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Dr Jawad Sandouka, MD

Internal Medicine, Parma Medical School

 Box 5709

Amman, 11183


Mobile 962-795103245

Tele 962-6-5715149


EMAIL: sandoukajr@gmail.com







June, 1968                            High School Graduation, King Husain Collage


December, 1975                  Diploma in Medicine and Surgery with 6 months

                                             Internship from Bologna Medical School,

                                             Bologna University, Italy


 January, 1976                      Internship for 6 months, Al Ashrafia Central Hospital,

                                             Amman, Jordan


June, 1985                            Internal Medicine, Parma Medical School,

                                             Parma University, Italy


Clinical Experience 



January 1977 to June 30, 1980   

                                            Internal Medicine Residency Program

                                            Jordan University Hospital, Jordan


July 1980                           Joint SAMSO and assigned to Abqaiq Health Center,

                                           Primary Care Physician


December 1989 to February 1993

                                           Assigned as Senior Physician, Abqaiq Health Center


March 1993 to January 2003

                                           Assigned as Senior Physician, AL Hasa Health Center

                                           Primary Care Division



January 2003 to November 2003

                                            Assigned as Chief, Al Hasa Health Center

                                            Primary Care Division


November, 2009 till present

                                            Primary Care Physician

                                            Dhahran Primary Care Division        


Interests                             Internal Medicine

                                            Family Medicine




Languages                           Arabic