Foundation (9 months)
  • Provided Geriatric Reeducation at Dar el ajaza hospital (3 months)
  • Provided Pediatric Reeducation at Kafaat Foundation (2 months)
  • Treated Post-operatory, cardiac, surgical and respiratory cases at Rafic Hariri Hospital  (4 months)
  • Provided Hydrotherapy Treatment at The Lebanese University Center (4 months)
  • Treated Trauma and Neuro Cases at NPA foundation (3 months)
  • Acted as the main Physiotherapist in sport field treating sports injuries and escorting sports team on the field at Hassan Karaki Clinic
  • Acted as replacement physiotherapist for one season at The National Lebanese Handball Team (October 2010)
  • Communicate medical concepts to patients using layman’s terms to facilitate understanding.



  • Represented Lebanese University at the Unesco Association
  • Responsible for the Sports Affairs – Lebanese University Campus
  • Escort at the Francophone Olympic Games in Lebanon (2009)
  • Escort at the Arabic Schools Tournament in Lebanon (2010)
  • Draft Cultural Reconciliation among Lebanese youth - Episode One: Configure conflict resolution skills and build a culture of citizenship and community work and respect for the other 
  • Member of UNIDO-beirut following the program”Enterprise Development Investment Promotion”(EDIP).


Training & Professional Certification ________________________________________________

  • Participaed in Kinesiotaping Approach at the Lebanese-German University ”LGU”                  March 2012
  • Guest Relations Officer at the 18th tournament of Arabic Olympic School Games                    Jul-Aug 2011
  • Trained in Updating Neuro-Science in Physiotherapy, Azm Association                                         Dec 2010
  • Participated in anti-doping medical training with the Francophone Games Commission               May 2010
  • Participated as member of medical commitee of CNJF (Comité National des Jeux Francophones)         Oct 2009
  • Escorte de contole du dopage accredité at the Francophonie Olympic International Games
  • Participated in a series of workshops on Strategic Skills ameliorations at the kafaat center:              Oct 2009

ü  Readaptation in cardio-respiratory approach

ü  Functional approach in autonomie losts for patients in charge

ü  Relaxation clinic training workshop

  • Participated in “Technique d’Etirement Musculaires Selon les Concepts Neuro-Musculaires” course, the Order of Physiotherapists  in Lebanon                                                                                                                      Apr 2009


Education _____________________________________________________________________

University of balamand                                         Beirut, Lebanon                                                                                            Oct 2011-

M.A-research in physical education

and public health


Lebanese university-Faculty of Public Health           Beirut, Lebanon                                                                                         July 2011

B.S- Physiotherapy


College Charite-Mreijeh                                        Beirut, Lebanon                                                                                             June 2006

Lebanese Baccalaureate, life science


Languages ____________________________________________________________________

·         Arabic: Mother-Tongue

·         French: Good knowledge speaking, writing and understanding (Diploma d’etude en langue francaise DELF B1)

·         English: Good knowledge speaking, writing and understanding

·         Italian: Fair knowledge speaking, understanding and writing (attestation certificate in Italian language from the Italian Cultural Institute in Lebanon)

·         Computer Skills: Solid Knowledge and firm use of Microsoft Office Applications (Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint)

·         Knowledge of Technical Corporate Internet Usage.