Husam Elias Nesheiwat

MB; ChB.  FRCSed

Senior Consultant Cardio vascular & thoracic Surgeon

Private- Sector

Amman - Jordan

Quaraini Medical Center
52 Iben Khaldoun st.
Tel:+962 6 4614411
Telfax: +962 6 4614414
Mobile: +962 77 77 99 299

Personal Details
Name: Husam Elias Nesheiwat
Marital Status: Married with two sons and two daughters  

Tel.         : + 962 6 5338588

Mobile : + 962 77 7799299   

E-mail :

Fax      :  + 962 6 5333777  

Date of Birth: December 31, 1949
Nationality: Jordanian
Languages: Arabic – Fluent.        English – Fluent
Interests & Hobbies: Reading , Sports 
Professional Qualifications
  • Oct 1975 MB; ChB. 

Alexandria University , Eygpt

  • 1977  Internship at the Royal Medical services ( RMS ) 

  • Jordan .

  • July 1977  - 1981  General surgery residency 

  • RMS Jordan

  • 1981 – 1983  Royal College of Surgeons UK

  • 1983 FRCS Edinburgh

  • August 1983  Specialty of cardiothoracic surgery.

  • April 1987 Jordanian board of cardiac surgery

  • July 1987 Cardiac surgery. Mayo clinic

  • Saint Mary’s Hospital

  • January 1988 Cardiac surgery. UCLA

  • UCLA Medical Center

  • June 1988 Stanford Medical center, Stanford University.

  • (Adult Cardiac surgery, Heart Transplantation )

  • July 1988  Loma Linda Medical Center, Loma Linda University

  • ( Neonatal Cardiac Surgery, paediatric Cardiac Transplantation)


& Memberships


  • Jordan Medical Association
  • Jordan Cardiac society
  • The Jordanian Surgical Society
  • Jordan cardiothoracic association
Teaching Experience:
  • Cardiac surgery teaching for the residents of general surgery, Queen Alia Heart Institute (QAHI) & King Hussein Medical Center .
  •  Cardiac surgery teaching for the residents and fellows of cardiac surgery at QAHI.

May 1998 

  • The 4th International Meeting of Jordan Cardiac Society, Amman , Jordan .
  • The six international conference of Jordan Cardiac Society 
  • The 83rd Annual Meeting of The American Association for Thoracic Surgery / Boston
  • The 2nd international Jordanian – Greek Medical congress
  • The 2nd international Conference of Royal Jordanian Medical Service s
  • The  3rd International Conference of the Royal Medical Services in Collaboration with the Royal College of physicians of London
  • The 8th International Conference of Jordan Cardiac Society 2006
Current and Previous Appointments
CURRENT APPOINTMENT Consultant Cardiovascular Surgeon/ private Sector
  • Assistant of the general director of RMS for logistic affairs since Oct. 2007 
  • Senior consultant cardiothoracic surgeon, Queen Alia Heart Institute, King Hussein Medical Center, Amman, Jordan.
  • Chief of cardiac surgery department at princess Muna at KAUH in Irbid since 2004
  • Chief examiner of  the Jordanian Cardiac Surgery Board since 2004
  • 1999 – 2004 Chief of cardiac surgery department / QAHI at KHMC
  • 31-12- 2004   -   10-2007   Director of Queen Alia Heart Institute QAHI 
  • 2005 – 2007   President of Jordan Cardiac society ( JCS )
Cardiovascular & Thoracic surgery
  • During the 30 years experience in cardiovascular surgery I performed More than 12,000 cases including the complex aortic procedures like Aortic dissection, Composite graft replacement of the aorta with or without CABG
  • CABG procedures with or without valve repair/replacement, On/Off pump CABG in regular and high risk patients including LV aneurysmectmies and Post -infarction VSDs
  • Valve surgery including repair/ replacement of all valves in adult and pediatric population, Resection of heart masses and tumors
  • Congenital heart surgery including simple and complex procedures like Arterial switch, Konno procedure, Ross procedure, Complete AV canal, Truncus arteriosus, Total anomalous Pulmonary venous connection and TCPC for single ventricle repair. Pioneer in neonatal cardiac surgery since 1985 Pioneer in cardiac transplantation since 1985

Facts & Myths of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery. Current trends in Thoracic Surgery IV


Bechet's Aortitis - Qaqish, Abu Nowar, Nesheiwat, al Naser, Akasheh


New Orleans , Louisiana , USA Jan. 1998 


Combined Coronary and Mitral Valve Surgery Qaqish, Abu Nowar, Al Naser, Nesheiwat, Akasheh.


