Dr. Faris Hashem Tadros, FRCS 



Address for Correspondence

PO BOX 2100

AMMAN 11910




Surname                                             Tadros


Other names                                      Faris Hashem Ibrahim


Mail Address                                     P O BOX 2100 , Amman 11910 , Jordan


Clinic Address                                   61 Ibn Khaldoun Str              

                                                            Al-Seif Medical Center

                                                            Jabal Amman-Amman


Tel No:                                               Clinic Tel  009626-4644937

                                                                        Fax 009626-4644937

                                                            Home Tel   009626-5356649

                                                            Mobile        00962-79-5538543


E-Mail                                                            f_tadros@hotmail.com 


Date of Birth                                      30/04/1948


Sex                                                      Male


Country of Birth                               Jordan


Nationality                                         Jordanian


Marital Status                                    Married with three children


Medical School                                   Cairo University


Degree                                                            M.B.B.Ch 1975


Higher Qualifications

                                                            -FRCS, 1982 Glasgow UK

                                                            -Jordanian Board in Orthopedic Surgery, 1983

                                                            -Clinical Fellowship in Knee and Arthroscopic                                                                    Surgery UK


Membership                                       -British orthopedic Ass. Fellow

                                                            -Jordanian Orthopedic Society

                                                            -Jordanian Medical Ass

                                                            -British Ass. For Surgery of the Knee-BASK-

                                                            -International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee and         

                                                             Sport medicine-ISAKOS-



General medical council – Full reg - No 3032147

                              COURSES & FELLOWSHIP


-          AO course London 1983

-          Medical Education, Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), 1987

-          Use of computer in Medicine, JUST, 1988

-          Organized and Chaired four courses for GPs and Pediatricians in north of Jordan “Ultrasonographic diagnoses and treatment of DDH” 1993-1994.

-          Instructional courses on ABC Ligament, Tendon repair system and Medicare Cartilage repair System, Surgicraft, London 1992, and Cyprus 1993.

-          The 5th Annual Panther Symposium on Sport Medicine –Current Concept of Knee Ligament Injuries-, Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania , 1992.

-          Knee Arthroplasty Revision workshop, American Hospital , Dubai 2003

-          Clinical Fellowship in Knee and Arthroscopic Surgery, Mayday University Hospital , London , 1991-1992.

-          Several of American Academy , BOA, ISAKOS and BASK meetings.

-          Joint reconstruction course, American hospital in Dubai 2004.

-          Joint reconstructions course in Marseille , France in 2006.

-          Revision reconstruction of the Knee in Austria 2007.  


Main Interests


-          Knee joint surgery including:  Arthroscopic cruciate reconstruction.

                All types of knee Arthroscopic Surgery.

 Arthroscopic assisted Tibia plateau fracture                              fixation.

               Joint Reconstruction Surgery.


-           Hip Reconstruction Surgery


-          Ankle Ligaments Reconstruction.




Sonographic Image of the Newborn Hip with positive Ortolani Sign,

Clinical Orthopedic and Related Research, 1992.


Simple Sonography in Screening of the Newborn Hip,

Jordan Medical Journal, 1991


Stress Sonography in Screening of the Newborn Hip,

Jordan Medical Journal, 1993.


Sonography in Screening of Hips in Children over Three Months Old, Jordan Medical Journal, 1993.







Harringay AHA,                                           5/7/1977-31/1/1980                

North Middlesex H.                                       Grade: SHO

  Edmonton , London .                                     Specialty: Surgical rotation


London Medical Agency                               21/4/80-1/10/1980

                                                                         Grade: SHO

                                                                         Specialty: Orth. Surgery.


Mayday University Hosp                               16/10/80-31/8/1984

Corydon, Surrey , UK                                      Grade: Registrar

                                                                          Specialty: Orthopedic Surgery


Ministry of Health , Jordan                             1/9/1984- 31/8/1986

                                                                          Grade: Consultant

                                                                          Specialty: Orthopedic Surgery


JUST Medical School                                       1/9/1986- 1/1/1995

And Princess Basma Teaching Hospital,      Grade: Ass. Professor- Consultant & Chairman

Irbid , Jordan .                                                   Specialty: Orthopedic Surgery.



Mayday university hospital,                            1/10/1991-30/9/1992

Corydon, London .                                            Grade: Clinical Fellow

                                                                            Specialty: Knee & Arthroscopic Surgery.


Private Clinic                                                     1/1/1995-Now

Amman , Jordan .                                               Specialty: Consultant Orthopedic and Knee



JUST Medical School ,                                      1/4/1999-1/11/2009


King Abdullah Teaching Hospital                  1/7/2002-1/11/2009

JUST, Irbid , Jordan                                          Grade: Clinical professor

                                                                            Specialty: Knee and Arthroscopic Surgery.












Chairman of Orthopedic Department, Princess Basma Teaching Hospital, Irbid

1987 – 1995


Chairman of Orthopedic section, Dept of Special Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, JUST

1987 – 1995


Assistant professor , Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid (JUST)


Member of Orthopedic Scientific Committee, The Jordanian Medical Board


Examiner for The Jordanian Medical Board in Orthopedic Surgery


Coordinator for Teaching and Examination of Orthopedic Surgery for Undergraduates, J.U.S.T, Medical School


Committee Member for Training and Examination of Orthopedic Residents in The Ministry of Health Hospitals , Jordan


Founding Member of Jordan Federation of Sport Medicine and Head of North of Jordan Branch


Member on the Board of Princess Basma Teaching Hospital, Irbid , Jordan


Member of the Operating Theatre Committee Princess Basma Teaching Hospital


Member of the Scientific Committee of the Faculty of Medicine, J.U.S.T


Member of the Library Committee of the Faculty of Medicine, J.U.S.T


Member of the Scientific Research Committee, Faculty of Medicine, J.U.S.T


















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