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Dr. Hussein.Azzam.Mansour    

Pediatrician Consultant CV 

E: mail hussein2_azzam@yahoo.com

Facebook : Hussein azzam.

Twitter: @batainehhussein.

Phone: 00962790805170







Pediatrician Consultant CV                                                        

Personal information:

Date of birth: 22nd, January 1971.Irbid city north of Jordan.

High school: Irbid 28th, July, 1988. Excellent results.

Married ,social and motivated person.

Languages: fluent English and Arabic.



Bachelor of medicine and Surgery: Graduated On 13th, June 1994 from Jordan University of Science and Technology [JUST] Very good results. Training was in “Princess Basma Teaching Hospital”: the largest hospital in north of Jordan around 400 beds with all specialties and departments.

Postgraduate Training year “1995” at Queen Alia Military Hospital, Amman city/Jordan capital.

USMLE:  PART 1 Positive result 1994……passed successfully.

Certificate of medical Practice [ from Ministry of Health]   Sep, 1995. As GP. License to practice medicine independently.

Postgraduate Qualifications:

Pediatric residency programme: 1st, January1996-2000. At Jordanian royal medical services (JRMS) hospitals King Hussein medical center}; One of the biggest medical associations in Jordan, mainly in Amman and 9 hospitals in all the  country with more than 3500 beds.

Pediatric Specialist 17th of Sep.2001 from "Jordan Medical Council"*Jordanian Board” MD, BC-PEDIATRICS”. Finished from military hospitals as pediatric consultant {medical council classification] Sep. 2009.Then to private sector as mentioned bellow.

Jordanian MOH license in pediatrics


ICDL Computer abilities, word, power point ….etc.

Teaching students of medical school of JUST University 2007-2008.

CME I kept my self updated in general pediatrics, and in most of medical fields.

Motivated, experience in pediatric opd, neonatal and maternity skills, attending C/S with excellent CPR BLS,ALS …Cpap and ventilator care

ICU, NICU SKILLS, respiratory medicine and bronchial asthma.

Medical research see www.google.com Hussein a bataineh articles in various subjects in general pediatrics: low birth weight, enuresis…..etc

Leadership for pediatric wards, nursing staff.

United Nations Interim Administration 2002-2003 as GP.

I worked with UN for 6 months in Kosovo 2002 I have a medal and certificate, I worked with MSF “NGO” for 9 months with Syrian refugees as pediatrician “certified”.


Private Pediatric clinic 2009-present in Irbid city and part time coverage in Alfarouq, al Tawfeeq Medical Centers plus many private hospitals in Irbid city through which I worked three days a week as Pediatric consultant with MSF (medicines sans frontiers) for 9 months dealing with Syrian refugees (pediatric OPD and nursery care “NICU” of sick babies plus maternity call and attendance to assist risky cases).I have a

Great motivation and excellent experience in pediatric, neonatal and respiratory diseases in children with Good leader ship abilities in pediatric and neonatal departments-MSF opinion, Ability to follow protocols to manage pediatric and neonatal patients.

Strong points:

Clinical excellence, medical leadership, ability to teach the staff, patience, hardworking, up-to-date medical knowledge...CME follower…etc