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Personal Information


Name                           :  Dr. Maya Khalaf

Address                       : P. O. Box 851285 Amman 11185 Jordan

Tel                               : 00962 (0) 6 5652 231

Mobile                         : 00962 (0) 7 7789 1111

Birth                            : February 19, 1968 /  Jordan

Gender                                    : Female

Nationality                  : Jordanian, Canadian

E-mail                          : dr_mayakhalaf@hotmail.com




Educational Qualifications


March 2011                Diploma in Oral Implantology

                                    University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany


June 1991                   B.D.S. Medical and Surgical Dentistry                  

            University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan







Jan. 2012                    Adoderm Workshop

-          Varioderm – Hyaluronic acid filler, its injection techniques.

                                    Beirut, Lebanon


Nov. 2011                   Implant Course

-          Focus on Implants in Oral Rehabilitation.

-          Concept, Indication and Handling of Friadent Implant Systems XiVE® And Ankylos® with Live Surgeries and Lectures.

                                    ICC – Implant Competenc Center, Ohringen, Germany


Nov. 2011                   Implant Lectures

-          3D Diagnosis Virtual Planning and Immediate Loading Protocols.

-          Surgical-Prosthetical Solution on XIVE and ANKYLOS / Live Surgery.

                                    ICC – Implant Competenc Center, Ohringen, Germany


May 2010                   Training Course for case submission to ClearPath Orthodontics

                                    Beirut, Lebanon


July 2009                    3M ESPE Anterior aesthetics Workshop

                                    University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan


July 2009                    Anterior Aesthetics Workshop

                                    Faculty of Dentistry , University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan



Oct. 2008                    Endodontic Course, 1st Jordanian Endodontic Congress

                                    Amman, Jordan



May 2008                   3M ESPE Espertise Event

-          How to reproduce the natural.

-          Clinical aspects of performing local anesthesia in dentistry.

Amman, Jordan


May 2006                   Implant Course, presented by Dr. Rabih Nahas

                                    Jordan Dental Association, Amman, Jordan


April 2005                  3M ESPE’s EspertiseTM Workshop

-          Restoring Smiles: The art of replicating nature

-          Minimally Invasive Dentistry

-          Glass Ionomers

                                    Amman, Jordan


March 2005                Training Course on Dental Implants using the MDL Implants

(Intralock) System

                                    Center for Educational Development and Faculty of Dentistry,

University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan





Congresses Attended


May 2013                   2nd Annual Meeting of the Arabian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry

                                    Dead Sea, Jordan


May 2011                   1st Jordanian Cosmetic Dentistry Congress

                                    Amman, Jordan


Oct. 2010                    22nd Jordanian & 39th Arab Dental Congress (Jerusalem congress)

                                    Amman, Jordan


Nov. 2009                   The 1st Pan Arab and the 2nd Jordanian Endodontic Conference

                                    Amman, Jordan


Oct. 2008                    1st Jordanian Endodontic Congress

                                    Amman, Jordan


March 2008                The 21st Jordanian Dental Congress

                                    Amman, Jordan



Nov. 2007                   1st Jordanian International Congress for Implantology

                                    Dead Sea, Jordan


May 2006                   The 20th Jordanian Dental Congress

                                    Amman, Jordan





Career History


I started practicing General Dentistry in my own private dental clinic in 1991. My work included Restorative Aesthetics and Cosmetic Dentistry, Pedodontics, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Orthodontics, Whitening Procedures, Lumineers, Oral Surgery, Implantology, Conservative Dentistry and Periodontics.


During 2010, I expanded my work by establishing a dental center with four dental clinics, and a total staff of eleven  employees. Our Doctors, following the rules and regulations of medical proficiency, offer unprecedented medical services revolving around the need and comfort of our patients. We are a center which believes that taking the time to educate the patients and guide them with their choices to help them reach realistic goals is vital, and so ensure them that their medical visit will be a fun, and join the thousands who are incorporated with us.


The Center is equipped with very high tech equipment, including the latest Digital Panoramic Radiograph, Digital X Ray Sensors, Intraoral Cameras, “B” Class Autoclave and Endodontic Rotary Devices.


Furthermore, the Center includes several facilities such as kids playroom, Valet Parking service and Entertainment Corner with Video games & Computers (free Wi-Fi connection for the patients).




-            Fluent in written and spoken Arabic, English & French.