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Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon


Mobile: +962 795529513







A ophthalmic surgeon and a PhD holder in Eye Microsurgery with 20+ years of diversified experience in eye diseases, disorders, investigations and surgery having competencies in refractive surgery procedure, lasik and anterior segment surgeries with a reputed hospitals in the region, seeking a pivotal role in a dynamic medical centers to meet the growing needs of diverse community.



§  Eye Microsurgeries, Cataract Extraction with intraocular lens implantation


§  Eye Pathology Investigations, Treatment medically or surgery, specially anterior segment surgery


§  Keratoplasty, External Ocular Surgeries, Refractive Surgery, RK, PRK, Lasik, Epilasik


§  Hospital Audit, Performance Management & Optimization, Training & Orientation, Teaching

§  Communication & Interpersonal Networking, Academic Research, Patient Mgmt. & Grievance Resolution



Consultant/ Ophthalmic Surgeon                                                              August 1980 - Present


Amman, Jordan


Served as Medical Consultant and provided ophthalmic services including service in cataract and corneal surgeries.


Designation Chronology:


1993- Present: Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, private Eye Clinic


§  Performed cataract extraction +IOL, glaucoma surgery, keratoplasty and all kinds of refractive surgeries in different private hospitals.


Oct 1991-Feb1993: Ophthalmic Surgeon, Al Hussein Hospital- MOH


§   Performed all surgeries pertinent to cataract extraction, glaucoma, corneal graft and refractive surgeries.


Sept 1987- Oct1991: Registrar in Ophthalmology, Moscow International Research & Technology Complex, "Eye Microsurgery" - Moscow, Russia


§  Trained to evaluate patients with different eye diseases, pathologies, investigated them and treated them medically or surgically.


§  In 2nd year assisted in operations, and did some surgical procedures like Radial, keratotomy, glaucoma surgery, cataract extraction.

§  In 3rd year did all surgeries for anterior segment of the eye.


Sept 1984- Aug 1987: Resident Doctor in Ophthalmic department MOH, Amman- Jordan


§  Checked visual acuity, glasses, eye abnormality and diseases of patients in eye department under supervision of ophthalmologist and did minor operations under supervision.


Designation Chronology:


§  Jul 2008: Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon in refractive Surgery Center (Al Bashaer Center) Muscat Oman.


§  Jan 2006-Dec 2007: Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon (Visitor Doctor ) to international & Down Town Hospital-Dubai _ UAE

§  Jan 2001- Dec 2004: Consultant Refractive Surgeon, Ibn Alhaytham Hospital-www.ibn-alhaytham-hospital.com


§  Jun 1996-Dec 2000: Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Central Medical Center -Salalah Oman




§  Provided personal services for Photo-refractive Keratectomy/ Laser-In-Situ-Keratomileusis and Refractive Surgery Clinic.

§  Restored vision to a level that’s better than people have ever had in their lives.


§  Published articles on retinal detachment & cataract and presented them at international conferences.


§  Updated the medics training curriculum, associated medical protocols and procedural equipment infrastructure and imparted training to beginner ophthalmologist, nurses and technicians. Key Responsibilities:


§  Offering the best clinical outcomes in laser vision correction and cataract Extraction with intraocular lens implantation.


§  Delivering patient centered health care, using clinical decision making where appropriate to ensure that there is an emphasis on excellence, service for quality standards and continuity of care.

§  Evaluating, diagnosing and treating conditions medically or surgery specially anterior segment surgery.


§  Handling state-of-the-art surgical equipment for procedures in laser vision correction, cataract removal, refractive lens exchange as well anterior segment surgery.


§  Managing ophthalmic conditions, taking into account both medical and psychological aspects; and proving whole spectrum of refractive surgery options to the widest range of patients.


Teaching Experience                                                                                    August 1995 - Present


Teaching Experience:


§  2005: Training Nurses & Staff of Refractive Department on corneal topography & handling Microkeratomes.

