DR. Hussein Mohammad Al-Haddad

Private clinic in Abu_Alanda-Amman

  Phone no. (o6)4161267

  Mobile no.  0795868877

  Telefax 009626 4161267

  Email :dr.hussein.haddad@hotmail.com 



 Member of 




Nationality: Jordanian                                            

Date of Birth:26th  of  Feb. 1952-nablus                

Marital Status: married




-GP consultant

-Diploma of medicine from the university of kiril and metody skopje -yug.1979.

- 1 year residency in surgery

-diploma in asthma management from Arhus university - Denmark

-diploma in diabetes management from George Washington University-USA

-several workshops in general health , mental health ,gynecology and cardiovascular disease .












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