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Personal Data:                                                                                                                                     

Dr. Laith Tay`e Hassan Al-Jarrah

Jordanian board in psychiatry


Date of Birth   : 04/10/1976

Sex                   : Male

Address            : Amman - Jordan

Nationality       : Jordanian

Religion           : Muslim

Marital Status: Single

Telephone        : 0096265377527(Resident)

Mobile             : 00962777443477



Email              : jam2imate@yahoo.com



To work in a well-established organization were I could excel to my full potential & utilize my qualification.

Academic Qualification:

July 2002         : Bachelor degree in medicine / Odessa State Medical uinversity


Courses Attended:

2005: ACLS - Jordan

2007: Tactical Medic Course - Greece

2004: ICDL course held in JRMS

 Attended number of Psychiatric Conferences

1. The First International Congress of the Jordanian Association of Psychiatrists

 Co- Sponsored by World Psychiatric Association 2010

2. .Jordanian Royal Medical Services Conference 2010


Employment Experience:

September 2003-2004: GP in Private Sector

August 2002 - 2003    : Internship im MOH Hospitals in Jordan

October 2004 Joined JRMS till now:

2005: Emergency Medicine Resident

2005-2007: Field Doctor in:

1.      Special forces

2.      Royal Jordanian Airlines

3.      Battalion of Prince Talal

4.      Royal Pavilion Doctor (Sofex)

5.      Chief Doctor of King Abdullah II Training City of Police

 2008-2011: Joined a four-year residency programme:


-          Outpatient clinics

-          In word Patients

-          Acute psychiatry emergencies

-          Chronic psychiatry illness

-          On call services

-          ECT applications

1.      First Year Residency Programme :

-Basic psychiatric sciences




- Psychiatry pathology

2.  Second Year Residency Programme:

-Basic psychiatric siences

-Research methodology



3. Third Year Residency Programme:

**Clinical Psychiatric Sciences:

- Schizophrenia



-.Substance miss use

4. Fourth Year residency Programme:

-Forensic Psychiatry

-Child Psychiatry

-Personality Disorders

-Organic Psychiatry

-Geriatric Psychiatry

** Military Psychiatry

Teaching Experience:

Lectures & Seminars Supervised During The Residency Programme for:

1.      Medical students (3rd & 5th year)

2.      OT Students

3.      Social Worker students

4.      Psychology Students

From the following Universities:

-Jordan University of science & Technology

-Jordan University

-Hashemite University

 Peace Keeping Messions:

-2009: Ivory Coast with UN for 6 months

-2010: Afghanistan with NATO for 4 months


Other Information:

Jordanian board in psychiatry (part1)

Full European board in psychiatry

Jordanian Driving license

Fluent in Arabic, English & Russian speaking, writing & reading

Computer Knowledge: Windows, Microsoft office &Internet



1. Brig. Gen. Dr. Mohammed Aqeel

Senior Consultant  

Chief of Psychiatry Department in Jordanian Royal Medical Services

Mobile: 00962799018250


2. Dr. Waleed Shunaiqat

Senior Consultant

Chief of Jordanian Association of Psychiatry

Office: 0096264659433

Mobile: 00962777414059