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Faten M. Tamim PhD.

University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan, PhD candidate

 in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, enrolled in 2011/2012

Jordan, (00962)798839787

 E-mail: fatintamim@yahoo.com







*      Name: Faten Mohammad Tamim Mohammad

*      Nationality: Jordanian

*      Status: married with 3 children

*      Permanent residency: Jordan


v  Knowledgeable of survey implementation, data analysis techniques and  research writing skills

v  Knowledgeable of policy planning & development

v  Excellent written & oral communication skills

v  Excellent in collaboration, coordination, team motivation, interpersonal interaction & ability to delegate and foster a cooperative work environment

v  Flexible and able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously within priorities

v  Effective leadership, problem solving skills, and ability to make effective decisions & judgments

v  Highly skilled in using various media for information dissemination on a widespread basis.

v  Self-motivated, detail-oriented, accurate & organized

v  Able to work without constant supervision



*      University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan, PhD candidate in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, enrolled in 2011/2012.

*      Jordan University of Science & Technology, Irbid, Jordan, MSc in Public Health-Maternal & Child health, August 2008.

*      Jordan University of Science & Technology, Irbid, Jordan, B.Sc. in Midwifery, May, 2004.

*      Irbid College of Nursing & Midwifery, Irbid, Jordan, Diploma in Midwifery, December, 1990.



*      Lactation Consultant at Gardens Hospital/ private clinic, January, 2015

*      Lactation Consultant at Al-Istishari Hospital, April to October, 2014

*      Medical educator & coordinator at governmental hospital, Ministry of Health, Jordan, 2003-2007

*      Nurse-Midwives supervisor in a General Health Directorate, Ministry of Health, Jordan; responsible for 3 hospitals, 36 primary health centers & 50 clinics distributed throughout the governorate, 1998-2003

*      Charge nurse-midwife of a primary health care center offering maternal and children care & immunization programs, 1995-1998

*      Senior nurse-midwife in emergency, medical, surgical, neonatal, labor & delivery units in a governmental hospital, experienced working under work pressure, 1991-1995


Other experiences:

*      Administrative experiences including field supervision, policy planning & development in addition to integrated monitoring and evaluation of the primary & secondary health care facilities along with providing technical and educational assistance as needed, preparing statistical reports on the status of maternal and child health care that are provided within the health facilities, Al-Mafraq, Jordan, (1998-2007).

*      Upgrading of 1st and 2nd health care facilities to the accreditation as a baby friendly health facilities through supporting breastfeeding practices and management by educating, training and encouraging the health workers to support women and their families, Al-Mafraq, Jordan, 1998-2007.

*      A trainer and coordinator of breastfeeding counseling & management program as well as in Baby Friendly Hospital initiation program at gov. hospital holding on its promotion to a Baby Friendly Hospital accreditation from UNICEF and MOH, Al-Mafraq, Jordan, 2003-2007

*      Infection control and medical waste management & biosafety team member & trainer in operation, surgical, obstetric & intensive care units, governmental hospital, Jordan, 2003-2007

*      Quality control team member & trainer in the Gynae & Pediatric governmental hospital, Jordan, 2003-2007


*      Training course of undergraduate Midwifery students of Jordan University of Science & Technology; at obstetric & gynecology units, 2006



*      Performed an observational prospective study titled by “A comparison between the effects of different patterns of maternal nutrition during labor on labor and birth outcomes” for master degree thesis, 2008.

*      Participated in data collection from school students for a study titled by "Smoking among adolescents" performed by Jordan University of Science & Technology, 2008.

*      Participated in a randomized clinical trial study titled by "Maternal Nutrition during Labor", accepted for publishing at Jordan Medical Journal, 2007.

*      Assisted in pediatric medical research, "Foreign Body Aspiration", performed in collaboration with Jordan University of Science & Technology, 2005.

*      Assisted in data entry using epi-info software of a study titled by "top ten diseases in MOH hospitals in Jordan" performed by CDC in collaboration with MOH, 2003.

*      Developed educational brochure representing different health issues according to patient educational need's assessment.

*      Education programs achieved as a CME programs; Immunization & related diseases, Contraceptives & Contraception, Parental Education, Breastfeeding counseling & management, Family planning counseling & management, infant & child health, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Basic Life Support), Perinatal Asphyxia, Emergency Drugs Administration, Medical Records & Nursing Documentation, Infection Control, Waste Management, Infectious Diseases & Isolation Precautions, Pre-Post Operative Care, Communication Skills and Orientation Program for new employees……………………


Certifications and Qualifications:

*      Design  and evaluation of innovation policy in developing countries, COMSTECH, Pakistan

*      Technology transfer policy for developing countries, COMSTECH,  Pakistan

*      Laboratories Bio-safety & Containment Facilities, COMSTECH, Pakistan

*      Quality assurance in health care, PDC, National University of Science & Technology, Pakistan

*      Nursing Management, Jordan

*      Quality Assurance, USAID, Jordan

*      Training of Trainers in Training Methodologies & Adult Learning, USAID & Linkages, Jordan

*      CPR (BLS & ACLS) , Jordan

*      Counseling For Reproductive Health, USAID, Jordan

*      Attendance to International Nursing Conference, Jordan

*      Medical Waste Management, Biosafety & Infection Control, Jordan

*      Training of Trainers in Breast Feeding & LAM, USAID & Linkages, Jordan

*      Supervisor's Training for Contraceptive Logistic System, USAID

*      Parenting Awareness Program, USAID, Jordan

*      Contraceptive Logistic System, USAID, Jordan


Computer skills:

PC applications including: Microsoft office programs (word, excel, power point), & internet use. Good in data analysis, software applications, SPSS, Epi info & Epicalc.



Arabic: excellent speaking, reading & writing

English: excellent conversational, reading & writing