§  2005: Courses for nurses and technicians on how to handle Microkeratomes (Pendular) and patient's data.


§  1995: Teaching beginner ophthalmologist on how to do cataract extraction (indocapsulary) with IOL implantation.


Key Responsibilities;


§  Imparted lessons on key elements of practice to medical students attended weekly post-graduate programs, led structured discussions, reviewed articles and evaluated the quality of cases presented.


§  Guided on usage of highly specialized equipments and procedures such as the high resus trolley, anaesthetic machine and vital monitoring equipment.


§  Was responsible for the orientation and induction of all new staff using the clinical competency framework and ensured that all clinical staff work within the policies and guidelines set out in respect of company values.


§  Identified, arranged, and delivered clinical training requirements for qualified and unqualified clinical staff.


General Doctor                                                                                              August 1980 - September 1984


Jordanian Ministry of health, Amman, Jordan


Key Responsibilities:


§  Primarily responsible for administering patients with different examinations, giving advice on their problems and recommending other treatments.


§  Checking for signs and symptoms of general health conditions due to systemic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure and referring patients to other health practitioners as needed.


§  Testing patients’ visual acuity, depth and color perception, and ability to focus and coordinate the eyes to prescribe medication, offer advice and reassurance about matters related to vision.


§  Analyzing patient’s test results and detailed case histories to develop treatment plans administer drugs to aid in the diagnosis of vision problems and prescribe drugs to treat some eye diseases.


§  Providing vision therapy, low-vision rehabilitation, preoperative and postoperative care to cataract patients, as well as patients who have had laser vision correction or other eye surgery.


§  Evaluating and clarifying clinical conditions, formulating and implementing a treatment and therapeutic plan for hospitalized patients, discharge planning and dictating discharge summaries.



Jordan Medical Council, Jordan


Jordanian Medical Board (JMD) Certification                                                      July 1992


Intersectorial Research & Technology Complex -Eye Microsurgery, Moscow, Russian Federation


PhD -Eye Microsurgery                                                                                     June 1991


Jordanian Ministry of Health - Al Hussein, Jordan


Resident                                                                                                           March 1987


Kharkov Medical Institute, Russian Federation


Bachelor's degree in MD (General Medicine) with Honours                                   June 1980


GPA: Passed with Honours




§  June 30, 2000 - July 2, 2000: Phacoemulsification- Eye Specialty Hospital--Amman


§  April 7, 2005 - April 10, 2005: Refractive Surgery Course -ISRS/AAO - Dubai


§  May 10, 2006: Regional Symposium on Wave Front Ablation (Allegretto Machine for Excimer Laser), Dubai.


§  April 7-10, 2005: ISR/AAO Official Refractive Surgery Course, Dubai.


§  Apr 5-10, 2004: Course on Schwind Excimer Laser Machine & Schwind Pendular Microkeratome.


§  Feb 17-19, 2002: Trains Course on Technolas 217z, Hansatome & Orbscan II - Tobias Methalar, Amman.


§  Jun 30 - Jul 2, 2000: Wet Lab on Phacoemulsification - Tayo Akiugbehin & Larry Benjamin, Amman


§  May 1997: Didactic Course Lasik as a New Method of Refractive Surgery G.Waring, Amman.


§  May 1993: Didactic Course of Excimer Laser G.Waring, Damascus.


Birth Date 13 August 1954
Nationality Jordan
Languages English, Arabic and Russian
Marital Status Married




§  Dr. Mossa Baidon - Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Eye Specialty Hospital

Contacts: +962.795535565


§  Dr. Safwan Khasawna - Consultant Gastro-enterologist Private Clinic


Contacts: +962.795504395


§  Dr. Farid Kanaan - Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Eye Specialty Hospital


Contacts: +962.795576240



§  Member of the International Society for Refractive Surgery since March 2002


§  Member of the Jordanian Society for Ophthalmology since July 1992


§  Member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology since February 2002