Dr. Jamal Thalji Nimri

P.O.Box 1543  Zip code 13110 



Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information:                        Permanent Address:

Name: Jamal Thalji Nimri                          P.O.Box 1543

Date of Birth: july 5th 1950                      Zip code 13110

Nationality: Jordanian                               Zarqa-Jordan

Marital status: married                                 Tel. +962 656 75 600

                                                                              +962 53993444

                                                                   Mob. +962 795541022



Work experience:

-Private practice as consultant pediatric surgeon, 1987 till now

-Jordanian ministry of health as consultant pediatric surgeon 1982- 1987

-Agia Sofia children hospital Athens Greece as registrar in pediatric surgery, 1980- 1982

-Red Cross Hospital Athens- Greece, as senior house officer in general surgery 1976- 1980


Scientific affiliation:

-President of Jordanian association of pediatric surgeons since 2006 till now

-Jordanian association of pediatric surgeons

-Jordanian association of general surgeons

-Arab association of pediatric surgeons

-Greek association of pediatric surgeons

-British association of pediatric surgeons

Academic qualifications:

-Jordanian board in pediatric surgery 1984

-Greek board in pediatric surgery 1982

-Greek board in general surgery 1980

-MBBS.S School of Medicine, Aristotle's University of Salonica- Greece 1976 .


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