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 Huda Al Douri

Head Of |Laboratory / Medical Doctor






Name:                   Huda Al Douri


Sex:                       Female


Date of Birth :             June 26th, 1953


Social Status :           Single


Nationality :        Jordanian


Occupation :        Head Of |Laboratory / Medical Doctor


Address  :             Dr.Huda Al Douri

                              C/O Professor A Al Douri

                              Department of History

                              Faculty of Humanitarian and Social Sciences

                              University Of Jordan

                              P.O.Box 13452, University of |Jordan

                              Zip Code 11942 Amman



Telephone :           Mobile ; 0777222163

                              Evening ; 962-6-5515168


E-mail address :         LSHTM90@GMAIL.COM



B.     DEGREES :


( 2005)                   Diploma Clinical Nutrition

                              Stonebridge Associated Colleges

                              Distance Learning

                              Open University

                              The United Kingdome


( 1989)                   MSc Clinical Virology

                              London School of Hygiene  and Tropical Medicine,

                              University of London,

                              The United Kingdome

                              (See attached section B1 )


(1976)               Mb.CH.B in Medicine and G.Surgery

College of Medicine,

      University of |Baghdad





1. (1976-1978)                     Pathology Doctor            Central Pathology Lab.

                              Ministry of Health, Iraq

                              (see attached section C1)


  2. (1977-1978)               Trainee Doctor                      Central Blood Baghdad            (two weeks)                                                                        Baghdad, Iraq


3.  (1977-1978)               Medical House Officer            Al Karameh Hospital

          (twelve months)                                                           Baghdad ,Iraq

                                                                                                (see attached section C2)


4.  (1978-1979)               Hematology Lab.                   Al Hillah Hospital-Lab

                                                Doctor                                     Al Hilla , Iraq


5.  (1979-1988)               General Practitioner             The Students' Clinic

University of Jordan Hospital

                                                                                                (see attached section C5)


6.  (1984-1989)               Director of The Students'            The Students' Clinic

                                                Clinic                                       University of Jordan



7. (1989-1990)                                    Full-Time Student,                      London School of                                             "Masters of Virology"                  Hygiene and Tropical

Medicine, University of .London.  England


8.  (1989- 1990)               Trainee in Clinical                 Dept. of Virology

Virology                                    St. Thomas' Hospital,   

Guy's & Thomas' Hospital, School of Medicine King's College

England.(see attached section  C9)


9. (1989-1990)                                    Research Assistant                     Rayn's Institute, Cancer

(Part time)            Virology Lab ; Guy's & St.Thomas Hospital, School

 of Medicine King's College

London, England.


10. (1991-2000)                        Lecturer Microbiology            Dept. of Microbiology/

                                                                                                Pathology, Faculty of


                                                                                                University of Jordan,



11. (2000-2002)               Lecturer Diagnostic             Dept.of Biology, Faculty

                                       Bacteriology and |G.Biology             of Science, University of

                                                                                                Jordan, Amman.(see attached sec. C11)


12. (2002-2006)               Head of Diagnostic Lab.     The Laboratory  Dept.

                                                                        The Medical Clinics

                                                                        Amman, Jordan

                                                                        (see attached sec.12)

13. (2006-still)                        Head Of Medical Laboratory

                                                Eye Specialty Hospital            (see attached sec. C13)




1.      "The Role Of Nucleotide Analogue in Expression of HBsAg in Human Hepatoma Cell Line. The Thesis written to fulfill requirements for the MSc in  Virology course at LSHTM, University of London, The United Kingdome.


2.      "The Utilization of In Situ Hybridization to Prove The Role of Coxscacki B virus in Cardiopathies". Part time research at Rayn's Institute for Cancer Virology,  Guy's & Thomas' Hospital, School of Medicine. King's College, London University., The UK.


3.      "The Utilization of Synthetic Peptides as a New Generation of Vaccines". Seminar given at The University of Jordan, Faculty of medicine, Dept. of  Microbiology/ Pathology.


4.      "The Outcome of Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection in relation to Maternal Immune Status". Seminar given at The University of Jordan, Faculty of Medicine, Dept. of Microbiology/ Pathology.


