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Ismail Al-Kebsi M.B., CH.B. – Certified German Board - M.D

Consultant, Lecturer Neurosurgeon

Distinguished Fellow of New Westminster College, British Columbia,


Elected AOSpine Gulf Region Country Spine Centers and fellowships


International Member of American Association of Neurological Surgeons


Active Membership in the Walter E. Dandy Neurosurgical Society, USA

Active International Member of The Congress of Neurological Surgeons


WHO GIEESC member (World Health Organization Global Initiative for

Emergency and Essential Surgical Care), Geneva, Switzerland.

Spoken languages: English, German and Arabic

E-mail: ismail.alkebsi@gmail.com

Cell. Phone: 00967-777721971







- 1987 High School – Yemen Republic

- 1994 M.B.CH.B. Medical College – Baghdad University – Iraq

- 2005 Certified German Board in Neurosurgery (Facharzt für Neurochirurgie) –

Medical Council, Berlin, Germany

- 2006 Medical Doctorate Degree (MD), Supervisor: Prof. A. Unterberg, Chief of

Neurosurgery Department, Heidelberg University, Germany.

- 2007 Habilitation Thesis, Charite Medical University, Berlin, Germany (Ongoing)

- 2009 Young Neurosurgeon Traveler Fellowship on August 2009 at WFNS


-2012 Distinguished Fellow of New Westminster College, British Columbia,


Clinical Experience:

- I have over 15 years of Neurosurgery Experience and I have trained in Germany where I

spent more than 8 years.

- I have performed a wide range of elective and emergency cases as the lead surgeon (see

my Logbook).

- Through my work as Head of Neurosurgery Department and Chief Neurosurgeon in

Yemen-German Hospital, I have extensive experience in Brain, Spine and Peripheral

Nerve Surgery and performed research in those field which were presented in many

International and National Meetings/Conferences.

- Pediatric Neurosurgery is my passion, where I treated and performed all kind of

Pediatrics Neurosurgical Operations including Pediatric Neurotrauma (Head, Spine

and Peripheral Nerve Injuries), Congenital Neurodefect, Brain Tumors, hydrocephalus

and Spasticity ( Botulinum Toxin Therapy and Baclofen Bump Implantation)


- 01.07.1994– 30.05.1995 Surgical Internship and Residency in various Baghdad

Teaching Hospitals (Baghdad Medical City, Ibn Alnafies Hospital, Alkendi Hospital and

Ibn Albaladi Hospital) Iraq

- 05.06.1995– 15.04.1996 Surgical Residency at Kuwait University Hospital, Sana’a –


- 20.04.1996– 05.04.1997 Postgraduate Training in Neurosurgery at Kuwait University

Hospital, Sana’a – Yemen Republic

- 10.04.1997– 01.05.1999 Postgraduate Training in Neurosurgery at Neuroscience Centre

, Azal Specialized Hospital, Sana’a – Yemen Republic

- 01.09.1999– 30.05.2000 Postgraduate Training in Neurosurgery at Neurosurgical

Department, Neukoelln Hospital, Berlin – Germany

- 01.06.2000– 02.01.2001 Postgraduate Training in the Neurotrauma Centre,

Neurosurgical Department – Unfall-Krankenhaus Berlin (Trauma Hospital) – Germany

- 07.01.2001– 23.07.2001 Training in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Unit at Yemen-

German Hospital, Sana’a – Yemen Republic

- 01.08.2001– 26.02.2002 Postgraduate Training in the Neurosurgical Department at

Sankt Gertrauden- Krankenhaus, Berlin – Germany

- 01.03.2002– 18.12.2005 Postgraduate training in the Neurosurgical Department with

Prof.J.Zierski, M.D, Vivantes Hospital Berlin-Neukolln, Germany

-19.12.2005 German Board Certification (Facharzt), Berlin Medical Council

- 20.12.2005– 01.01.2006 Consultant Neurosurgeon, Neukoelln Hospital – Berlin,


- 09.2006 German M.D (Dr. med.) under supervision of Prof. A. Unterberg (Head

of Neurosurgery Department), Heidelberg University Hospital- Germany.

- Since 2007- now Consultant Neurosurgeon - Head of Neurosurgery Department -

Yemen- German Hospital, Sana’a – Yemen Republic.

- Since 2009- now Lecturer, Medical Faculty, Dar Alsalam International University,

Sana'a, Yemen

05.10- 31.12.2013 Visiting Consultant Neurosurgeon at Security Forces Hospital

Dammam, KSA


- XV Microsurgical workshop on Basic Techniques of Microsurgery from June 4th to 7th

2003 at the Department of Neurosurgery, University of Vienna – Austria

- Workshop on Artificial Intervertebral lumbar Disc Implantation, during the first World

Spine Congress. ICC, Berlin 2000

- Clinical House Seminar on Artificial Intervertebral Disc Implantation (Das Prodisc-

Prinzip) from 29th November to 30th November 2005, Potsdam – Germany

- Percutaneous Neurosurgical Approaches Course.25th May 2009 Muenster. Germany

- Cranial and Spinal Endoscopy Workshop 23.05.2011 at King Faisal Specialist Hospital

and Research Centre, Riyadh- KSA, under supervision of Prof. J. Oertel (University

Hospital of Saarland, Hamburg) and Prof. Schroeder (Ernst Moritz Arndt University,

Greifswald, Germany)

- The First International Course in Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery, April

28th30th, 2012; organized by Algerian and Pan Arab Neurosurgical Societies, Algeria.

