Dr. Juma Ibrahim Abu Thiab.

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)                     

Tel. (9626+) 4747400

Mobile. 079 5550268

Tele-fax 4747400

Zip Code 11151

P.O.Box 610766

Amman – Jordan

email: juma_abuthiab@hotmail.com 




Curriculum Vitae



Name              : Dr. Juma Ibrahim Mohammed Abu Thiab.

Date of Birth : 1957.

Marital Status: Married.

Nationality: Jordanian.

Place and Year of Graduation: Novi Sad University    


Qualification: General Degree “Doctor of Medicine”

Languages: English , Arabic and Yugoslavia Fluent.


 Experiences :-


1.                One year as internship in M.O.H Jordan.

2.              Part time lectures in Y. Haboul Academy for dermatology and cosmetics.

3.              Neo-natology and course in Islamic Hospital.




1.                Emergency and first Aid rotation Islamic Hospital Amman.

2.              E.C.G. rotation in Malhas Hospital Amman.

3.              Neonatology rotation-Islamic Hospital Amman.

4.              Psychiatric rotation-Jordan Medical council.

5.              Two work shop with American Health foundation and university of Jordan about “problem solving for better Health”.

6.              Active participant doctor during the first conference for General parishioners held in Jordan coordinated with Jordan university.

7.               Diabetes course “George Washington university”.

8.              Beauty therapy “Level 4” Auckland-New Zealand

N.B. :-

·      Good  Managerial skills with Good social relations, team working, licensed to practice Medicine in Jordan since 1988.

·      Head for scientific committee in General practioner Association-Jordan.


















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