5.      "The Role Of human Papilloma Virus in Genital Neoplasia at The Molecular Level". Seminar given at The University of Jordan, Faculty of Medicine. Dept. of Microbiology/ Pathology.


6.      "The Immune Response to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)." Lecture given at Workshop for Nurses organized by "The Society of Business  Women ".




1.      Member of "The Jordanian Society of  Physicians", Amman, Jordan.

2.      Member of "The European Society for Clinical Virology", based in Europe.




1.      Arabic; mother tongue, spoken, read and written fluently.

2.      English; spoken, read and written fluently .

3.      French; Attending French classes at The French Cultural Center. Level  3.




1.      Sports; tennis and gym.

2.       Reading  poetry, psychology.

3.      Listening to music.





  1. Professor Asem Shehabi

Prof.  Microbiology

Department of Microbiology /Pathology

Faculty of Medicine

University of Jordan

Amman, Jordan.

Tel: work: 962-6-5355000,  ext. 2458

E-mail address: ashehabi@go.com.jo


  1. Prof. Yousuf Belto

Ex. Head of Biological sciences department

Dept. of Biological sciences

Faculty of Science

University of Jordan

Amman, Jordan.


  1. Dr Moh’d S.Nour

Chairman of Board of Directors

 “Eye Specialty Hospital”

Consultant Ophthalmologist

P.O.Box 1494

Amman 11821,Jordan

Tel; 962-6-5511176

Fax; 962-6-5521107





B1.      The MSc Course in Clinical Virology dealt with the following modules :

1.      Microbiology genetics; two weeks

2.      General Virology; five weeks

3.      Immunology; five weeks

4.      Viral genomes; three weeks

5.      Viral proteins; three weeks

6.      Chronic Infections; two weeks

7.      Epidemiology; one week

8.      Antiviral compounds; three weeks

9.      Clinical Virology; three weeks.


C1.      Non-degree-practice and training as laboratory doctor for the period of two months in Biochemistry, six months in Hematology, six months in Bacteriology ,and six months in Histopathology, at The Central Pathology Laboratories, Ministry of Health. Baghdad, Iraq.


C2.      Part time clinical training for twelve months in the order of three months in Obstetrics & Gynecology, three months in Pediatrics , three months in Ear Nose and Throat, and three months in G.Surgery, all at "Al Karamah Hospital", Baghdad/ Iraq.


C5.      "The Students Clinic"  is a health center providing clinical diagnosis, treatments and care for the University of Jordan students. It includes three general prationer clinics, two dentistry clinics, pharmacy, dressing room and  an ambulance . It  is  affiliated with the University of Jordan Hospital.


C9.      Part –time research assistant in "In Situ Hybridization to Detect The Relationship of Coxsackie's B virus with Cardiomyopathies". It was done at The Rayn's Institute for Cancer Virology; Guy's and Thomas' Hospital, School of Medicine, King's College, London, England.


C10.    I. Lectures on" General and Systemic Microbiology" for under graduate nursing students, theory and practical lab sessions.

            II. Directing the practical microbiology labs for undergraduate medical, dentistry and pharmacy students at the Faculty of Medicine labs.

            III. Lectures on "Diagnostic Bacteriology", for The Diploma post graduate students at the Dept. of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, university of Jordan, Amman.


C11. Lecturing theory and practical labs to students of colleges of medicine, agriculture, dentistry at the faculty of Science, the University of Jordan.


C12. The Laboratory department was a fully equipped clinical laboratory that dealt with human specimens of all types. It included  sections of phlebotomy, routine, hematology, microbiology, biochemistry, clinical immunology, endocrinology and histopathology. It was affiliated with The Medlabs Consultancy group, and was ranked no. 2 among the kingdom's labs in regard to the External Quality Control System ( EQAS) carried by the BIO-Rad group Laboratories based in the USA, UK and Canada , in the Clinical Biochemistry cycle carried in October to May, 2005-2006.


C13. The “Medical Laboratory” at the “Eye Specialty Hospital” was constructed and equipped by me. It’s a fully equipped medical laboratory that includes sections of phlebotomy, hematology, biochemistry, routine, serology and infectious diseases, microbiology, immunology and endocrinology.