- Basic Life Support Course (BLS) on 10/2013 by American heart association , training

center name: SFHD ZZ20593


- MD Thesis: The Value and Limitation of Brain Tissue Oxygen Tension (PtiO2)

Monitoring in Neurosurgery. Doctorate Thesis presented at Charité- Medical University

Berlin, Germany, under supervision of Prof. A. Unterberg, Head of Neurosurgery

Department at Heidelberg University and former president of German Neurosurgical


- Habilitation Thesis: Stroke and Severe Head injury Outcome with and without

Rehabilitation, Comparison Study between Yemen and Germany" Prospective Clinical

Study at Charite Medical University-Berlin- German (on-going)

- Assisted in MBA Thesis done by Dr. Med. J. Horaczek: Critical Success Factors For

Medical Knowledge-Transfer Projects From Western To Resource-Limited Islamic

Cultures, which was submitted to Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge/Chelmsford, UK,

in August 2010


- 07.06.2004– 14.06.2004 Clinical Attachment with Prof. Neil Kitchen, MD FRCS, at

University College London Hospitals, the National Hospital for Neurology and

Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London, WC1N 3BG U.K.

- 26.05- 31.05.2008 Clinical Attachment at Neurosurgical Department, Charite

Medical University, by Prof. P. Vajkoczy (Benjamin Franklin Klinikum and Virchow

Klinikum- Berlin- Germany)


- Spine Injuries, Yemen experience- Oral Presentation at the first Yemen-German

Congress, 03–05. November 1999 - Sana’a University, Yemen.

- Paediatric Intracranial Aneurysm – Case Report: Presented at Syrian- German

Neurosurgical Conference on 2001 in Damascus, Syria.

- Secretary General of the 6th Panarab Spine Surgery Conference on Oct.2008, Sana’a,


- Surgical Management of Traumatic Injuries of the Dorso-Lumbar Spine- Presented at

6th Panarab Spine Surgery Conference on Oct.2008, Sana’a, Yemen

- Minimally Invasive Management of Lumbar Disc Prolapse- Presented at 6th Panarab

Spine Surgery Conference on Oct.2008, Sana’a, Yemen

- Spinal Tuberculosis Management- Presented at 6th Panarab Spine Surgery Conference

on Oct.2008, Sana’a, Yemen

- Botulinum Toxin Therapy of Focal Dystonia- presented at the second Congress of the

Gulf Neurosurgical Society, 15-17.Decemeber 2009 at Muscat-Oman

- Participation in Annual German Neurosurgical Society Meeting, regularly, from 1999

and till now

- Participation in 1st world Spine Congress 2000.Berlin-Germany

- Participation in XIV World Congress of WFNS-Boston, MA- USA

- MSD Pain Management Symposium 17.11.2009. Beirut- Lebanon

- Participation in Regional Osteoporotic Spinal Fractures Meeting 18.11

20.11.2009.Beirut- Lebanon

- Invited speaker: Advances in Intracranial Meningioma: Diagnosis and Management,

Oral Presentation at the Third Hematology Oncology Conference, Feb. 16-18, 2010,


- Invited Faculty and Chairman for the Academic Session IV at the 1st Middle East

Neurosurgical Symposia, 8-11.04.2010, Istanbul. Turkey.

-Invited Speaker: Traumatic Brain injury, Management and Outcome, Oral Presentation

in the 1st Middle East Neurosurgical Symposia, 8-11.04.2010, Istanbul. Turkey.

- Invited Speaker: Traumatic Spinal Injuries Management, Oral Presentation at 11th

Dubai Neuro-Spine Conference 2010, Dubai, UAE

- Organizer, Moderator and Speaker at Neurovascular Surgery Day, held on 7.10.2011 by

Yemeni Neurosurgical Society, Sana’a- Yemen under supervision of Prof. Etem

Beskonakli, Head of Neurosurgery Department, Ataturk Training and Research Hospital,

Ankara- Turkey and former President of Turkish Neurosurgical Society.

- Role of Neurosurgery in Management of Stroke: Lecture at World Stroke Day,

organized by Yemeni Neurological Society on29.10.2010 at Sana’a- Yemen.

- Invited Speaker (Intracranial Meningiomas Management) at VIII Panarab Neurosurgical

Congress, held in Algiers, 26th-29th November, 2010.