The second Jordan Cardiac Society Conference, Amman , Jordan April 1994


The Fontan Operation, The Jordanian experience Nesheiwat, Qaqish, Al Naser, Abu Nowar, Akasheh
The second Jordan Cardiac Society Conference, Amman , Jordan April 1994

Trans Atrial repair of Tetralogy of Fallot Nesheiwat, Qaqish, Harbi, Goussous, Akasheh.

The Left Ventricular outflow tract obstruction

Al Naser, Qaqish, Abu Nowar, Nesheiwat, Akasheh


The 11th International Convention National Arab American Association, Amman , Jordan June 1993


Transposition of the great Vessels, Current trends in Surgical Management

Akasheh , Nesheiwat



The 11th International Convention     National Arab American Association, Amman , Jordan June 1993


the Great Vessels Surgical Treatment in the Neonate

Akasheh , Nesheiwat, Hanania



Presented at the first, Jordan Cardiac Society Conference, Amman  Oct. 1988


Cardiac Transplantation in a developing Country

A review of the first 8 cases of Arterial Switch performed in Jordan

Akasheh , Hanania, Nesheiwat.


Presented at the Asian Congress of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Singapore, 1987

Jordan Society of Anesthesia, Intensive Care & Pain Control. 16-18 May 2001. Amman, Jordan.


Selective Early Extubation in Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery. Zureikat YJ, Abushaikh MQ, Altarawneh WKh, Batarseh Kh, Hijazeen A, Qaqish NK, Nesheiwat H.


The 2nd international Jordanian – Greek Medical Congress.

 17-19/ Sept./ 2003


The effect of Recombinant Activated Factor VII On Postoperative Bleeding in Open Heart Surgery.

Yousef J. Zureikat, FRCSI, B. Hiyasat, MD, Husam Nesheiwat MD FRCS



The 2nd international  of Royal Jordanian Medical Services.

7-10/ October/ 2003


The use of Bovine Jugular Vein in the Fontan Circulation.

YousefJ. Zureika , MD , FRCSI. B. Hiyasat , MD. . Husam Nesheiwat MD, FRCS



The 8th International Conference of Jordan Cardiac Society 2006



Five years experience with Contegra at QAHI

Yousef Zureikat , MD , FRCSI, Husam Nesheiwat MD, FRCS 


Report Publications














































1.         Zureikat YJ, Abushaikh MQ, Altarawneh WKh, Batarseh Kh, Hijazeen A, Qaqish NK, Nesheiwat H. Selective Early Extubation in Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery. Journal of Anaesthesia.

2.         Yousef Z, Bahi H, Basel H, Amin AL, Moh,d AB AL, Kholoud B, Qaqish NK, Nesheiwat H. Sternal Wound Complication following upper midsternotomy incision. The experience at Queen Alia Heart Institute. Journal of the Royal Medical Services, June 2003, Vol 10. No. 1, 12-14.

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4.         Yousef Z, Zaid M, Bahi H, Waleed T, Nairous M, Ali O, Salem H, Husam N. End tidal carbon dioxide as an additional index to evaluate pulmonary blood flow after palliation of cyanotic children. ( Accepted for publication in JJA )

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The effect of recombinant factor VII on post operative bleeding in open heart surgery.

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Off pump surgery in patients with moderate mitral regurge is facilitated by intra-aortic balloon pump. Pan Arab Medical Journal. (Accepted for publication May 13th, 2007).

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Vaccuum-Assisted closure technique fastens the healing of deep sterna wound infection. JRMS August 2007; 14(2):31-37














































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