- Invited Speaker: Management and Outcomes of Intracranial Meningiomas, at 3th

Annual Gulf Neurosurgical Society Congress (TOWARDS SAFER NEUROSURGERY),


- Invited Speaker: Lumbar Microdiscectomy: Outcomes and Prognosis- Oral

Presentation at 1st Middle East Spine Conference, 7th-9th, December.2011, Istanbul,


- Invited faculty Speaker at 2nd Middle East Spine Meeting (Mespine 2013), İzmir,

Çeşme – Turkey, at 16-19 May 2013 with the following presentations:

1- Oral Presentation: Traumatic Cervical Spinal Injury Management

2- Oral Presentation: Ethics in Spine Surgery

3- E. Poster: Botulinum Toxin Therapy for Spasticity and Focal Dystonia

- Invited Speaker at The 4th Congress of Gulf Neurosurgical Society, 1st Qatar

Neurosurgical Society Conference, & the 1st Gulf Neuroscience Nurses Conference,

Qatar on Nov 28 - 30, 2013: Poster Presentation: Management of Traumatic Cervical

Spine Injury

- Craniofacial Gunshot Trauma: A Case Study Approach, Archives of CraniOroFacial

Sciences, September-October 2013;1(2):31-33, an article written by Dr. Ismail Al-kebsi

and Dr. Mohammed Al-Dhahir ,Article Code: ACOFS0010


- International Member of American association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS)

- Active Membership in the Walter E. Dandy Neurosurgical Society, USA

- Elected AOSpine Gulf Region Country Spine Centers and fellowships officer

- AOSpine Plus Member, 7270 Davos, Switzerland

- Active International Member of The Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS), IL,


- Member of International Society of Intraoperative Neuromonitoring

- Member of United Neurodiagnostic Professionals of America (UNPA)

- Member and Co-Founder of the Yemen Neurosurgical society

- Scientific Delegate at Gulf neurosurgical Society

- Medical Affairs Officer at Yemen- German Friendship Association (Sana’a and Berlin)

- Medical Advisor at Medical Culture Centre-Sana’a-Yemen

- Coordinator between YGH and German Seniors Experts Services Organization (SES)

- Academic Coordinator between Charite Medical University-Berlin and Sana’a Medical

School (2005-2007)

- Academic Training Advisor at Medical School, Dar Alsalam University Sana’a- Yemen

- Member of various Cultural Associations

- Medical Journal Editor in ALHADATH, the first Arabian Journal in Germany (2000-

2006) and other Journals

- Online Editor of Science and Medicine Columns at Arabian Chronicles Newspaper



1- Organization of Conferences, Meetings and Courses.

2- Neurosurgical field of interest:

- Intracranial pressure, cerebral oxygenation monitoring and other multimodal monitoring


- Neurotraumatolgy

- Neurooncology

- Spinal surgery

- Neuroendoscopy and Microscopical Minimal Invasive Neurosurgery

3- Organization of an International Professors Visiting Program:

Regular Academic Program in order to update the Neurosurgical Trends according to the

up growing International Standards. The last Important Events were as follows:

- 2007 Prof.J.Zierski, HOD- Neukoelln Hospital, Berlin, three times. Prof. Kientzel,

Chief, Friedrichshain Hospital- Berlin-Germany; three times. Dr.J.Horaczek, Neukoelln

Hospital, Berlin, two times

- 2008 Prof.J.Zierski, Neukoelln Hospital, Berlin, three times. Dr. M. Schulz, Charite

Medical University, Berlin-Germany, two visits

- 2009 Dr. M. Schulz, Charite Medical University, Berlin-Germany, three visits. Prof.

Wassman, Chief, Muenster University – Germany; one visit. Prof .M. Hafez, Prof. of

Neurosurgery at Pittsburg University, USA, one visit.

- 2010 Prof. Etem Beskonakli, Head of Neurosurgery Department, Atatürk Training and

Research Hospital, Ankara- Turkey and the former president of Turkish Neurosurgical

Society, Prof. .M. Hafez, Pittsburg University, USA, one visit and Ass. Prof. Mishal

Alkasimi, lecturer at New York University, NYC, USA, one visit.


Reading, swimming, travel and playing tennis


1- Prof. Jan Zierski, MD

Professor and Former Chairman, Dept. of Neurosurgery, Vivantes Hospital Berlin,

Neukolln, Berlin, Germany

Res. Phone: 00493329610489

Cell Phone +49-1702328054

Email: j.zierski@t-online.de

2- Prof. Ethem BESKONAKLI, MD, PhD.

President of Turkish Neurosurgical Society

Ankara Ataturk Research and Education Hospital,

Chief, Department of Neurological Surgery

06800, Bilkent, Ankara, TURKEY


Postal Address: Bilkent, 06800, Ankara, Turkey

Tel. 0090312231120 Fax 00903122325526

3- Prof. M. Hafez

Professor of Neurosurgery, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Adjunct Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, University of Pittsburg


Executive Committee of WFNS (Spine and Endoscopy Committees)

Cell Phone: 0020122145345

Email: dindinosi@hotmail.com

4- Prof. BADR, AHMED

Professor of Anesthesiology and Neurosurgery

Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center,

Chair of Anesthesiology and REGIONAL CHAIRPERSON-HSC at Texas Tech



EL PASO, TX 79905

Phone: 915-545-6510

Email: a.badr@ttuhsc.edu









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